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do polara golf balls really work

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That’s right—Polaraself-correcting golf balls work so well in correcting golf hooks and slices that USGAUnited States Golf AssociationThe United States Golf Association is the United States’ national association of golf courses, clubs and facilities and the governing body of golf for the U.S. and Mexico. Together with The RA, the USGA produces and interprets the rules of golf. The USGA also provides a national handicap sys…en.wikipedia.orgreacted to them with a rule change. That rarely happens. Even less so by the hand of an innovative equipment company.

Can Polara golf balls fix your swing?

While Polara golf balls will not fix your swing (and technically not USGA approved for sanctioned tournaments) they will dramatically reduce your misses which means you can start hitting out of the fairway more than the trees. So if you have become frustrated with the game, Polara golf balls might be just the solution you are looking for.

Are Polara golf balls course legal?

So Polara balls are course legal for 95% of recreational golfer rounds worldwide. More important than being an acceptable way of playing recreational golf, however, Polara balls actually make the game more enjoyable by improving a golfer’s overall game.

Is the Polara XDS ball any good?

Polara designed the new XD and XDS ball that doesn’t require you to change to high launching clubs, but will work well with any clubs you already have. While the new design doesn’t go quite as straight, down from 75% to 50%, it still corrects the slice or the draw. While I didn’t do the math, I think those claims are pretty accurate.

How many rows of dimples does a Polara golf ball have?

The Polara’s dimple pattern was unique, having six rows of normal dimples on its equator, but very shallow dimples elsewhere… Customize our popular Ultimate Straight (US), Extra Distance (XD), or Extra Distance Spin (XDS) golf balls by choosing colors, prints or your organization’s logo.

Are These Self Correcting Balls Legit?

Now, you might be wondering, how on earth do you make a golf ball self-correcting?

Is Polara Golf Out of Business?

While you can still buy Polara golf balls from various online retailers, the company behind the balls no longer exists.

How Far do Polara Golf Balls Go?

The vast majority of people who have used a Polara golf ball will tell you that they work pretty well.

Where Can I Buy Polara Golf Balls?

Although Polara filed for bankruptcy in 2017, you can still buy their self-correcting golf balls on certain online marketplaces.

What is the difference between a golf ball and a polara?

When compared to a regular golf ball, a Polara has shallower dimples around the equator, with deeper dimples at the poles. When a Polara is lined up with its intended target [there’s a directional arrow on the ball] and hit cleanly, it exhibits both lower drag and lift, which results in a reduction of force.

Why do you need a Polara?

Using a Polara can boost your confidence and help you develop other aspects of your game.

What happens when you correctly position your ball?

When you’ve correctly positioned your ball, the resulting shot will follow a near-perfectly straight trajectory, significantly reducing the chances of hitting a slice or hook.

How to gain distance with golf balls?

After you get off the tee with these golf balls, there are two options. 1. Reposition the arrow for each shot, ensuring that it goes straight. 2. Just playing it as it lies and it will act like a normal golf ball.

How long has Ryan been testing golf?

Ryan has over 10 years of experience testing and writing golf reviews of nearly every brand out there.

Is Polara XD a distance ball?

The Polara XD is truly a distance ball, not designed around feel or spin. I think any high-handicap player with a slower swing speed is going to get the most out of this ball. They typically don’t compress the ball enough to generate much spin so that need isn’t there and they aren’t crushing the ball to notice the feel difference so why not save a few dollars.

Does it matter if you drop the arrow on the green?

On the green it really didn’t matter whether I lined up the arrow or just dropped the ball, it rolled true either way. For my rounds I just had the 2-piece ball to try and it was very similar to a typical 2-piece ball, a little hard and minimal stopping power. But this is really what most amateurs play now.

What happens when you slice a Polara golf ball?

Essentially what happens when you hook or slice the is the face of the club is hitting the ball at the wrong angle, causing it to go offline. Everyone that plays golf want to keep their shots long …

How to use a Polara golf ball?

In terms of knowledge required to use a Polara Golf ball, you simply line the ball up with the direction of your shot. However, while it creates greater lift with more precision and control, it doesn’t significantly affect the overall weight of the ball.

What are the dimples on a golf ball?

These anti-slice golf balls have shallower dimples around the center of the ball (equator), and deeper dimples at the top and bottom (poles). When the ball is hit, the dimples cause the ball to spin in the most optimized position lower the lift of the ball, reducing drag and allowing the ball to fly straighter and longer.

Why are Polara golf balls used?

The golf ball should really be used in fun rounds of golf because the ball is considered to be illegal. Polara Golf balls do not provide so much of an advantage that you’ll be scoring a guaranteed birdie or an eagle. But, they will allow you to relax and have more fun as you master and gain finesse on basic shots.

What is a high fade in golf?

For every one of the nine or so basic golf shots, there are advanced techniques. For example, if you’re trying hit a fade that comes up high and stops on a dime, you’d use a high fade. In short, it’s intentionally slicing the ball to a certain degree to give the fade more vertical momentum.

What is the green arrow pattern on the equator of a ball?

In terms of knowledge required to use them, there’s a green arrow pattern printed on the equator of each ball. Along this axis, the dimples in the ball are shallow. The further you get away from this line, the dimples get deeper. This changes the spread of the ball’s weight, and thus the spin and trajectory of the ball.

What is the difference between XDS and XDS Extra Distance?

The difference with XDS Extra Distance is that they’re meant to give you greater command over your shots to keep your ball in the fairways and out of the trees.

