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am i liable for golf cart damage

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How much is liability insurance for a golf cart?

Your golf cart insurance cost will vary by insurer and coverage needs, among other rate determining factors. Here is some general information on monthly costs: You may pay as little as $4 a month. If you add golf cart coverage to your current homeowner’s insurance. You may spend about $12 a month. If you buy a standalone golf cart policy.

Is my golf cart covered by homeowners insurance?

It all depends on where you live, who your insurance carrier is and for what purpose you are using the golf cart. For example, if you use the golf cart to service your residence, then it might be covered by your homeowners’ policy.

Do you need insurance for a golf cart?

You may need special golf cart insurance if required by your state, city, or HOA. However, if you are using your golf cart for normal purposes (on your own property or at a golf course), then your homeowners insurance should cover your liability.

Is your golf cart an uninsured motor vehicle?

While the statute lists some very specific exceptions to the definition, golf carts are not among the exceptions. This means that if a golf cart meets the definition of a motor vehicle, it could also be an “uninsured motor vehicle” entitling the victim of golf cart mayhem to UM coverage.

What is the liability of a golf cart?

MANUFACTURER LIABILITY. A manufacturer of a golf cart can be held liable when a defective product results in an injury. A manufacturer will be held liable regardless of whether the party was the owner or renter of the golf cart. For example, a prematurely detonating airbag, a leaky fuel line, or a flimsy roof can all cause serious injuries to users.

Why is my golf cart falling down the road?

A runaway golf cart poses additional problems: with gravity increasing the possible damage, the cart can tumble down the decline and eventually strike a crowd of people or other players.

What are the injuries that can occur from a golf cart accident?

They include: Traumatic brain injuries. Moderate brain injuries. Head injuries. Serious bone fractures resulting from being crushed by the force of the golf cart. Traumatic or serious eye injuries. Neck injuries.

What is a golf cart?

Golf carts are a convenient method of transportation on golf courses. They provide fast travel from hole to hole and are not unwieldy vehicles that are difficult to drive. However, at times, such vehicles can cause serious injuries to their drivers and passengers, either by tipping over, seriously malfunctioning, …

What is vicarious liability?

Under the doctrine of vicarious liability, an employer can be held liable for the negligent actions of his employee. This means that an employee who was recklessly driving the cart and got into an accident can be held liable for his actions, but so can his employer.

What is a medical lien?

A medical lien allows you to seek treatment without paying any out of pocket expenses. However, after a settlement award, the costs of the treatments will be paid back to the physician, being taken out of the settlement. Complete a Free Case Evaluation form to get started now. DOWNTOWN L.A. LAW GROUP.

Do golf carts have to be maintained?

Golf carts are required to be properly maintained. When a patron rents a golf cart from the golf park, he is under the assumption that it is safe to drive and free from defects. While golf parks attempt to limit liability through waivers, many such waivers are found to be void thanks to public policies. Golf parks or country clubs that engage in the rental of golf carts are under a duty to make sure they are fit for their purpose. They are able to be held liable by both the user of the cart and any third party who is injured as a result of their failure to inspect the cart. Country clubs or golfing clubs are also responsible when they attempt to delegate the duty of maintaining golf carts to a third party who is not capable. Golf club operators are liable when they assign their duty to maintain golf carts to a person someone who is not qualified. For example, a caddy may be asked to inspect a golf cart to see if it is safe to drive; a caddy, however, is not a repairman or a mechanic. It is not in his job duties to make sure that golf carts are up to the standards of driving ability. Country clubs may ask servers, cashiers, desk workers, landscapers, and others to perform extra duties that are not in their job descriptions and for which they are not qualified. This practice can nearly guarantee liability on the behalf of the country club, as the person who inspected the carts was under no responsibility to determine their safety. His negligence can be wholly ignored.

How Do You Find the Right Golf Cart Insurance Policy?

If you’re shopping for a home or auto insurance policy with golf cart coverage, talk to an insurance agent. Let them shop around for you and help you compare coverage between different parties. The cost can vary based on how much protection you want, but you don’t necessarily need every optional coverage. Similarly, there are some you shouldn’t go without. Independent insurance agents can help you sort out these details.

