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can you ride golf carts on the road

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Is it legal to drive a golf cart on the road?

Drivers are allowed to drive low-speed vehicles, which include golf carts. Even though low-speed vehicles are allowed, one must know and respect federal and state laws to be safer and legal on the road. Can You Drive A Golf Cart On The Road In California?

How fast can a golf cart go on the road?

For the golf carts to become street legal on public highways, these must meet all the local, federal, and state requirements. Above all this, these vehicles can travel at least twenty miles per hour. But this golf cart should not exceed the maximum speed of 25 miles per hour (40.23 km/h) per hour (40.23 km/h) when traveling.

Do golf carts have to have 4 wheels in California?

California state laws demand all golf carts which have been modified into low-speed vehicles to have four wheels before they can be street and road legal. This rule is not hard to meet because already all golfers drive their carts when they have four wheels and do drive poorly when they have less than four wheels.

What is a designated road for a golf cart?

Operating on roads designated by a county or municipality to be used by golf carts. This designation is only possible after the respective government entity has evaluated factors such as the speed, volume and character of the vehicles using the specific roads.

Making Street Golf Carts Legal

There are some limited types of street legal golf carts in America. If people want to make their golf carts legal, then they can do some upgrades and modifications. Their current golf cart should follow the qualifications or prerequisites imposed by the state to operate golf carts in public legally.

Exploring the Rules and Regulations of the State about Driving Vehicle Carts on Public Highways

When planning to drive a golf cart on a public street, knowing the different rules and regulations of the state on driving these low-speed vehicles is the first thing that you must learn. Upon researching, they may also know that every state or location tends to replicate federal regulations on their statutes.

The Legalities in Driving Golf Carts on Public Roads

In general, driving street legal golf carts must conform with all federal and state legalities and policies. No one should drive or use this vehicle on a public road without complying with the minimum requirements. It is because drivers might be penalized under the rule of law.

Purchasing a Legal Street Golf Cart

Before purchasing a specific type of vehicle on public roads, it would be an excellent idea to ensure that the state or local government allows it. This would be helpful, especially if they live in areas suitable, strictly patrolled by the state police.


From what you have learned from the discussions, every state varies in its policies and rules on driving this type of vehicle on local roads. Thus, there’s a need to follow the regulations and imposed federal regulations or policies.

California States Laws For Golf-Carts

California state laws allow communities that use golf-carts to designate themselves to be presented as golf carts communities.

Other Relevant California Regulations To Consider For Riding Golf Cart On The Road

California state laws demand all golf carts which have been modified into low-speed vehicles to have four wheels before they can be street and road legal.

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What are golf cart lights?

These kits come loaded with headlights, turn signal lights, brake lights and tail lights. They also give your cart a horn that you can use to signal to the other vehicles around you as you drive around. These light kits are more expensive than basic golf cart …

Why is it important to have seatbelts on your cart?

Make sure there are seatbelts at the front and back of your cart so that everyone is properly protected while driving around. This is very important if you plan on traveling on roads with cars because there is the potential for you to be crashed into.

Why is it important to have a sturdy windshield?

There will be rocks, dirt and debris kicked up off the road. It’s important that you’re protected against these projectiles as you drive around. Getting a good sturdy windshield will also help you see more easily as you drive at higher speeds which is another benefit of purchasing this simple modification.

Do you need a sign to drive a golf cart?

Some locations require golf carts to have a special slow-moving vehicle sign installed on them. We always recommend that everyone that wants to drive a golf cart has one of these signs installed to protect themselves. Just add one of these signs and make sure you’re covering your bases legally. Even if you don’t need the sign where you live you’ll be protected if you travel with your cart.

Do you need a rearview mirror on a cart?

Once your cart is equipped with the right set of lights, you’re ready to move on to mirrors. In order to legally drive around on the road, you need to have a rearview mirror as well as side mirrors on both sides of your cart. Without all three of these accessories, you won’t have an effective way to look behind you while driving. There are kits that add each of these mirrors that you can add to most cart types, just make sure you find a product that’s going to fit your ride properly.

Is it legal to drive a golf cart on the street?

Before you start buying the accessories that you need to make your golf cart street legal in your area, look into the local laws to find out if it’s even legal at all to drive golf carts on the roadways. There might be specific sections of your community where golf carts are permitted, or you may not be able to operate golf carts on …

Can you drive a golf cart on the road?

These vehicles are limited a bit when they can’t legally go onto roads. If you have a golf cart that you want to legally drive on roads, just know that all is not lost. In many parts of the country, you can modify your golf cart to make it street legal so that you can go where you need to on your cart. Below we’ll dig into the specifics of what makes a golf cart street legal and quickly go over the different changes and upgrades you should make to get your golf cart legally on the road.

How fast can a golf cart go?

First off, the law classifies a golf cart as a vehicle which can travel at a maximum speed of 20 miles per hour. Lawmakers recognize that even at this speed a collision with a full-sized vehicle could be fatal, and in many cities and states there are restrictions against ever driving a golf cart on public roads.

What is a community based around the idea of driving a golf cart everywhere?

A community based around the idea of driving a golf cart everywhere basically describes the entire state of Florida.

How many drivers are there on a golf cart?

That’s because for every golfer who has a legitimate reason for putting around on a street legal golf cart there are probably 50 drivers who don’t even own a set of clubs.

