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do golf ball finder glasses work

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Can you use golf ball finder glasses in competition?

Unsurprisingly they were pretty useless, compared to the Golf Ball Finder torch at night for finding golf balls. Out of interest I also checked to see if you were allowed to use the golf ball finder glasses the in competition for a round of golf and the rule book says illegal and will result in DQ under Rule 14-3.

How do golf ball finding glasses work?

These golf ball finding glasses happen to be mirror flashed coated. Essentially, the coating limits the amount of light that can enter the sunglasses. This minimizes any bright light that may enter your eye area and strain your eyes. This is extremely beneficial in summer environments or bright days on the golf course.

Do golf ball finders work at night?

Other gadgets have tracking devices or even golf ball finder glasses. The golf ball finder torches will only work during the dark, so you can forget about using them during your round. If you are wanting to find lots of balls quickly without having to buy lots of expensive balls this is the device for you.

What is a golf ball finder?

A golf ball finder is a device the locates your missing golf ball. There are many kinds of devices and they come in various types. Information: What is a golf ball finder? A golf ball finder is an electronic device that work with every with your standard golf ball you play with during your round.

Good Head Grip

For any golf ball finder glasses, a good grip of the head is a must. Not just for cosmetic reasons. A good grip helps to keep the frame optically aligned when looking for the balls throughout the game. Most sports frames with this function have a rubberized grip that prevents them from moving around. Even during your swing.

Lightweight Frame

Nothing kills a golfer’s enthusiasm for devices like these than having uncomfortable glasses. It is essential to look for glasses made from lightweight and durable material. This will give you comfort while playing your round and make them easy to carry around. Or wear during a difficult, long or hot round.

Good Fit

It is crucial to find golf ball finder glasses that are comfortable to wear. Of course, if you like looking like hip in the clubhouse then look and style in addition to weight are a must-have.


The market is filled with a variety of glasses and it is up to you to find a pair that meets your design and appearance requirements. There are both male and female ball finder glasses and it is completely up to you to choose. There are unisex designs that can be worn by either gender.


It is important to store your ball finder glasses in a secure place to avoid them from getting destroyed. When buying golf finder glasses, try and choose one with a case and/or microfiber storage pouch. This will help keep your pair of ball finder glasses in good condition.

Lens Technology

It’s worth noting that not all golf ball finder glasses use blue-tinted lenses. However, in our tests during actual play, blue is best. The state of the art UV blue tint technology does seem to perform better in all lighting conditions.

Do They Actually Work To Find Your Ball?

Well…no, they really don’t. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but these will not stop you leaving Pro V1s on the course. I imagine that these would be useful for finding golf balls that are fairly prominent and sitting out of the grass a little.

What Situations Do They Work Best In?

These work best for the guy in your office who thinks he’s a player and you know a gift like this will annoy him. They are a novelty item so they are perfect for the office Secret Santa at Christmas time. These are more of a joke gift than something for serious golfers.

Are They Worth Buying?

I would hope that from what is written above, you already know the answer here. No, they aren’t, unless you want to wind someone up. Every Christmas, we golfers dread the novelty golf gifts from people who don’t play. This is one of those gifts at its finest.

How Can I Get My Ball Out Of The Water – Retriever?

Most courses provide ball retrievers for those errant shots that have come to a watery landing. However, if you know you are going to a course that doesn’t, or if your home course doesn’t, it is worth getting one. Few things are more infuriating than hitting a ball into the water, being able to see it but not being able to reach it.

How Can I Hit The Ball Straight?

This is the age old question and the answer is simple, deliver the clubface square at impact, but in reality that’s not easy. One of the best ways to achieve this is to get a series of lessons from a PGA professional and practice hard after them. This takes time but will be worth it in the end.

What is the weighted ball on a golf shaft?

The weighted-ball at the end of the shaft also helps you feel proper weight transfer. This is one of those great gadgets that doubles as a warm-up aid. A great way to work on feel for your full swing and get you ready for the round ahead.

Why do golfers wear jackets?

The Swing Jacket is one way of trying to combat this. The jacket restricts how much your arms can move in one plane and so allows you to swing only as long as your body is doing what it should be doing.

Do Golf Ball Finding Glasses Really Work?

The 4 sunglasses reviewed are no miracle items that are going to locate your golf ball in seconds but they do provide a decent chance of finding the ball in light or heavy rough for instance.

Why do people wear sunglasses on golf courses?

Benefits of wearing golfing sunglasses on the course include: Golf sunglasses protect your eyes from the sun. Protects against glare that can obscure a player’s view of the ball. Reduces risk for eye fatigue which leads to headaches and eyestrain. Reduce harmful UV rays that can cause skin cancer or cataracts.

What is a Mavinz golf ball Finder?

MAVINZ High Definition Golf Ball Finder Glasses are designed for golfers who want to see where their ball goes.

How frustrating is it to lose a golf ball?

