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do fitted golf clubs make a difference

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Do the quality of golf clubs make a difference?

The quality of Golf Clubs do make a difference, but quality does not have to be expensive. Buying a solid $450 Golf set, and then getting fitted for those clubs and spending the savings on lessons is far better than buying an expensive set you are not ready for.

Should you be fitted for your golf clubs?

If the answer is no, being fitted for clubs should not be your first priority. It’s not about how your swing feels; it’s about the results. If you consistently hook, slice, pop up or roll your shots, chances are you have a swing that at least reasonably repeats.

Are you “not good enough” to get a club fitting?

Many amateur golfers of varying skill levels stunt the improvement of their games by believing they’re “ not good enough ” to get a club fitting. They say that once their golf game starts to improve they’ll invest in a professional fitting, but it’s not worth it yet.

Is a professional fitting worth it for your golf game?

They say that once their golf game starts to improve they’ll invest in a professional fitting, but it’s not worth it yet.

Do golf clubs wear out?

Yes, golf clubs can wear out. Replacing your golf clubs are like the tires on your car. You don’t need new tires every year, but if you did replace them each year, you would notice a difference. It’s the same with golf clubs. The older your clubs are and the more you play, the more they wear out. If you are noticing that your wedges are browning or your irons are starting to develop wear marks, you may want to consider upgrading your clubs with something newer.

Is it expensive to buy a golf club?

Expensive golf clubs can make a difference, but again, it varies from golfer to golfer. Expensive golf clubs are not always expensive because of the marketing behind the product, consider the material being used in the product. The difference in a new Titleist iron set and a Top Flite iron set is significant, most everyone will see and feel the difference. However, the difference between $800 Titleist and $1100 forged Mizuno’s? Far less significant.

Should I upgrade my wedges?

Try not to just think about buying a new driver or new putter right away – you may want to improve other areas of your bag before those. Personally, I believe that your wedges are your most important clubs and new wedges will help most everyone’s game. However, sometimes you may not need to upgrade your clubs, maybe your issue is that you don’t have enough information on the course and could benefit by purchasing a new golf rangefinder or golf GPS watch.

Do new golf clubs make a difference?

Most every golfer asks at some point – “do new golf clubs make a difference in your swing or in your scores?” To start, yes, new golf clubs will make a difference. As you might suspect, that difference varies. The quality of golf clubs does makes a difference. However, to really answer this question, you have to consider skill level of a golfer. More experienced golfers are going to get more ‘bang-for-their-buck’ – because they know how to hit each club better and will notice the differences between clubs more than a beginner.

Do short irons wear out faster?

Keep in mind that clubs wear out at varying rates. Typically, wedges, short irons and drivers are going to wear out faster than other clubs. The wedges grooves wear out over time and the driver can become ‘dead’ after hitting it enough.

Can you upgrade a golf club without a fitter?

Most golf shops are offering a complimentary fitting service with purchase of a new club. Don’t just run into a golf shop and buy a new club without talking with a fitter about what you are after and trying a few options out!

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Why do you need to get fitted by a golf instructor?

Getting fitted by a quality instructor ensures you have the right equipment, giving you a more consistent swing and you will be able to make changes more easily.

How Does A Club Fitting Work?

A good Club fitting will not be cheap, you should search for a qualified instructor that uses the highest quality technology to analyse your swing, this will vary depending on what company you use.

Why is a club fit important for beginners?

Beginner Golfers will benefit from a Club fit as you develop a swing around the gear you use, using equipment that isn’t fit for your body type can cause problems with your swing, making Golf more frustrating and less enjoyable.

Why is golf so expensive?

A big reason why Golf is such an expensive sport is casual players constantly buy new clubs, similar to buying the newest iPhone as it’s easier to blame their terrible performance on their clubs rather than their own skill, to see the article click here.

Can you get your clubs fitted if you don’t have a golf swing?

However, there is no point getting your Clubs fitted if you don’t have a Golf swing as you need to hit practice shots before a fitter can decide to make changes to your Clubs.

What is the best wedge to learn golf?

Golf.com recommends starting with a fitted sand wedge, pitching wedge, 7-iron and Driver gives you the proper tools to start learning the game of golf, then you can take the money you saved from buying quality second-hand equipment and spend it on lessons with an expert instructor.

Can you get a $500 driver for golf?

People mistake quality with expensive Clubs, if you cannot swing a Golf club getting a $500 Driver would make zero difference to your game, Golf is all about the player, not their equipment

Why are my golf clubs so short?

If you strike the ball too close to the heel or toe of the club, or the sole bottoms out on the heel or toe, your clubs might be too long or short for you. The fitting process will reveal these problems, and you can have the clubs adjusted so your natural swing will regularly strike the ball on the sweet spot.

Why is it important to have clubs that fit your swing?