Why give a polara ball to a beginner?

Another perspective that a growing number of PGA Professionals are finding is that giving a Polara ball to a beginner is the best thing you can do because you immediately lower the frustration and embarrassment level , so the new golfer can have more fun. 85% of golfers play for fun, not for the purpose of getting better so they can play in serious golf tournaments. I believe we need to encourage everyone who takes up golf to first have fun. Some fraction of these new golfers will naturally gravitate to serious competitive golf and a tiny fraction will become amateur champions and tour players. But all started as beginners. The golf industry keeps asking “How do we get more beginners to stick with the game?” – the Polara Golf ball is an obvious tool to help get people hooked on the game.

Can you use a Polara ball for handicap?

Technically speaking you cannot have an official USGA handicap using the Polara ball, but you can establish a USRGA handicap. The USRGA.org offers a free handicap service. A golfer with a USRGA handicap can actually compete against a golfer with a USGA handicap, with each playing by his own rules. Done it many times playing with friends who want to play by a more relaxed game or a more competitive game.

Is it cheating to play a Polara ball?

Tom – it is not cheating to play the Polara ball if you announce to everyone you are doing so and they agree it is fine. Same with Mulligans, gimme putts, etc. I would encourage those recreational golfers with a hook or slice problem to establish your a with the Polara ball, you will have a lower handicap score, and then the handicap will account for your new playing ability. The handicap system was originally developed to account for 1) difference in skill level, 2) differences in the courses played, and 3) differences in the equipment played.

Is Polara ball legal?

Shane S, with all due respect, I think you are comparing apples to oranges. The Polara ball clearly outperforms the Bridgestone e6 and is perfectly legal for the use it is intended for – recreational play (+75% of rounds played). But the design & performance goals were totally different for these two products. One was designed to conform to the USGA Rules and the other wasn’t. How can something be against the USGA rules (“not legal” as you put it) if it were not intended to be played when the USGA rules are in effect? Are softball players cheating because they don’t play to hardball rules? Are flag football players committing an illegal act by not playing to NFL rules? There are many types of golf and many golf rules apply – are charity scrambles “illegal events”?

Does MyGolfSpy make rules?

All valid points. But at MyGolfSpy, we don’t make the rules, we test golf products. We are also passionate advocates for the game. 100% Pro-Consumer. That being said, we know that the fastest way to have a golfer become a golfer for life is for that golfer to do 3 things: Hit one on the screws, get his/her first par and making a birdie.

Do you have to line the ball straight before hitting the ball?

I’ve tried several of the models as well over the past 4 months and the newer models far exceed last year’s models. Don’t forget, you must line the ball straight using the pre-printed arrows before hitting the ball or you will not achieve your optimal alignment.

Does a dive bomb work on a par 3?

I tried one of these after finding it in the woods on a par 3 and upon hitting this ball it got up in the air just fine then I literally watched this ball dive bomb to the ground way way short of my normal drive so no this ball does not work it is a bad gimmick. I also found out my boss uses these and he suffers the same fate every time he hits one up them bombs to the ground very short.

How many dimples are there in Polara?

Based on wind tunnel testing done at Princeton University, the new Polara dimple design has three types of dimples, each designed to perform a specific function and the result is a ball that now corrects up to 75% of hook and slice dispersion.

Why do you tee the ball high?

Because the ball generates substantially lower lift, it is recommended that golfers tee the ball high and even use a high lofted driver – this will provide a lot of extra distance over using a low loft driver (8 or 9 degree driver) with the ball teed down low.

When was the Polara golf ball invented?

In 1976 a couple of non-golfer scientists came up with the original Polara golf ball. Its unique dimple pattern caused the ball to correct hooks and slices in flight.

What is the principle axis of inertia?

The special dimple design creates a principle axis of inertia (this is the axis that the ball naturally wants to rotate about ) and when rotating about this principle axis the ball generates much lower lift and drag forces.

Is Polara Ultimate Straight a sanctioned event?

Now, the Polara Ultimate Straight is still not approved for play in USGA sanctioned events like the US Open, but take heart, not all of us will play in the US Open or nor do all of us follow every last USGA rule.

Who owns Polara golf balls?

Enter Aero-X Golf, Inc (owner of Polara Golf) and David Felker, PhD, the original VP R&D for Callaway Golf Ball Company, who was also the guy behind the Rule 35 ball in 2000 and a lot of the Callaway’s golf ball technology.

Can you use a persimmon wood driver in golf?

And if someone wants more challenge from slices and hooks, they can always play a regular golf ball and even use an old persimmon wood driver.

New Polara Driver Moving Forward

Polara’s new XTREME DISTANCE Driver has completed the design phase with a wax casting of our high performance 475 cc concept. The design was completed by Master Club Designer Jeff Sheets.

Our Legacy

The Polara golf ball history dates back to the early 1970s. Two scientists, Daniel Nepela and Fred Holmstrom developed the original Polara golf ball. The Polara’s dimple pattern was unique, having six rows of normal dimples on its equator, but very shallow dimples elsewhere…

Make it Custom

Customize our popular Ultimate Straight (US), Extra Distance (XD), or Extra Distance & Spin (XDS) golf balls by choosing colors, prints or your organization’s logo.


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On Par with Polara

Polara’s new XTREME DISTANCE Driver has completed the Operational Test Phase. The driver designed by master club designer, Jeff Sheets achieved better than expected results…