How to insure a golf cart?

The two most common ways to insure your golf cart for liability coverage and physical damage are coverage through your homeowners insurance plan or your automobile insurance plan. Whether your concerned about possible damage your golf cart may suffer while visiting your neighbors down the road or to ensure you are covered in case you run into significant medical bills, it is important to have reliable insurance protection. Some people are just concerned about theft or vandalism. Homeowners insurance will cover your cart while on the golf course, in a private residential area, and while crossing public roads to travel to new spot on the golf course. Under this type of coverage, you will be covered while driving around your gated community if the roads are controlled by the community and allow golf carts.

Do you need to have a golf cart insurance?

1 Answer. If you’re driving a golf cart on a regular basis, you should have it insured to cover both the cart and any drivers or passengers. They serve mostly as recreational vehicles that are not meant to be on regular roads. Even with seatbelts and at relatively slow speeds, people can get in serious accidents.

Does home insurance cover golf carts?

Homeowners insurance will cover your cart while on the golf course, in a private residential area, and while crossing public roads to travel to new spot on the golf course. Under this type of coverage, you will be covered while driving around your gated community if the roads are controlled by the community and allow golf carts.

Can you drive a golf cart on public roads?

This typically allows you to have the cart covered with equal to or less amounts of coverage available for the cars on your policy. Of course, the numbers and expected coverage can change if your golf cart is street legal to drive on public roadways. Depending on the golf cart policy, you might run into questions like whether your cart has seat …

What is golf cart liability?

Because golf carts require no special training, and they are often used on private property and maintained by people who do not drive them, determining who is liable in a particular accident can be difficult.

What is the number to call for a golf cart accident?

If you or a loved one has been in a golf cart accident, call Staver Accident Injury Lawyers, P.C. today at (312) 236-2900 for a free consultation on your case. As experienced Chicago accident attorneys, we have the knowledge needed to quickly help you determine who is most at fault and help you pursue an effective claim. Free Consultation.

What happens if you get injured in a golf cart accident?

In these cases, the person injured in the golf cart accident may deserve compensation for the medical bills and pain and suffering caused by the accident.

Can a golf cart driver be liable for an accident?

A driver who is intoxicated while operating a golf cart is most likely liable for any accident that occurs, but if they were over-served (especially if the driver is underage), the provider of the alcohol may be liable.

Can a golf cart driver be liable for a violation of the warning signs?

If the golf cart was in an area illegally, the driver may be liable for disregarding warning signs. Still, though, a certain level of care is required, especially if the prohibition of golf carts in an area was not well-marked.

Can a golf cart accident ruin a day?

Unfortunately, nothing can ruin a nice day out more than a golf cart accident. Golf cart accidents can often cause minor injuries and damage, but the worst accidents are catastrophic, even causing death.

Who is responsible for golf cart accidents?

If the accident was caused by a problem with the golf cart itself, the golf course, country club, or individual who owns the golf cart may be liable for failing to properly maintain it. Similarly, if a specific person often uses the golf cart and did not report potential damage or wear, they may be responsible.

What happens if you are on a golf cart?

Inappropriate behavior on the part of a driver could make that person accountable and liable for the accident. If you are a passenger on the golf cart, you are much less likely to be at fault. If the driver is a golf course employee, other parties could be named as liable, such as the golf course. Another issue to consider is who owns and maintains the cart itself. The owner of that golf cart could be held accountable for failing to properly maintain it or if a certain person used the golf cart and failed to report potential damage or wear and tear, they could also be held responsible. It can be hard to figure out liability issues without the support of an experienced golf cart accident lawyer.

Can you get hurt in a golf cart accident?

You might not realize that as the weather gets better your potential for being hurt in an accident on a Golf Course, near a golf course, or even in areas in which golf carts are used regularly could increase dramatically. This raises questions about liability in golf cart accidents. In the state of Florida, golf carts can often be used year around. And while many of these accidents cause minor injuries and damage, some of the worst accidents are so catastrophic that they even cause death.

Do golf carts require special training?

Golf carts require no special training and are often used by people who do not drive them regularly or on private property. This makes it really difficult to determine who is liable for a particular accident.