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how does a calcutta work in golf

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In simplest terms,a golf Calcutta works like this:Golfers bid,auction-style,on the golfer or team they think will win the tournament. Usually you can bid on yourself and your team.The highest bid will win the team/golfer.Funds raised through the “auction” goes into the pool.The owners of the tournament winner (s) receive a predetermined payout from the auction pool.

What is a Calcutta in golf tournaments?

Calcutta is a commonly used term in the world of golf tournaments for what would be better described as raffle or lottery. A Calcutta is an event at which players have the opportunity to win prizes by virtue of their bids.

How does a Calcutta auction work?

There are no set rules for how a Calcutta auction operates and it can be bent based on some core rules. Make sure you are knowledgeable on the rules that apply to the tournament that you bet on. Golfers bid, auction-style, on the golfer or team they think will win the tournament. Usually you can bid on yourself and your team.

What are the rules of a Calcutta Golf auction?

Below are the typical rules of a Calcutta Golf Auction. If someone else wins the bid for your team, you are sometimes entitled to a percentage of the winnings of the pot, if you choose to “buy out” the percentage from the owner Although the above are general Calcutta rules, there are many varieties in how to run a golf Calcutta.

How much do golf Calcutta payouts work?

Also, golf Calcutta payouts can vary depending on the organization. In some cases, the winning team will receive 50% of the pot with the second-place team receiving 30% and the third-place team receiving 20%. There can also be other configurations depending on how many ways the organizers decide to split the pot.

Why do golfers attend Calcutta auctions?

Calcutta auctions are also encountered by golfers at tournaments as fundraisers for charities. If a golf tournament is being run to raise money for charity , the organizers might include a Calcutta auction to raise additional money.

What is a Calcutta golf tournament?

Updated December 27, 2018. The term "Calcutta" (also called a "golf Calcutta," "Calcutta auction" or "Calcutta sweepstakes") describes a type of auction-pool wagering that can be applied to golf and many other sporting events. In golf, a Calcutta is most common at a tournament featuring 4-person teams, but a Calcutta can be held in conjunction …

How much is the payout for the first 3 places?

When paying out the first three places, the most common payouts are 70-percent to the winner, 20-percent to the runner-up, 10-percent to third place. And in a 5-place payout, the payouts might be divvied up as 50-20-15-10-5. The specifics are up to tournament organizers.

Can you play in a Calcutta auction?

If you are an amateur golfer who plays tournament golf, or is otherwise highly skilled and wishes to protect your amateur status, think twice before participating in a Calcutta auction. The USGA’s policy on gambling states that participating in Calcuttas can put amateur status at risk:

Does the money bid in an auction go to charity?

In such a case, the money bid in the auction might all go to charity , in which case the winner would most likely receive a donated prize as opposed to a payout from the auction pot. Or the auction pot might be split between the winners and the charity, e.g., the winning bidder would get half of the payout with the other half going to charity. As always, the tournament organizers are free to set their own rules and limits for fundraising purposes.

Can you buy back half of your team?

Among other variations is one that allows a golfer to buy back half of himself or his team from the winning bidder. For example, your team is "won" in the auction by Team X; if this rule is in effect, you can pay half of Team X’s winning bid back to Team X in order to buy back half a stake in your own team. If your team then wins the tournament, your team and Team X split the Calcutta payout.

Is a sweepstakes a form of gambling?

Other forms of gambling or wagering where there is a requirement for players to participate (e. g., compulsory sweepstakes) or that have the potential to involve considerable sums of money (e.g., calcuttas and auction sweepstakes — where players or teams are sold by auction) may be considered by a Governing Body to be contrary to the purpose of the Rules (Rule 7-2).

Why You Should Try it?

Calcutta in golf has nothing to do with your golfing ability and rates high on the betting scale.

Why You Should Not Participate?

Amateur players are not allowed to compete for prizemoney under the rules of the USGA, but they are allowed to partake in gambling .

How to run a golf tournament?

How to Run A Golf Calcutta? 1 Select the participants in the tournament. Golfers, golf course, and auction participants. 2 Determine the tournament format. A Calcutta is typically an 18-hole, stroke-play tournament. 3 Prepare the auction event by making information available on all of the participating teams. 4 Run the auction process to allow guests to purchase a participating team. 5 Enable golfers to compete for the duration of the tournament. 6 Upon completion of the tournament, winnings must be paid out to winning owners.

