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are golf cart keys all the same

are golf cart keys all the same插图

Not the same
Club car golf cart keys arenot the sameand will not fit all golf carts. If you have a club car golf cart,it is important to ensure that your key matches the lock on your golf cart. There are many different types of golf cart locks,so make sure to get the right key for your particular golf cart.

Are golf cart keys interchangeable across brands?

Yes, as long as it is the same manufacturer, such as all E-Z-Go 1982 and up. Golf cart keys come in universal sets for each manufacturer with only a few exceptions.

Are EZ GO golf cart keys Universal?

Yes, as long as it is the same manufacturer, such as all E-Z-Go 1982 and up. Golf cart keys come in universal sets for each manufacturer with only a few exceptions. The E-Z-Go part number 17063G1 is a replacement key for most E-Z-GO Gas Electric Golf Cars and Utility Vehicles manufactured between 1976-current, with the exception of RXV Vehicles.

Do golf cart keys change over time?

Golf cart keys are specific to the manufacturer. Golf cart keys do change over time, to prevent theft, but they are similar or the same for all models of the same make. Some people do replace their golf carts ignitions and keys just to deter theft. This process is typically cheaper than replacing the golf cart itself.

How much does it cost to replace a Yamaha golf cart key?

Yamaha golf carts are pretty common, and replacement keys are easy to come by. The price to replace Yamaha car keys is around $4 for one key and $8 for two keys, slightly more expensive than a Club Car replacement key.

What is the key for a Yamaha golf cart?

Yamaha comes with two different keys that fit their models. Yamaha G1-G11 uses a common key, and G14-G29 uses a different common key. The Yamaha G1 to G11 gas and electric golf carts have a replacement ignition key part number J17-82511-20/ J17-82511-20-YY. The Yamaha G14, G16, G19, G22, G29/Drive gas, and electric golf carts have …

What is the ignition key number for a Yamaha G14?

Click the image to check price on Amazon. Click the image to check price on Amazon. The Yamaha G14, G16, G19, G22, G29/Drive gas, and electric golf carts have a replacement ignition key part number 1012505, 1920, ELI80-0194.

How to pick a lock with a screwdriver?

You can try to “pick” the lock by using a flat blade screwdriver. You first slide the screwdriver into the lock until it meets resistance or comes up against the tumblers. jiggle the screwdriver up and down while applying light pressure turning the key in the clockwise direction. This often settles the pins into the tumbler and allows the cylinder to rotate and switch the ignition on.

What year does a club car golf cart have a key?

Club Car golf carts have one key that fits all DS and Precedents 1982 and up.

What is a golf cart?

Golf carts are also known as golf cars. The term "cart", in its purest sense, refers to a vehicle that does not travel under its own power. Golf cars, however, are most commonly referred to as golf… link to Club Car DS Wiring Diagrams 1981 To 2002.

Can you start a golf cart without a key?

If you need to get going and cannot get the key replacement before having to drive the cart, there are a couple of other methods to start the golf cart without a key. You can see if a friend or neighbor has a cart with the same make and model, then borrow the key for a while…or….

Different Keys According to Different Brands

It is a common thing that, the keys of a transport or a vehicle don’t appear the same to the other ones. But some of the branded golf carts contain the same type of keys that can be called the universal one for their other golf carts.

1. Club Car

The benefit of using the Club Car for any kind of area is, the universal ignition system lets its place at any branded and sized club car. Avoiding the lost key issues or else broken keys issues can be solved out through this easy method. From the production model of 1982, all the keys remain the same for the club car.

2. EZ GO Golf Cart

Like Club Car, EZ GO branded golf carts also have the same pattern and universal keys to them. But the difference is, their electric powered golf cart and gas pedaled golf carts contain a different types of key which means, only the electric keys will go with the electric one.

3. Yamaha Golf Cart

As both of the previous golf carts brands and models have universal key accessibility, Yamaha has also the same features and facilities. But the difference is, Yamaha has two different types of keys to them. The first one of the keys contains part number J17-82511-yy. This universal key is perfect to start up the model of G1, G2, G8, G9, and G11.

Terms that Create an Impact on Cart Keys

Because of some facts and terms, the keys make an impact on the golf cart. As they are a little bit critical but essential part of the cart, some factors can provide a good knowledge which is related to the cart and even to the cart keys.

The Production House

The production department or the manufacturer can be placed in consideration for using the universal keys. If the golf cart doesn’t have the factory build in universal key operating system, that means no keys will be get used except the main one.

Cart Model and Production Year

Different types of golf cart models can have different types of universal keys. For example, Yamaha golf cart keys have different keys according to their model and variant. As they have gas powered and electric powered carts with different production years, key sizes have changed according to the year and production model.

Are All Golf Cart Keys the Same?

A key will not work on every golf cart unless it belongs to the same manufacturer . We listed the top golf cart manufacturers and the functionality of their keys:

Can You Get a Copy of a Golf Cart Key Made?

Yes, you can easily get a copy of a golf cart key made by a golf cart manufacturer, retailer, or locksmith. But these have some challenges. Duplication of the key will become an effortless process if you have an original key, as it helps in copying. There’re two easy ways in which you can get a new copy of the key. The first way involves finding someone who has the right tools to make an exact duplicate piece of the original key.

What If You Lose Your Golf Cart Key?

It is inevitable that something as small as golf cart keys will be lost. If you need to move your golf cart in a hurry, you can take up the keyless method to get the golf cart running until you find the next pair of keys. Some call this the “ Screwdriver Approach .” Starting your golf cart without a key using a screwdriver is a straightforward process. Here are the instructions that you need to follow:

How Do I Replace My Golf Cart Keys?

Replacing your golf cart keys is as simple as going to a dealer to get a new one or order a new set online. All you need is the make, model, and year of your golf cart and you can pick up replacements keys in 24 to 48 hours online or shorter if you visit a dealership near to where you live.

Are Golf Cart Keys Universal?

Golf cart keys are universal by the brand. So EZ-GO golf cart keys are universal for EZ-GO golf carts, some for other brands like Club Car, Evolution and Yamaha.

Can Lowes or Home Stores Make Golf Cart Keys?

If all other options are exhausted and you need keys made in a pinch, Lowes and Home Depot can make golf cart keys if they have the key mold in stock. All locations have the key cutting equipment, so it just depends on if they have the keys in stock.


At first you may think creating a duplicate copy of a Golf Cart key would be simple enough and for the most part it is, but you will need to keep a couple things in mind. We’ll go over the important elements when duplicating your golf cart’s keys.

Do you Have the Original Golf Cart Key (s)?

Having an original key would certainly make duplicating key’s much easier, but if you have managed to lose or break even your last spare key – don’t worry. In fact, most golf cart owners aren’t aware of this, but all Club Cars use the same key, Yamahas use the same key, EZ-GO use the same key cut for their respective lineup.

Other Methods Used to Start Your Golf Cart in an Emergency

There is no other way to start your golf cart safely in an emergency without a key. Yes, you could hotwire the cart – it’s not that difficult if you want to break a bunch of stuff. With an electric golf cart it’s highly dangerous because you would be arcing 48V DC across itself.