What to do if playback doesn’t begin?

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Who is the face of golf carts?

Guy Fieri speaks for the minds and hearts of billions of people worldwide. As one of the most famous people ever to live in any capacity, it’s only fitting that he be the Official Face of Celebrities Driving Golf Carts, Sponsored by Dirt Legal, which we’re ready to turn into an actual thing as soon as he is.

Is it legal to drive a golf cart?

Golf Carts Can Be Street Legal… Sometimes

Do you get extra Save the World points if your cart is electric?

You’ll accrue some extra Save the World points if your cart is electric.

What is the difference between a golf cart and a low speed vehicle?

Difference between a Golf Cart and an LSV. A golf cart is an open 4-wheeled vehicle that can drive up to 15 miles per hour. A low speed vehicle or LSV is another 4-wheeled vehicle that tends to have more coverage than a golf cart and has speeds up to 20-25 miles per hour.

How old do you have to be to drive a golf cart in Ohio?

The driving of golf carts by underage persons is prohibited. In Ohio the age when a person can apply for a driving permit is 16. The permitted driver can drive when accompanied by a licensed driver at least 21 years of age.

How fast can a golf cart go in Ohio?

In Ohio, golf carts can only be driven at speeds at or below 20 mph.

What equipment is needed to drive a golf cart?

To be street legal, a golf cart must have the following functioning equipment: seat belts, a windshield, a horn, turn signals, rear-view mirror, head lights and brake lights.

Why is texting so bad for teens?

Talking and texting on cell phones is very problematic among teenage drivers, especially when driving slower vehicles. Teens can easily be distracted when traveling in groups and encouraged to speed by their friends. Both these circumstances can result in accidents and increased insurance costs.

When did Ohio allow golf carts?

Prior to January 1, 2017, in order for golf carts to be driven within the community limits, an ordinance had to be requested and passed for the area. Before 2017, there were eight Ohio communities allowing golf carts to be driven on their public roads. Each ordinance outlined the detailed specifics of g-cart usage.

Do golf carts need insurance?

Golf carts, like cars and trucks, should carry insurance coverage. Insurance coverage should be standard liability and should include under insured and uninsured motorists coverage to cover the driver completely.

What is the difference between a LSV and a 4 wheeler?

A LSV (Low Speed Vehicle) on the other hand is a four-wheel vehicle with a top speed of 35mph and a gross vehicle weight rating or below 3000 pounds. However, people seem to have a vague defining line between these two vehicles since both are low speed and are susceptible to specific traffic laws.

What is a golf cart?

A golf cart is a gas-powered or electric vehicle used to transport golfers or recreational riders and their equipment around the course, desert trail or private land and offers a number of control and safety features. A LSV (Low Speed Vehicle) on the other hand is a four-wheel vehicle with a top speed of 35mph and a gross vehicle weight rating …

What is an LSV driver?

Equipment such as headlights, turn signals, brake lights and a horn. The LSV driver is supposed to have a valid driver’s license and be registered as a qualified driver. The driver of a LSV is to be insured with Personal Injury Protection and Property Damage Liability.

How many people can a golf cart carry?

A golf cart can carry up to four-six people and their equipment, while a LSV can carry up to six people and luggage, as long as the maximum vehicle weight rating is not exceeded.

What is the speed limit for LSVs?

Driving hours are limited to daytime unless driving at night on low traffic roads with a speed limit of 35 mph or less . LSVs are to be registered as passenger vehicles, issued with automobile plates and the owners comply with financial responsibility laws for it to be registered by Department of Motor Vehicles.

What is an LSV?

An LSV is designed with the passenger’s road safety in mind, which means having additional safety features such as upgraded brakes, headlights, turn signals, brake lights, seatbelts and more.

How old do you have to be to drive on public roads?

Operating on public roads by persons who are 14 years and above.

Can I modify my golf cart to make it go faster in Florida?

To a certain extent, yes. But let’s be clear: Guy DiMartino does not recommend anyone in the state of Florida modify their golf cart as it can often be unlawful and unsafe.

What is the top speed of a golf cart in Florida?

According to the statute, Florida says an LSV (low-speed vehicle) is defined as a four-wheeled electric vehicle whose top speed is greater than 20 mph but less than 25 mph.

What is the number to call for a golf cart accident in Florida?

If you or someone you know has been involved in a golf cart accident and don’t know what to do call 352-267-9168 for a free consultation today.

How fast can a golf cart go?

Regular golf carts can be driven by anyone over the age of 14 on a public road where the posted speed limit is under 25 mph. Remember, if you’re 14 and driving a golf cart on the road you are required to know the laws of driving. So read up!

What to look for when pulled over in a golf cart?

If you are pulled over in a golf cart, authorities may also look for a rear-view mirror, reflective warning devices on the front and back. Guy DiMartino and his attorneys would highly recommend all golf cart drivers in Florida to make sure their vehicle meet all these specifications as to avoid any trouble.

How fast can a LSV go?

Remember, all of this jargon is for GOLF CARTS only. LSV’s can ride on any road where the posted speed is under 35 mph.

Why are cars so expensive in Florida?

Cars are expensive to maintain, fuel and ensure — not to mention the traffic they create on our public roads lead to pollution and slower commute times. In response to this many Florida residents have found alternative ways of transportation, whether that be a bicycle, public transportation, ride-sharing app or even a golf cart.