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are strata golf clubs any good

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What are the best strata golf clubs for beginners?

The pitching wedge is one of the highest lofted irons in the Callaway Strata golf clubs set. As they are intended to make shot distance high float shots, the pitching wedge with the Callaway Strata golf club set is one of the best in beginner to regular golf sets.

Is Callaway strata a good set of golf clubs?

Callaway Strata is an excellent set of golf clubs that will be suitable for beginners and professionals alike. The clubs are lightweight, easy to use, and well designed to provide the user with excellent performance. It’s also affordable, without sacrificing the quality and durability you would get with higher-priced sets of golf clubs.

Are Wilson golf clubs better than strata?

They are in the same price range as the Callaway Strata golf clubs and offer comparable clubs. One thing that the Wilson set has over the Strata set is a better golf bag for players that enjoy walking most of their rounds.

How many irons in a Callaway strata 12 piece set?

After conducting the Callaway Strata review, we found that the 12 piece set has four iron golf clubs. The range starts from 6 iron golf clubs and ends with nine iron golf clubs. Remember that these irons do not provide you service like high-level golf iron clubs that professionals use.

Who Exactly Makes Strata Golf Clubs?

Strata golf clubs carry the Callaway brand and are widely considered to be made by the top American golfing brand. But there is debate as to whether or not Strata clubs are actually a Callaway product or whether they are merely distributed by the brand.

Do Any PGA Players Use Strata Clubs?

Because Strata golf clubs are marketed at beginners, you won’t find PGA players using them out on the course. But again, this doesn’t mean that they’re no good. It just means that they have been designed differently.

Are Strata Golf Clubs Made in China?

It’s estimated that around 40% of Callaway’s clubs are assembled in the USA to serve the North and Latin American markets, whereas the remaining 60% is produced in China to serve the global market.

What is a 12 piece golf set?

A 12-piece set is pretty standard for a high-quality golf set. Other sets maybe an 8, 10, or 14 piece. This set is mainly targeted at new golfers that want a great first set, or average golfers that want to upgrade their old clubs for whatever reason.

What can you carry on a golf cart?

The number of pockets and storage is certainly adequate for all golfers. You can carry balls, clothes, tees, beverages, and other golf materials that you choose to carry with you on the golf course.

What is a full set of golf clubs?

A full Set That is Versatile. Something that is often overlooked with a golf set is if it will make a golfer have yardage gaps in their game. For instance, so golf sets have a 3 wood and then the next longest club in the bag is a 5 or 6 iron. That is leaving a large gap between clubs.

How many pieces are in the Callaway strata?

The Callaway Strata comes in many different sets, but we will be mainly covering the most popular version which is the 12-piece set.

How many pieces are in a golf club set?

There are actually different sizes to choose from, with a 12-piece set being the smallest and it goes all the way up to a 16-piece set. You can even choose between different flexes on the shafts. There is also a women’s set available in different sizes. It is pretty rare to find a set of clubs that comes in these many variations.

Why is it important to have a bag?

A bag is arguably just as important because you are going to be transporting your valuables and clubs in it everywhere you go.

Can you do better than Callaway strata golf clubs?

I mean honestly, you really can’t do much better than this set of Callaway Strata Golf Clubs if you are looking to upgrade from old clubs or just getting into the game.

Callaway Strata Golf Club Set Review 2022

When looking for quality out of a new set of golf clubs, especially if you’re a beginner, there are not many that can beat the Callaway Strata Golf Club Set.


Unfortunately, you can’t hit the hybrid on every shot. When you’re inside of 100 or 150 yards, for most players, that means going to an iron. The good news is that these set of irons are easy to control and have a great feel to them.


The mallet head putter has some size to it with some weighting on the bottom which makes it easy to control the ball and gives it a good feel. It has linings on the putter head to help you get your ball lined up correctly.

Golf Bag

So the bag isn’t the lightest bag out there. Compared to some of the other newer ones, it’s a bit on the heavy side and seems a little shaky when you put it up against the stand.


Given the price and the quality of clubs, the Callaway Strata Golf Club Set is a home run, especially for beginners out there who want to take their game to the next level. That being said, some of the clubs takes some time getting used to, like the driver and the 3-wood. Don’t go out to the golf course right away.

