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how long can you use a golf ball

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Seven rounds

How long do golf balls last?

Typically, golf balls last about 7-rounds before you should change them out for another one. If you don’t see any visible damage after 7-rounds, you can keep playing with it for another 7-rounds. Many golfers like to use the same ball for as long as possible.

How often should you change your golf balls?

Typically, golf balls last about 7-rounds before you should change them out for another one. If you don’t see any visible damage after 7-rounds, you can keep playing with it for another 7-rounds. Many golfers like to use the same ball for as long as possible. But there are many golfers that you will notice changing the ball quite often.

How many new golf balls should you use per round?

Some believe there’s a performance benefit to be had by using at least a few new balls per round, while others, like 2019 U.S. Open winner Gary Woodland, are superstitious and prefer to change balls when a square goes on the card.

How long can you leave a golf ball in the water?

If a 3-piece ball stays in the water for about a week, it also loses roughly six yards, and if you leave it there for three months, you can expect to lose 12 yards. Forget about it for six months, and that number will go up to 15 yards.

What is the cover on a golf ball?

Covers. The covers of golf balls now mostly consist of either a firm ionomer material or a softer urethane. The harder ionomer covers resist cutting and abrasion from bad shots and contact with hard surfaces.

How fast can a golf ball swing?

According to Golf Digest, they can withstand swing speeds of up to 125 mph as well as most mishits without cutting or deforming. On the other hand, the covers of premium balls are susceptible to damage. How long a ball is playable depends mostly on the condition of the cover, which is easy to determine.

Why do golf clubs have water on the face?

The presence of water on the clubface can accentuate cover damage. It decreases the friction between the club and ball, which then causes slipping and grabbing by the grooves, leading to increased wear and tear on the ball. Drying the clubface with a towel before each shot can reduce this type of damage to the ball’s cover and prolong the usable life of the ball.

How long should a golf ball last?

According to Golf Digest, unless there is visible damage to the cover, the average golf ball should last at least seven full 18-hole rounds without any degradation in performance.

Can urethane balls scuff?

Urethane covers usually found on premium multilayer balls also resist cuts from poor contact, but they are more susceptible to scuffing. Surface damage to these extremely thin covers can come from cart paths, sand traps and even the sharp grooves of irons.

When did Don Patton retire?

Don Patton began writing after retiring from an engineering career in 2006. He holds a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering from the University of California at Berkeley and continued with graduate study in software engineering.

Does repeated use of golf balls affect performance?

Its results confirmed that in the absence of visible damage, repeated use had no effect on a ball’s performance.

How durable are Dunlop balls?

The balls are now considerably more durable – as well as going a lot further than the old Dunlop 65 used to. The ones I use currently are actually made of 5 layers of technologically advanced polymers and other materials – able to withstand mishits without cutting or deforming.

How long should I use a golf ball?

Most golfers I have talked to generally use a ball for 2 to 3 rounds of competitive use before the cover scuffs enough and the printing starts to come off.

What is a ball with a rubber band?

A ball that had a rubber sphere as its core, with rubber band type winding around it and a soft cover – which I assume was a rubber of some sort also – that was very easy to cut.

How many rounds can a golf ball be used for?

In terms of the actual mechanics – I would estimate that a golf ball can be used with very little loss of performance – for at least 7 to 10 rounds.

Do minor scuffs affect performance?

According to some information I found – these minor scuffs won’t affect performance.

Cover Material

Every golf ball has two physical components: the material of its cover and the core. The cover of a golf ball is usually made of ionomer, which is the tough one, or urethane, which is the soft one.

Core Material

Most modern balls have a polymer core that withstands all swing speeds. Compared to the ones made in the past, these are extremely durable and can maintain their shape and help golfers maintain their performance. Their lifespan makes them a hot favorite among professionals.

How Long Do 2-Piece Golf Balls Last?

If you lose a 2-piece golf ball to a water body, you will lose a distance of about six yards if it’s not retrieved for a week. And if you let it be for three months, you can expect it to drop three additional yards.

Do Golf Balls Go Bad In Water?

If a 3-piece ball stays in the water for about a week, it also loses roughly six yards, and if you leave it there for three months, you can expect to lose 12 yards.

Storage Considerations

When you are not using golf balls, you must store them safely in a place that has a temperature of 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. In that case, golf balls will last for about 10 years.

Are 20 year old golf balls still good?

Under correct storage conditions, golf balls only last about 10 years before they start to degrade.
For golf balls over 20 years, it is probably best to consider a newer one. A lot of technology changes in 20 years as well, so you will best be served with a new golf ball.

Final Thoughts On How Long Do Golf Balls Last

Typically, an average golf ball does a pretty good job for seven rounds. If you don’t see any visible damage, you can keep playing seven rounds. We’re talking about 18-hole rounds here, by the way.

Professional golfer plays a tournament with a single ball

Well, this question arose in the mind of 25-year-old Alex Chiarella. At the 2019 Lethbridge Paradise Canyon Open at the Mackenzie Tour, he successfully conducted an experiment for himself. He teed up with one Titleist Pro V1x over the course of the four rounds, and many would think this affected his play.

How long can a golf ball really last?

Coming back to the question of how long a ball can actually last, research shows that under certain circumstances, a golf ball can last up to seven rounds. However, you’re far more probable to just lose a ball on the course than use it to its full potential.


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How old is Alex Chiarella?

In an era where most professional golfers change golf balls at least a handful of times per round, 25-year-old Alex Chiarella did something truly remarkable at the Lethbridge Paradise Canyon Open when he opted to play the same Titleist Pro V1x for all 72 holes en route to his first Mackenzie Tour victory.

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How many holes can you play with the same ball as Alex Chiarella?

If Alex Chiarella can use the same ball for 72 holes in a competitive event, you can do the same thing without sweating performance. That’s assuming, of course, you can keep it in play for four-plus rounds.

Is a golf ball bigger than a dime?

However, that changes when the ball, for example, catches the cart path or ricochets off a tree and incurs a scuff larger than the size of a dime. “Our normal rule of thumb for regular golfers is as long as paint loss, a scuff or defacement of the golf ball is less than the size of a dime, it should be good to go,” the representative said.

How long do three piece golf balls last?

"Three-piece wound balls are a bit different because they go through stress relaxation of the windings, " said Peterson, adding that they should last "a couple of years.".

How long does it take for a Wilson golf ball to change?

Ralph Peterson, research and development director for Wilson golf balls, said, "For a two-piece ball, we’ve really seen no changes after five to seven years.". Solid golf balls are designed for golfers with higher handicaps. They tend to produce more distance, especially if your swing speed is slow.

How long do golf balls last?

"Under normal storage conditions — 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit — a golf ball can last forever, " states The Golf Professor. That’s a bit of an exaggeration: If you were …

Can you store golf balls for years?

Considerations. Even if you can store golf balls for a years without a loss of performance, you might be disappointed in their performance when you take them to the golf course. That’s because golf ball manufacturers are continually looking for cutting-edge methods to improve the performance of their balls.

Who is Jim Thomas?

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