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are custom golf clubs worth it

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Is it worth getting custom fit golf clubs?

The simple answer is yes, it’s definitely worth getting custom fit golf clubs. If you were to look at the back of a typical set of off the shelf clubs, they would usually have various markings on them as well as loft and lie angles.

Why are custom golf clubs so important?

Every golfer needs clubs that allow them to hit it farther and closer to the pin. Fortunately, the importance of custom clubs has prompted some of the largest and best golf club manufacturers to invest in custom club creation that ensure each customer is able to play with the best clubs for their game.

What is a custom club fitting?

A custom club fitting is where a trained club fitter matches your unique golf swing and body type to the perfect set of clubs. They will fit you with the proper club head, loft, shafts, lie angle, grips, and feel that perfectly matches your swing.

Does Club Champion try to custom craft the right golf clubs?

And it’s far from the approach that Club Champion takes to try to custom craft the right set of equipment for each individual golfer. Despite playing golf casually since high school, I’ve never gotten fitted for clubs, despite multiple attempts from friends and former golf course co-workers to get me to try.

Do I Need Custom Fitted Golf Clubs?

Having custom golf clubs means you can make better contact and helps you practice better which leads to better scores. That’s something every golfer can benefit from.

What Does Golf Club Fitting Involve?

There are a few different approaches to finding out your optimum set up. Once you know your specs you’ll have an idea about the length, lie, shaft, and grip you need for your best-fitting clubs. Here’s what you need to know about these basic specs:

How to determine loft on golf driver?

The appropriate loft is actually determined by how the player tends to strike the ball, whether they hit up and lift the ball into the air or hit down and through, like an Iron. But a good starting point is to go by the speed with which you swing the club. Slower swing speeds will want more loft in order to help get the ball in the air for better hang time and longer shots while faster swings (and ball speeds) create lift on their own and don’t need as much loft. Most of today’s drivers are available in (or able to be adjusted to) “draw bias”. This is the practice of repositioning the club’s weight toward the heel, which will noticeably reduce a player’s miss to the right or will help to promote a “draw” shot that will curve to the left (for right-handers).

Why do golfers use custom clubs?

Having custom golf clubs means you can make better contact and helps you practice better which leads to better scores. That’s something every golfer can benefit from.

Why do you need custom clubs?

Custom clubs can help make the most of the tools you have. Pairing the correct clubs with your swing can help you fill in those gaps and eliminate poor shots on the course, helping you realize your potential. At the advanced level, golfers now have that specialized knowledge to determine what shots they want. …

What are the fundamentals of golf?

If asked to identify the fundamentals of golf, most people would say things like keep your head down, keep your left arm straight and make sure your swing is on a plane. No doubt these are the building blocks of a good game, but one of the most important aspects of the game takes place before you even step onto the course: a set of custom clubs.

How to determine what clubs to put in golf bag?

A proper fitting will also help you determine which clubs you need in your golf bag. Of course, every set should include a driver and a putter, but a fitting helps you find out everything in between. A common technique is to start with how far you hit your 7 iron. By starting there, a fitter can determine which fairway woods and hybrids you need as well as where your iron set should start. For instance, the shorter distance you hit your 7 iron, the fewer irons you’ll want and the more hybrids and fairways you’ll need to improve distance. Longer hitters can put more irons in play with fewer woods and hybrids.

Does A More Expensive Driver Make A Difference?

As a general rule, expensive drivers are of high quality than cheaper drivers and can add distance and provide a better connection with the ball, but they may not make a huge difference to your game. They often come with adjustable weight settings that help add a natural draw or fade to your shots.

How much does a good driver cost?

New drivers from big manufacturers range from $250 (£180)-$600 (£433) these prices apply to the main drivers offered by the main brand companies.

Are custom golf clubs worth it?

Custom golf clubs ensure your equipment is fitted for your body ensuring better contact which improves your practice leading to better scores. Once you understand your specs you’ll have an idea about length, lie, shaft, and grip for your best-fitted clubs.