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do old golf clubs have any value

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Are expensive golf clubs worth the money?

The equipment that top pros use is expensive, shafts can be many hundreds of dollars if not more, and there is reason for this. This is the best that money can buy and they need it for their games, they are elite golfers so that makes sense. Top amateurs will certainly feel the benefit of more expensive clubs too.

Are wooden golf clubs worth any money?

Metal shafted clubs with coated or painted shafts made to look like ‘cane’ or ”wood” have no collectible value to the wood shaft collector. Collectors and dealers feel fewer than 5 % of all wood shafted clubs have interest or value beyond decorative or playable worth.

What are old, antique golf clubs worth?

If the club has RTJ stamped on it, the club jumps significantly. ($150-$300) Clubs with Oiumet (the sporting goods company that sold it) stamped on it can range from $400-$1000. Lastly, serious collectors and players want information on the club like length of shaft, degrees of loft and swing weight.

What are some of the best inexpensive golf clubs?

Gillette. Still using those cheap hotel razors? …Gerber Gear. Through midnight on Cyber Monday! …Pit Viper. With Pit Viper’s 2nd annual 12 Days of Turbo giveaway already kicking off,the shades brand is pulling out all the stops this week.SeaVees. Looking for casual men’s shoes? …World Wide Stereo. …The YETI Gear Garage. …Fourlaps. …Grunt Style. …Dr. …STIX Golf. …More items…

What were the common golf clubs in the 1900s?

During the early to mid 1900s, common, inexpensive golf clubs were mass produced by companies such as Wilson, Spalding, Burke, MacGregor, Kroydon and many more. Common golf clubs can be identified by these traits: Phrases on the back such as accurate, superior, aim-rite, and other common sounding names.

How much does an antique golf club cost?

According to GolfWeek, the most valuable antique golf clubs can sell for as much as $80,000 at auction. However, it’s not at all common to see this type of value. Most individual clubs sell for between $15 and $100 at auction or in resale shops. The key to knowing whether you have a valuable antique is researching and carefully assessing your club.

What is collectors weekly?

Collectors Weekly – This antique site offers a great history of golf clubs, including descriptions of some of the very oldest models out there.

What are the features of a rare golf club?

Many rare or hard-to-find golf clubs will have the following features: Unusual head shapes and wood heads. Unmarked faces or unusual markings.

Who owns Timewarp Golf?

Timewarp Golf – This site is operated by golf club enthusiast, Gavin Bottrell, who collects, deals, and plays with antique Hickory golf clubs. You can research and buy clubs here, and even look into refurbishing services including re-gripping, re-shafting, and re-whipping.

Who wrote the book Antique Golf Collectibles?

Antique Golf Collectibles, A Price and Reference Guide by Chuck Furjanic - This is an older book, but it has excellent descriptions of the various types of clubs and how factors affect the value.


Are you confused about the significance of the many terms and measurements thrown at you by the golf club manufacturers and salespeople? Join the club! We finally begin to grasp a rudimentary understanding of "shaft spining" and suddenly "COR" becomes critical. No sooner does that term become part of our lexicon when "MOI" makes an appearance.

Is it the arrow or the Indian?

Most likely the arrow. Tom King 2.JPG (125121 bytes) If it was the Indian, Tiger could compete using a motley assortment of rental clubs, right? Practically speaking, if your handicap is 20 or better, then using properly fitted equipment is vital to your performance. Above a 20, then the rental clubs are "same difference."

As a dealer, can you explain the benefits of the KZG line?

KZ Golf has found a niche with the custom pro line , a hallmark of component golf club heads. KZG Forging.jpg (24395 bytes)From the casual golfer to the accomplished player, there is a KZG model made to suit your game.

What does it mean to "soft step" or "hard step" a set of irons?

Stepping shafts is a method of reshafting that focuses on a flex between the specific designations, say, between a regular and a stiff flex. "Hard stepping" would make a shaft stiffer, "soft stepping," more flexible.

What is your opinion of spinning or PUREing a golf shaft?

This falls under the category of: "If you think it helps you, it will." The principle is sound, but whether it is practical for most golfers is a different story.

Which hybrid is right for me?

One of the few innovations in golf equipment in recent years that has real merit is the "hybrid" golf club. Hybrids KZG Hybrids.jpg (17882 bytes)combine features of both woods (cambered sole, larger head, roll and bulge) and irons (heavier weight and shorter shaft).


While regripping is a common repair at any time of year, it always peaks in the spring. Many golfers will show up over the next few months requesting new grips and, often times, will believe they need a larger size. Some have tried their buddy’s clubs with the bigger grips and enjoyed the comfortable GripSize1a.JPG (43273 bytes)feel.

Vintage Golf Clubs Value: A Short Guide

It’s fun to have an old set of collectible golf clubs that you can take out and play with occasionally. It’s obvious that a lot of golfers in the golf community are always looking to buy new golf gear. Why not, newer golf clubs are often equipped with new technology, some of which can be game changing.

What Are The Most Valuable Vintage Golf Clubs?

The key to the value of vintage golf clubs is the supply and demand. Certain models are highly sought after, so they may be more expensive than others. They’re not only valuable but are also playable. And the right collector will drop a decent price for a club that’s in decent condition with all the right features.

How to Identify Valuable Antique Golf Putters

When looking at antique putters, you have to look at the history, rarity, and the person who made the putter.

Timeline on Vintage Golf Equipment

Vintage golf equipment are those clubs invented around the 15th century by primitive methods having handmade, custom/unique, and even unusual qualities. These often lack the sophistication of the modern clubs, coming from the Scottish Shepherds up to the 17th century. Most of these are mostly out of reach.

Frequently Asked Questions: Antiques

Why many older sets of clubs can be worth just a few dollars, others can be worth in the thousands. There are many features that can drum up the value of golf club memorabilia. Golf clubs closer to the 20th century, from a reputable club maker, and in good condition can easily be worth more than a few thousand dollars.

What is the best selling Callaway fairway wood?

The Steelhead family— including the + and the Steelhead 3—are the best-selling Callaway fairway woods ever. This was the original. Just a delightful club to see.

What is the most copied putterhead?

PING Anser Putter. This is, hands down, the most copied putterhead design in the game’s history. Karsten Solheim, founder of PING, developed this wildly popular design in 1959. Today, all the big manufacturers carry a putter with the same head design as the Anser. Estimated resale value today: $10.

What is a vintage putter?

OK. So, vintage putters are where you can start to see some serious value. This putter is a remake of the model Bobby Jones used in the 1930s and features a head made from nickel plating over copper plating over forged carbon steel.

When did the Foregiveness irons come out?

Foregiveness? These irons were designed for elite players. This particular set came out in 1984.

When were Tommy Armour Silver Scot 845 irons released?

Tommy Armour Silver Scot 845 irons. These beauties were released to the public in 1988. According to a piece from our friends at Hacker’s Paradise from 2010 in a Q&A with clubmaker John Hoeflich, "The original forecast was 7,500 sets and I think we shipped over 30,000 in 1988. ". Imagine that.

When was the Big Bertha driver introduced?

Callaway Big Bertha War Bird driver. Introduced in 1998, this was a "must-have" for players craving more distance. Check out the size— or lack thereof—of the driver head. That, along with the club’s low center of gravity, made the club playable off the fairway since it was able to get airborne quickly.