How many holes are there in a Calcutta golf tournament?

A Calcutta is typically an 18-hole, stroke-play tournament. Prepare the auction event by making information available on all of the participating teams. Run the auction process to allow guests to purchase a participating team. Enable golfers to compete for the duration of the tournament.

What is a Calcutta?

In simple terms, a Calcutta is an auction-pool wagering system in golf that goes by a variety of names such as ‘Golf Calcutta’, ‘Calcutta auction’, or ‘Calcutta sweepstakes’. It is used at some tournaments, and not just in golf. In golf, a Calcutta is most common at a tournament featuring 4-person teams, however, …

How to maximize your payout?

A good strategy to maximize your payout is to pay less for a team that is not likely to win if the payout goes to multiple teams but a bad strategy when only one team is getting paid out .

What is the purpose of auctions in Calcutta?

Calcutta auctions are not just used for self-interest betting. They are frequently used at tournaments to raise funds for charities.

Calcutta Golf Tournament

A Calcutta golf tournament is simply a tournament in which the Calcutta golf betting rules have been applied. This means that the teams in the tournament have all been “purchased” through an auction system.

How To Run A Golf Calcutta

Though running a Calcutta golf tournament may seem difficult it is actually a fairly simple process.

How Does A Golf Calcutta Payout Work

The payouts of Calcutta golf is actually a fairly simple process. There is no one single way of calculating a payout for Caclutta golf though there are a few common ways of doing it.

Calcutta Golf Betting Strategy

Calcutta golf betting is often one of the highest stake betting formats you will see around your home course. So it makes sense to do some research before you put your money on the line.


We hope you enjoyed our guide to Calcutta golf. If you have any questions regarding this process or any of the information in it be sure to reach out in the comments below.

What is Calcutta in Golf?

Calcutta auctions are an exciting way to set stakes for golf tournaments. Although Calcutta auctions are prevalent in various other betting sports, it is also quite prominent in golf tournaments.

What is a Calcutta golf tournament?

Sometimes, however, to spice up the competition and make things a little more interesting, players will partake in various kinds of wagers. One of those types of wagers is a Calcutta golf tournament.

What happens if you take home a golf pot in Calcutta?

Taking home some of the pot from a Calcutta tournament could jeopardize the golfer’s amateur status.

Why is the handicap system called the "low handicap" system?

It is a way of separating the low handicappers from the high handicappers to keep the competition tighter and fairer.

Does Calcutta discourage amateur golfers?

When it comes to the governing bodies of golf, they discourage competitive amateurs from participating in Calcutta tournaments.

Is a Calcutta tournament illegal?

Ultimately, it would depend on the gambling laws in each region to determine whether a Calcutta tournament is considered illegal.

Who decides how the flights work in golf?

It would be up to the organizers of every tournament to decide how the flights would work and which golfers belong in each.

Is A Golf Calcutta Legal?

A golf Calcutta is legal in some areas but not legal in all states. If you are a tournament organizer and thinking of putting together a Calcutta event, you must first make sure that it is legal in your area.

Can An Amateur Play In A Calcutta?

An amateur that plays in a Calcutta is risking their amateur status. When you are an amateur golfer, you cannot be paid to play golf. If you are caught gambling, you could end up losing your ability to play in large national or local amateur events.

Where Can I Play In A Calcutta Golf Tournament?

A Calcutta in golf is held at a private golf club most of the time as part of their member guest tournament or member/member event. Because these events require people to bid and bet, you won’t see too many Calcutta events played at public courses.

What is a golf tournament in Calcutta?

A golf Calcutta is a golf tournament format where teams are bought, and payouts are made based on a team’s performance. When playing in a Calcutta, there is an auction the day before the event where golfers can bid on other teams that will play in the event. There are specific rules of a Calcutta that are important to understand.

How many holes are there in a Calcutta tournament?

The Calcutta tournaments are stroke play events, and they are usually a team best ball type event. Typically players will have 18-36 holes on the course over a day or so.

Why is the USGA not encouraging amateur golf?

The USGA typically does not encourage this type of event because there are times that the bidding, betting, and payout money can get a little extreme. The amounts paid out to players can be enough to disqualify someone from their amateur status.

How much does a golf team bid for a Calcutta?

The bids could be anywhere from $50 to well over $1000 per team. This is why golfers need to understand all that is involved with a Calcutta so that they don’t get themselves involved in a poor financial decision.