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does water affect golf balls

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How does water affect a golf ball’s distance?

These results confirm the effect on a golf ball’s distance when the core material gets softer and loses its resilience. Once the water is absorbed into the golf ball, drying of the ball is very slow at ambient temperature.

What happens if my golf balls get Wet?

It’s possible that they have suffered water damage, and you could lose out on some precious yardage. Golf balls have a sturdy outer layer which, as technology has developed, has become extremely effective at keeping water out of the interior.

What happens when a golf ball hits a pond?

When a golf ball with these micro-cracks ends up in a pond, water will seep into the center or core of the golf ball. When this happens, the core is not nearly as active as it was because of the water.

Do custom golf balls absorb water?

Golf balls do absorb water and the amount of water increases with increasing temperature of the water. Furthermore, there is a measurable decrease in durability and an implied decrease in the elasticity of the core.

How Golf Balls Are Made?

Modern balls consist of multiple layers – either two, three, or four. All kinds of flashy core technology could be going on on the inside, but what’s really important is what’s going on with the outer layer.

Can Golf Balls Get Waterlogged?

However, at the microstructural level, there are unavoidable gaps in the molecules. And these gaps are just big enough to allow water particles to squeeze their way through.

Does Water Affect Golf Ball Performance?

Theoretically, and anecdotally, yes. A layer of water inside the ball does it no favors. Since the ball isn’t able to compress as much, it will surely not be able to fly as far – especially if it’s been lying in water for months, or even years.

Why are golf balls so sturdy?

It’s sturdy stuff, designed to protect the inner layers from the elements – including water. As a whole, golf balls are designed to compress at the moment of impact. If you were to observe one in super slow motion, you would see it shrink and then go back to its original shape.

How long do golf balls stay in water?

Thus, if you’re planning on using balls that have spent six months or more in water, you should consider that they might not perform at their best. For beginners, the difference will be negligible.

How does water affect a ball’s mass?

Once the water breaches the outer shell, it essentially forms an extra layer within the ball, which in turn affects its mass and energy absorption. The ball won’t be able to compress as much, and so, theoretically, it will lose out on some distance. But this is a slow process.

Can you use a waterlogged golf ball?

You could easily get away with using a waterlogged ball. For more advanced players, however, the potential loss of yardage could be costly. But for all players – rest assured that a quick dip in the water will have basically zero impact on a golf ball’s performance.

Are Golf Balls Affected When They Go Under Water?

To determine how much golf balls are affected when they go underwater, we need to break this down into two categories, the first being new golf balls and the second being used golf balls.

What Happens?

When a golf ball with these micro-cracks ends up in a pond, water will seep into the center or core of the golf ball. When this happens, the core is not nearly as active as it was because of the water. It loses most of its spring effect that makes it fly.

Are Lake Balls Any Good?

So that brings us to the next question, if we know that golf balls do get waterlogged, are these golf balls worth purchasing? Here are a few things to consider.

Does The Quality Of The Golf Ball Really Matter?

The quality of the golf ball makes a huge difference as soon as you can see and feel that difference although admittedly it will matter more for experts and improvers more than complete beginners.

Should A Beginner Use Lake Balls?

A lake ball is more suited for the budget golfer than anything else. If you are a beginner looking for the best of the best, the lake golf balls would not be the best choice. If you are a beginner that is frustrated with losing golf balls continually and angry with how expensive this game is, then don’t hesitate to give those lake golf balls a shot.

What balls should a mid handicap player use?

When it comes to knocking some shots off of your short game, it is best to go with a three-piece golf ball. This type of golf ball will give the mid handicap player the spin and feel they need around the greens but also the distance from the tee.

What happens when you put an old golf ball in a pond?

There are some scratches, some slight imperfections, but it is an otherwise suitable golf ball. When this type of golf ball heads into a pond or a lake, it gets waterlogged pretty quickly.

Can We Trust Recycled Balls?

Many golfers use such balls because of advertising that the ball is cheaper whilst still retaining their original qualities. However, the vast majority of these balls have been recycled after an unidentified stay in ponds, pools, lakes, the ocean. It drives us to ask the question, can we trust such balls?

What is the core of a golf ball?

The core of the two-piece golf ball typically comprises rubber or synthetic rubber, surrounded by a hardcover. The core goes in an injection mold. Melted Surlyn or urethane is injected then around the core to form a hard dimpled covering of the ball. (2)

What is mass spectroscopy?

Mass Spectroscopy – to establish the type of salts in the Surlyn that affect the affinity to water.

Why does a wet golf ball create less friction?

On the other hand, a wet golf ball creates less friction and backspin because it slips more on the clubhead. (4)

How does water impair the golf ball?

How does water impair the golf ball’s performance? Penetrated water needs space, so it forms an additional water layer within the ball. It, consequently, increases the mass of the ball, which changes its original mechanical and aerodynamic characteristics.

What is a three piece golf ball?

The three-piece golf ball has an identical structure but one more rubber covering between the center and the outer finish. This rubber covering or just rubber string surrounds the core center. Then a hardcover finishes the ball construction.

How long does it take for water to get through a golf ball?

The golf ball core is hygroscopic, which means that it absorbs water. However, it takes 12 hours for the water to get through the cover and find its way to the core. Therefore, we can confidently conclude that a golf ball that has been immersed underwater for an extended period can be waterlogged.