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how long do golf balls stay good

how long do golf balls stay good插图

One to three years
Golf balls have a lifespan that ranges fromone to three years,but there are factors that can affect how long they last. Factors such as the golf ball’s use and storage will depend on how quickly it breaks down. In general,the softer the golf ball is when it’s hit,the sooner its life expectancy ends.

What is the best ball for a 90 mph swing?

The Best Golf Ball for 90 Mph Swing SpeedCallaway Chrome Soft. The design of the Chrome Soft continues to improve each year. …TaylorMade TP5. The TaylorMade TP5 is one of the best mid-compression tour-approved golf balls available. …Bridgestone e6. Bridgestone continues to impress with each new golf ball that the brand releases. …Srixon Q Star. …Titleist AVX

How many golf balls should I hit to improve?

Use these markers to your advantage as you hit each club. Hit at least 10 balls with your driver, noting the distance and trajectory of each shot. If you struggle hitting your driver, the driving range is the ideal opportunity to improve your consistency.

How many golf balls do pro golfers hit a day?

How Many Golf Balls Do Pros Hit Every Day. On average, a pro golfer hits about 500 shots a day, but only about 50-100 of those are on a driving range. Most of them are hit from around the greens and on the course itself. But, hitting golf balls is a tiny part of a pro golfers’ training day. Since this is their job and your job takes up about …

Do golf balls go bad or expire?

The question that is asked first at the beginning of the article was ‘Do golf balls go bad or expire’? So the answer is yes, they go bad and expire after several years, depending on the factors discussed above. You can store the balls at cool and dry places for years, and they might not affect the performance too.

Cover Material

Every golf ball has two physical components: the material of its cover and the core. The cover of a golf ball is usually made of ionomer, which is the tough one, or urethane, which is the soft one.

Core Material

Most modern balls have a polymer core that withstands all swing speeds. Compared to the ones made in the past, these are extremely durable and can maintain their shape and help golfers maintain their performance. Their lifespan makes them a hot favorite among professionals.

How Long Do 2-Piece Golf Balls Last?

If you lose a 2-piece golf ball to a water body, you will lose a distance of about six yards if it’s not retrieved for a week. And if you let it be for three months, you can expect it to drop three additional yards.

Do Golf Balls Go Bad In Water?

If a 3-piece ball stays in the water for about a week, it also loses roughly six yards, and if you leave it there for three months, you can expect to lose 12 yards.

Storage Considerations

When you are not using golf balls, you must store them safely in a place that has a temperature of 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. In that case, golf balls will last for about 10 years.

Are 20 year old golf balls still good?

Under correct storage conditions, golf balls only last about 10 years before they start to degrade.
For golf balls over 20 years, it is probably best to consider a newer one. A lot of technology changes in 20 years as well, so you will best be served with a new golf ball.

Final Thoughts On How Long Do Golf Balls Last

Typically, an average golf ball does a pretty good job for seven rounds. If you don’t see any visible damage, you can keep playing seven rounds. We’re talking about 18-hole rounds here, by the way.

What is a golf ball?

The modern golf ball is a pretty impressive, resilient piece of equipment. They are made to withstand high swing speeds, the sometimes unpredictable terrain of a golf course, and the errant shot.

How long does a golf ball last?

Without visible damage, a golf ball can last up to seven 18-hole rounds without any loss of performance. In fact, you are more likely to lose a golf ball on the course before it just wears out. But as soon as the ball feels rough, you should replace it.

Can you store golf balls in the freezer?

Storing your golf balls in a freezer has the same effect. If you keep them indoors at normal room temperatures, they will last for years without losing performance on the shelf. Don’t be afraid to stockpile your favorites, they will last you quite a while.

Do golfers swap out their balls?

Most golfers swap out golf balls far more frequently and there’s nothing wrong with that. Maybe you had a bad hole and want to make a switch or you like hitting a new ball every round. Just know that it takes a lot of swings to wear out a ball.

Do all golf balls have the same durability?

Not all golf balls are created equal and there are a variety of factors that affect durability. Let’s take a look at the important things to keep in mind when it comes to the life of your golf ball.

How long do three piece golf balls last?

"Three-piece wound balls are a bit different because they go through stress relaxation of the windings, " said Peterson, adding that they should last "a couple of years.".

How long does it take for a Wilson golf ball to change?