Who are Callaway’s Strata Golf Clubs for?

Let’s get something else out the way. While Callaway Strata are fantastic golf clubs for the price, you do get what you pay for.

What wood is in Callaway Strata?

Callaway Strata Fairway Wood. You’ll get one fairway wood in your Callaway Strata set, specifically a 3 wood. Unlike drivers there’s generally a bit more variation when it comes to the size of 3 wood heads, and we’d say that the Strata 3 wood is on the larger side.

What are Callaway strata irons made of?

Callaway’s Strata irons are made from stainless steel, with lofts running from 28 degrees on the 6 iron, up to 40 degrees on the 9 iron. The wedges (PW and sand) are really a continuation of the irons here (same cavity back design) so we won’t cover them separately.

How much does a Callaway Strata 3 wood weigh?

Weighing in at 351 grams, the Callaway Strata 3 wood is nice and lightweight, which will help slower swingers get a little more zip. And if you plan on using your 3 wood from the tee, again the larger head, should help with tee box jitters.

What is the loft of a 4 hybrid?

Loft on the 4 hybrid is set at 22 degrees, while the 5 hybrid has a loft of 25 degrees.

Does Callaway strata use long irons?

As Callaway Strata is designed for beginners and high handicappers, it’s no surprise that the set forgoes long irons and swaps in a hybrid (or two).

What are the extra pieces in a golf club?

If you’re wondering, the extra “pieces” are not clubs, they’re the stand bag (in all cases), and head covers (in varying numbers).

What are some features of the Callaway Strata golf sets?

The Callaway Strata is an affordable full-size golf club set featuring a driver, fairway wood, hybrid clubs, wedges, and putters.

Why do I like the Callaway strata golf sets?

The Callaway Strata golf set is top quality, ready to start gameplay immediately.

Why do I recommend the Callaway Strata golf sets?

Overall, the Callaway Strata set is a good starter set, especially for beginners. The clubs are durable and very easy, and affordable to use. It has the same power as a more expensive set, yet it’s several times cheaper.

Frequently asked questions related to the Callaway Strata golf sets

Yes, it is amazing what you can do with Strata golf clubs. The clubs are durable and well made, and they provide the same performance as much more expensive sets.

Final thoughts on Callaway Strata golf sets

Callaway Strata is an excellent set of golf clubs that will be suitable for beginners and professionals alike. The clubs are lightweight, easy to use, and well designed to provide the user with excellent performance.

How long is a strata putter shaft?

The shaft of the putter is 35 inches, which is the standard length for an off-the-shelf putter. In all three Strata sets, the putter features a blade-style design with some extra steel behind the face to help level and balance the flat stick on the green.

How many irons are in a 16 piece set?

In the 12-piece set, 14-piece set, and 16-piece set, you’ll receive four irons starting from 6-iron all the way to 9-iron. Each of the four irons is cavity-backed, causing extra steel to travel to the outer rim of the clubhead to improve balance and maximize forgiveness.

What is included in the Callaway Strata golf bag?

The Callaway Strata complete golf set comes with a lightweight bag that includes equipped multiple pockets of different lengths to help you carry all your extra stuff (such as rain gear, towels, valuables, balls, and tees) conveniently in one package.

Why do you need headcovers on golf courses?

The headcovers make for a nice addition as they serve to protect the club heads from damage during your time on the course and while you transport them to and from the course.

Is Callaway Strata a good golf club?

The Callaway Strata golf club sets offer very good value for money, considering the quality you’d usually get at this price point. For such a cost, the best you can buy is second-hand clubs that have probably seen better days if you’re aiming for a high-end brand.

Is it bad to buy a cheaper club set?

It’s always a sad thing when new golfers buy cheaper club sets, only to feel unsatisfied and in need of another purchase soon after a couple of months of use. When you’re buying a starter set designed for beginners, you need to make sure it’s good quality just as much as you want it to be reasonably priced.

Can you play golf without a driver?

No golf set is truly ever complete without a driver, but a slight warning is due when it comes to beginner players. If you’re a newbie to golf, chances are you’re not going to succeed in hitting a driver with any consistency.