Having clubs that properly fit your swing can help correct a flaw or poor ball flight without changing your swing. Playing with the right clubs will have an immediate and profound impact on your scoring ability.

Why do golfers want to get fitted?

Too many golfers want to get fitted for new clubs because that’s what the salesman or club pro told them to do, or because of some sense that nobody buys "off the rack" anymore. For some, fitted clubs will be money well spent, but others would be better off investing in some lessons first.

What to consider when getting custom fitted?

Once you have committed to getting custom fitted, consider whether you’re feeling good, pressed for time, feeling pressured or swinging poorly. Don’t allow any of these factors to interfere. If you are tired, sore or not warmed up, you will not swing the same as you normally would.

What is club fitting?

The club-fitting process involves both static and dynamic measurements of your golf swing.

What questions will a club fitter ask?

There will be questions about your playing ability, ball flight, where your miss-hits tend to be and your goals. The club-fitter will offer an opinion about what would be best for you.

What happens if you hit a shot in different flight patterns?

If you consistently hit shots in different flight patterns–one left, the next right and not on purpose–you probably have trouble repeating your swing.

What Makes Golf Clubs Better?

Take a quick look on eBay and you can find a set of clubs available from anything from $10 to $10,000.

Are Expensive Golf Clubs Really Better? They Can Help

Golf is a tough game to play consistently well and even the very best golfers in history have never mastered it.

Expensive Golf Clubs Can Also Hurt Your Game

And don’t forget also that more expensive clubs can on occasion also make your game worse rather than better.

How Much Should You Spend on Golf Clubs? Not Much to Start With

At Golfing Focus we are acutely aware that golf is an expensive game and we would never want to make any recommendations that make people spend any more than they need to enjoy the great game of golf.

Are expensive clubs worth it for beginners?

For people who are just starting to learn the game of golf, expensive clubs probably are not worth it.

How much does a Taylormade driver cost?

For example, a more expensive driver such as the TaylorMade SIM can be found for between $500-$600 at most stores.

Why are golf clubs so expensive?

People often ask ‘ why are golf clubs so expensive? ’ It’s due to the quality of material that was used to build the club as well as the technology and customizability of the club.

How much are Honma golf clubs?

Honma Five Star Golf Clubs: These golf clubs are the most premium Honma has to offer. Priced at $32,000 for the set, these clubs are used by celebrities. The Japanese company made the clubs from platinum and gold. Each club costs around $5,000 each.

How much does a Miura IC 601 cost?

The brand’s IC-601 irons are some of the most expensive irons on the market. For seven clubs including a four-iron through a pitching wedge, the price is about $2,700 coming out to over $380 per club.

What are custom golf clubs?

Custom golf clubs do have their pros though. They allow a player to choose options such as what kind of shaft, lie angle, length, flex and loft. These different options can suit a golfer for their style of swing, swing speed and angle of address.

Why do golf clubs have more forgiveness?

Most club brands implement more forgiveness in their newer clubs and more distance thanks to larger sweet spots and “spring” technology that allows the ball to jump off the face.

What to look for in a beginner golf club?

For beginners, it’s likely the expert recommends more loft on your driver, lighter shafts with less flex, and more forgiving irons. For example, if you’re a beginning golfer who has blade irons with long, extra-stiff steel shafts, it’s likely they aren’t right for your game. So even if your swing greatly improves with the help of a top instructor, you’ll be fighting an uphill battle.

Why is it important to get fit for beginners?

“It’s very important that beginners get fit because we develop our swings around the gear we use without even realizing it ,” Briand says.

What happens if a golf club is too short?

If a club is too short, too long, too light, too heavy, the lie angle is completely wrong, the club itself is the wrong design, or any of a number of factors are off , you could be setting yourself up for failure. The game-improvement irons on the left will be much more forgiving and enjoyable for beginners than the blade irons on the right.

Which is better for beginners: blade irons or left irons?

The game-improvement irons on the left will be much more forgiving and enjoyable for beginners than the blade irons on the right.

Who is Tim Briand?

In order to set the record straight, I spoke with a professional club fitter ( Tim Briand, Executive Vice President of GOLF.com’s sister company, True Spec Gol f) and a professional swing instructor ( Todd Sones, a GOLF Magazine Top 100 Teacher ). Even though Briand is a club fitter and Sones is an instructor, both experts agreed that learning the game using poorly fit equipment is a huge hinderance on both improvement and enjoyment.

How to set yourself up to play golf?

In conclusion, here are the recommended steps to take in order to set yourself up to to play great golf and enjoy the game for years to come: 1. Get a basic club consultation from an expert. 2. Make the proper alterations to your current set, or purchase a budget-friendly starter set (anywhere from 1-14 clubs) 3.

Will my swing patterns change?

It is likely that your swing patterns will change after a number of lessons. Your angle of attack may change, your method of releasing the club could shift, and you will (hopefully) gain some speed and strength, too.