Ralph Peterson, research and development director for Wilson golf balls, said, "For a two-piece ball, we’ve really seen no changes after five to seven years.". Solid golf balls are designed for golfers with higher handicaps. They tend to produce more distance, especially if your swing speed is slow.

How long do golf balls last?

"Under normal storage conditions — 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit — a golf ball can last forever, " states The Golf Professor. That’s a bit of an exaggeration: If you were …

Can you store golf balls for years?

Considerations. Even if you can store golf balls for a years without a loss of performance, you might be disappointed in their performance when you take them to the golf course. That’s because golf ball manufacturers are continually looking for cutting-edge methods to improve the performance of their balls.

Who is Jim Thomas?

Writer Bio. Jim Thomas has been a freelance writer since 1978. He wrote a book about professional golfers and has written magazine articles about sports, politics, legal issues, travel and business for national and Northwest publications.

Do Golf Balls Go Bad?

Golf balls can quickly go bad if they are damaged or waterlogged. In addition, even the slightest scuff marks can decrease a ball’s performance, affecting both ball flight and how they roll on a green after a putt.

Do Golf Balls Wear Out and Get Old?

The only indication of wear on the ball is the scuffing that impacts the consistency of its exterior structure and aerodynamics. Other than that , golf balls are often so robustly engineered that they won’t show any further evidence of damage.

Why do golf balls scuff?

That happens due to overplay with the same ball, or when they touch wedges during a pitch shot. These scuff marks downgrade the smooth movement of the ball. If you notice that the resultant roughness is affecting the performance of the game after a hole or two, the best move would be to clean the ball or replace it.

What happens if you put a golf ball in water?

The Polyurethane foam surface used on most golf balls is made of small cells that can attract moisture. If a golf ball sits in the water for too long, water diffuses into this cover and worsens the damage already caused by scuffing. When this damage spreads to the core, your golf ball can become impossible to use.

How long does it take for a golf ball to lose drive distance?

Experts say that after several days of a golf ball sitting in water, it loses its drive distance between 5 and 10 yards.

What is the inner core of a golf ball?

Today, your golf ball has an inner core of tough rubber layered with a softer core and then a harder mantle and a smooth exterior cover.

How many golf balls can you carry?

Even so, professional players often carry as many as 12 golf balls for one game.

What Makes Golf Balls So Resilient?

You only have to hold a golf ball in your hands to see and feel that it is a durable little piece of equipment.

When Should I Change My Golf Ball?

While golf balls are very durable, it is important to check them over between games and make sure that there are no visible signs of damage.

How To Store Golf Balls

If you’ve been playing golf for some time, you will probably have heard a lot of myths about the game.


As far as balls are concerned, the humble golf ball is, without doubt, one of the most resilient and durable in sport.

Do Golf Balls go Bad in the Water?

If your gold ball gets wet, it’s not immediately going to break or diminish.

How to tell if a golf ball is good?

Golf balls can wear out with time, but they’re built extremely tough for a reason. After all, a golf ball can be whacked so hard that it travels 211 MPH through the air, on a repeated basis, and doesn’t break apart. Compare that to tennis balls, which are swapped out after every nine sets.

What does it mean when you can’t hear a golf ball?

You want to be able to hear that. It’s the sound of vibrations rattling throughout the layers of your golf ball, and then reverberating off of the cover, which is usually made of some type of ethylene. If you’re not able to hear that sound, it means that there might be a microfracture somewhere on the cover’s surface.

What does it mean when a golf ball starts to sink?

If it starts to sink or you see any air bubbles coming up at all, it’s a sign that the cover has a microfracture. While these aren’t going to be visible like a full-on split (otherwise you would have already known that the golf ball is bad), it will be small and almost impossible to see.

Why do golf balls corrode?

That’s because UV rays from sunlight, which can be intensified by the water and act as a lens, will begin to corrode the ethylene cover of the golf ball. Since these bodies of water on golf courses are freshwater, there’s no lens of organisms to darken the water and prevent those UV rays from coming through.

Why do golf balls sink?

There’s a whole law of buoyancy, which is why golf balls will sink to the bottom of a freshwater lake on a golf course. If you have the opportunity, you need to get a couple of cups of seawater, or make your own using a beaker and carefully measuring out salt to make a seawater equivalent.

How fast can a golf ball travel?

There are a few things you can do to test your golf balls. Since most are made to handle enough force to travel over 130 MPH (the record being 211 MPH), they’re more resilient than you think. Try these quick and easy tips out to see if they’re still functional.