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does cvs sell golf balls

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What golf balls can’t you buy?

Balls we cannot buy include manufactured range balls, cut and out-of-round golf balls, antique dimple such as old balata balls/old signature, and golf balls with inconsistent coloring (such as golf balls exposed to the sun or water, discoloring part of the ball). We are used golf ball buyers! Why Sell to Us?

Can I Sell my golf balls for cash?

SELL YOUR GOLF BALLS RANGE BALLS TO US FOR CASH! We buy all makes and grades of golf balls including all types of range balls. Wherever you found them you can sell your golf balls to us. Here at Second Chance we make the process of selling your golf balls quick, easy and simple.

Where can I Sell my lake golf balls?

Here at Second Chance we make the process of selling your golf balls quick, easy and simple. And by recycling your lake golf balls with us you’re also helping the environment so contact us TODAY!

Why buy golf balls from golfballsdirect?

At GolfBallsDirect, we believe every ball deserves a second chance. To ensure the life of a ball doesn’t end short, we buy golf balls regardless of make, model, or year. No matter what golf balls you have or what condition they’re in, there’s a really good chance we’ll buy them.

Golf Balls We Buy

We buy used golf balls: all makes and models of legal, playable quality balls—whether found on land or in water.

We are used golf ball buyers!

We make it really easy for you to sell used golf balls. Many used golf ball buyers require you to find boxes, count lots of 300 or 600 balls, and ship them yourself. They make it sound like it’s not much work and try to console you by providing shipping labels. No thanks! Make it easy on yourself. We come to you and we’ll do the heavy lifting.

Our Process

Wondering where to sell your used golf balls? We purchase used golf balls anywhere in the USA, assuming sufficient quantity. We come to you and pay you in full before leaving. We prefer bulk quantities of at least 5,000 balls, but may consider smaller quantities if there are other sellers in your area.

About Us

Company owner Steve Helms has been a self-professed, addicted ball hawk since he was eight years old. Growing up on the 11th hole at Montaup Country Club in Portsmouth, Rhode Island, the home became a major dogleg but was perfect to vend golf balls, Kool-Aid, and eventually soda.


We will provide you with an instant quote. Just count the golf balls and send us some photographs so we can get an idea of brand and quality.


The packaging will be sent to you for FREE including sacks, pallets and shrink wrap.


We offer FREE collection of all your golf balls anywhere in the UK at a time convenient for you. We collect and buy golf balls all year round!


Once we have checked the grade and quantity in-house we will pay for the golf balls via cash, cheque or bank transfer.