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does niall horan own modest golf

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What is Niall Horan’s modest?

Niall Horan’s Modest! Golf partners with RA to increase youth involvement in golf Niall Horan’s Modest! Golf has partnered with the RA to create programs aimed at providing opportunities for young people to experience golf.

Who is Niall O’Hare?

FOUNDER OF MODEST! GOLF MANagement Niall has spent many years whilst working in the music industry forging fantastic relationships and contacts within the corporate world.

Who is modest golf?

He teamed up with good friend Mark McDonnell, who has over 16 years of experience in the sports industry, and that dream became a reality in the form of Modest! Golf in May 2016.

What is the common refrain in golf?

A common refrain within golf is that economics dictates the flow of money towards the men’s game, leaving an inevitable trickle heading in the direction of the women. A counter view might be that, as crowds and media coverage of women’s sport increase, there is potential for growth in the sector.

Does Lockdown dampen Niall Horan’s love of golf?

Getty Images. Lockdown hasn’t dampened Niall Horan’s love of golf, nor his desire to help shape the future of the sport he loves through his management group Modest! Golf. The musician, whose most recent album “Heartbreak Weather” reached number one in the U.K. charts and number four on the U.S.

Who is the lead guitarist of Judas Priest?

Music and golf are unusual, and yet common, bedfellows. Alice Cooper loves the sport and Judas Priest’s lead guitarist KK Downing was so besotted with the game he built an 18-hole course in his back garden in England.

How much is Horan worth?

You might think Horan’s profile and wealth – his 41 million Twitter followers is comfortably more than the world’s top ten golfers combined and he has an estimated net worth of around $70m – would make it easy for him, but the golf industry can be a tough nut to crack.

Who told Horan the R&A had reached out?

In true form, Horan was playing golf when McDonnell told him The R&A had reached out.

Is Horan a golfer?

Horan has been a keen golfer his whole life.

Is golf a brilliant game?

The recognition that golf is a brilliant game that just requires the odd tweak and a bit of work to improve its reputation and communication to non-golfers is absolutely integral.

How many players are in the ISPS Handa World Invitational?

The ISPS HANDA World Invitational will attract a field of 288 players, 144 men and 144 women. The women’s field will be split equally between the LPGA and the Ladies European Tour and the $2.35m purse will be split evenly, with men and women competing for two equal prize funds.

How old is Niall Horan?

Niall Horan may not be Tiger Woods, Bryson DeChambeau or Rory McIlroy, but the 27-year-old pop idol is a seriously big player in the world of golf and playing a huge part in the game’s growth.

When did Niall Horan perform at the Olympics?

Niall Horan on stage with his fellow One Direction bandmates at the Olympics closing ceremony in 2012.

How many followers does the Irishman have?

Clearly the fact that the much-loved Irishman has millions of social media followers (41.2m on Twitter and 26.6m Instagram) should help in his quest and drive for greater inclusivity and equality in the game.

Who is Niall Horan working with?

Niall Horan is working closely with European Tour boss Keith Pelley to make the game more diverse. Niall Horan meets fans while caddying for Rory McIlroy at The Masters Par-3 Contest. Niall Horan is a huge golf fan and hopes to play off a two handicap one day.

Who greets the crowds at Wentworth?

Niall Horan greets the golf crowds at Wentworth.

Who is the founder of modest golf?

Golf founder and pop superstar Niall Horan. Niall Horan, the founder of Modest! Golf tells Today’s Golfer how he’s gone from being part of the world’s most powerful pop group to being considered one of the most influential figures in golf. Niall Horan may not be Tiger Woods, Bryson DeChambeau or Rory McIlroy, but the 27-year-old pop idol is …

Other Business Interests

Modest! Golf is collaborating with The R&A to develop programmes to inspire participation in golf amongst more young people.

Current Board Positions

40 Love is a Sports Bar, Lounge and Restaurant launched by Niall’s friend Sean Mulholland in 2020. The venue is reminiscent of a traditional American Country Club and is open in the evenings all week whilst offering lunch at the weekend. A popular spot to be seen!


Niall and golfer Justin Rose have joined forces to create Horan & Rose, a charity event that combines music and golf to help raise funds for Cancer Research UK and other charities.


Niall speaks about his campaign to make golf more inclusive of girls and women. He also discusses how he wants to improve people’s perceptions of golf and how to make the sport more appealing to a wider audience.


Niall discusses the future of golf, the Solheim Cup and Leona Maguire’s performance at the BMW PGA Championship in this Sky Sports Golf interview.

Awards & Endorsements

Niall received a BMI London Award for his song "Moral of the Story" in the Pop Award Songs category.

Charitable Interests

ISPS Handa is a non-profit organisation that supports blind and disabled as well as able bodied sports events across the globe. It aims to break down boundaries in the sports industry and to inspire a changing world by funding events in golf, archery, bowling, boxing, football, rugby and more.