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don cayo golf

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What is the Don Cayo Golf Club?

Formerly known as the Don Cayo golf club was founded in 1974 by Don Luis Campomanes Asumendi, as part of the “El Aramo” residential development project. It is situated in the foothills of the Sierra Bernia mountain range, close to the beautiful Mediterranean village of Altea.

What makes Dondon Cayo so special?

Don Cayo is an attractive and entertaining course, maintaining its previous beauty and charm, signature holes are the 3rd hole, for its sea views, and the 7th hole with views of the mountains surrounding the Marina Baixa.

Why play golf at La Recorrido?

This club’s emblematic course enjoys an attractive design and a spectacular setting, making it an unbeatable place to play golf. It is a veritable classic of the Costa Blanca, where most local golfers will have cut their teeth. Recorrido 6.156 MTS.