If you play golf, then you know how frustrating it is to lose your ball on the course. It’s even worse when you have to wait for someone else to find it and give it back. You can easily spend hours trying to find a lost ball if you don’t have the right equipment or knowledge of where they land. Golf ball finder glasses will make finding those balls …

Why do golfers wear glasses?

These glasses are designed to help golfers see with more clarity on the golf course.

What are O2O golf ball sunglasses?

The O2O Golf Ball Finding Sunglasses are designed to help you see your golf ball clearly and make it easier for you to find your ball on the course.

How many colors are in golf glasses?

The glasses come in two sizes and three colors, making them perfect for anyone looking for a new pair of glasses or wanting to improve their game on the course.

What are golf ball finder glasses?

The shell of this product is a plastic and rubber shell design that is flexible, lightweight and very comfortable to wear all day long.

What is the lens on golf ball glasses?

The Lens. The lens of these golf ball glasses has many features. For instance, the frame is great for running and it is designed to be anti-reflecting and also protects 100% against UV rays. With that, it aids in trying to find your white balls against and grassy background.

Do golf ball glasses come with a case?

These golf ball glasses come with a quality carry case. This item comes with a zipper case that is designed to conveniently carry the product and keep it safe when needed. An individual can easily place the case inside their golf bag or duffel bag and take out the glasses when needed. Specially Tinted.

What is the material of glasses?

As one of the key features of these products, the material quality is crucial to the design of the product. The reason being is that the material quality ensures maximum durability. Now, what is the material of these types of glasses? Most commonly, polycarbonate. This material is a blend of fibers that include carbonate and other materials. With that, this material design is highly durable, wear and tear resistant and very high quality. Overall, individuals can expect this material design to be of the best value and quality, guaranteeing that it will work for years to come.

Do finder glasses have UV protection?

If not the glasses are still good though a little extra protection is always good. You should also factor in UV protection when choosing a pair of these finder glasses. When searching for a lost ball, your eyes will be working hard, your pupils will be focused and so UV protection is a very good idea.

Do golf ball finders fit prescription glasses?

These golf ball finder glasses are designed to fit over prescription eyewear. The lens is rather large so if you wear glasses you don’t need to take them off. To add to this, the design is simple, high quality, and intended to be durable and well designed.

Do golf finders have UV protection?

This is where we start to dive into the criteria used in evaluation. As you read, a couple of them were not designed with the golf finder lens that is synonymous among many authentic glasses. However, they were designed to minimize glare, have UV protection, and enhance the visual that you see to make it easy to find a golf ball.

What is a golf ball finder?

A golf ball finder is an electronic device that work with every with your standard golf ball you play with during your round. Many of these devices are electronic like our golf ball finder torch. Other gadgets have tracking devices or even golf ball finder glasses.

Where is the location chip on a golf ball?

Golf ball trackers normally have a location chip inside the shell of the golf ball allowing you to track your ball with a handheld device that clips onto your bag. These can often be very expensive to buy.

Can you take out blue glasses for golf?

These blue glasses can be taken out on your round of golf, but we’ve tried them before and aren’t very effective. They are meant to work by eliminating the light of the surroundings allowing the white golf ball to show up in the grass.

What is a Visiball ball finder?

The Visiball ball finder eyeglasses use technology that allows light to reflect off a golf ball by eliminating the light of its surroundings.

How has finding a golf ball been made easier?

Locating a golf ball has been made easier by use of golf ball finders.

What is a golf finder?

The advent of technology has brought golfers a golf finder, a device that locates a ball in flight or on the ground. These devices come in various styles, save the golfer from wasted time in the rough and allow for more time on the greens.

Where is Tim Bodamer?

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What are golf ball finder glasses?

The majority of golf ball finder glasses tend to focus on using colour distortion to find your golf balls. These glasses add a contrast to the colours you are seeing without distorting them into a different colour entirely.

How do acutint glasses work?

In short, this model works by adding a high definition to your sight. As opposed to manipulating the colours to make certain objects more noticeable. This is due to the acutint lense colouring system.

How much are Hulislem sunglasses?

Typically priced at only twenty-one dollars we found these Hulislem glasses to be a great value for anyone looking for golf ball finder sunglasses.

What is the effect of the dual lenses on sunglasses?

For us laymen this effect creates amazing depth, colour contrast and clarity.

Is golf ball finder sunglasses more expensive?

The cost and value of these glasses are not quite at the standard of the previous models on this list. This pair of golf ball finder sunglasses is a bit more expensive than most the models we’ve covered. And in terms of value, it is not distinctively different.

Can glasses be clipped to golf bag?

With this handy case and carabiner, this glasses container can be easily clipped to your golf bag for easy access throughout your round.

Do golf ball finder glasses have UV protection?

This model also includes a carrying pouch. This is helpful as we suggest wearing another pair of shades throughout you round when you are not looking for your ball. This is to give your eyes better sun protection as the golf ball finder glasses do not offer UV protection.