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how many golf courses are there in the coachella valley

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Where to play golf in the Coachella Valley?

Best of the Coachella Valley: Five must-play golf courses in the Palm Springs region 1 Indian Wells Golf Resort (Indian Wells) 2 SilverRock Resort (La Quinta) 3 TPC Stadium Course at PGA West (La Quinta) 4 Desert Willow Golf Resort (Palm Desert) 5 Marriott’s Shadow Ridge Golf Club (Palm Desert)

How many public golf courses are there in the valley?

Home to nearly 125 golf courses, there are no shortage of choice public plays across the valley floor. Whether you’re a snowbird seeking the idyllic temps of winter’s high-season or a deal-seeker aiming for value amid the summer sizzle, here are five prime plays for your desert tee sheet:

What are the most underrated golf courses in the Coachella Valley?

The Golf Club at Terra Lago’s North Course is among the most underrated plays in the Coachella Valley region. Courtesy of The Golf Club at Terra Lago.

How many public golf courses does La Quinta have?

The five publics across La Quinta Resort Club and PGA West contribute to the stay-and-play epicenter of the Coachella Valley. Offering a seemingly endless menu of dining, pampering and golf options, this east-end oasis proves idyllic for all level of player and any designation of getaway.

What is the name of the golf course at Indian Canyons?

A mix of classic and contemporary rounds fashion Indian Canyons Golf Resort. The William F. Bell-crafted North Course is a tall-palmed, old-school SoCal play. The neighboring South Course enjoyed a total redesign from Casey O’Callaghan and Amy Alcott in 2004, and it stands among the desert’s most engaging and enjoyable layouts.

What is the Palm Springs region?

— Often referred to as the "Palm Springs" region, the desert’s epicenter of social and cultural activity is actually one of 10 municipalities that encompass the golf-rich Coachella Valley.

What is Eagle Falls Golf Course?

Eagle Falls Golf Course at Fantasy Springs Resort Casino is the area’s newest course, and the Clive Clark design pairs pronounced elevation changes with a welcome sense of isolation from the bustle of the gaming floor.

What is the difference between the Boulder Course and the Pebble Course at Cimarron Golf Resort?

Framed by the San Jacinto Mountain range, the championship Boulder Course takes on all comers, while the par-55 Pebble Course at Cimarron is a fine play for beginners or those on a tight schedule.

How many golf courses are there in the desert?

Home to nearly 125 golf courses, the area presents no shortage of choice public plays across the 45-mile stretch of desert floor and mountain surrounds.

Where is John Fought’s golf course?

The John Fought-designed Players Course at Indian Wells Golf Resort is one of the Coachella Valley’s best. Courtesy of Indian Wells Golf Resort

Where to tee it up immediately upon arrival?

Itching to tee it up immediately upon arrival? Go from the airport directly to Escena Golf Club, where the course architecture from Nicklaus Design is enhanced by the stunning craftsmanship of the mid-century modern clubhouse.

How Many Golf Courses In the Palm Springs Area?

Southern California, specifically the Palm Springs area, is an incredible place. It boasts over 300 days of sunshine a year and an average annual temperature of 75 degrees Fahrenheit, Palm Springs is the perfect place to spend time outdoors. Whether you want to soak up the rays at one of the parks, catch an outdoor concert, hike the mountain trails, or tour a local winery, there is no shortage of fantastic outdoor activities. Of course, you can’t go to Palm Springs without hitting up one of the local golf courses. There are certainly plenty to choose from. So, just how many golf courses are there in the Palm Springs area?

How many holes are there in Escena Golf Club?

The Escena Golf Club in Palm Springs is an 18-hole course open to the public at very affordable rates. Every hole provides you with incredible mountain views while the lush surroundings make you feel as though you are in your own personal golf oasis.

How many holes are there in Indian Wells Golf Resort?

While it holds many awards, the Indian Wells Golf Resort is the only 36-hole public golf course to have both courses featured in Golfweek’s Top 20 “Best Courses You Can Play” in California. With incredible mountain views and amazing water features, Indian Wells provides playability with plenty of challenges for golfers of all skill levels.

How many courses are there at La Quinta?

The La Quinta Resort and Club is actually home to 5 different courses available to resort guests as well as to the general public. Every course provides incredible views with and offers their own unique experiences. Players of all skill levels will be able to find something at La Quinta, with TCP Stadium Course being one of the toughest courses in the country. There are also 3 different club houses, each with their own unique atmospheres and unique dining experiences.

How many golf courses are there in Coachella Valley?

There are close to 140 golf courses in this area, both public and private. Well over 100 of the courses that can be found in the region also called the Coachella Valley are open to public golfers, leaving you with no shortage of potential courses to enjoy.

Where is Desert Willow Golf Resort?

The Desert Willow Golf Resort is located in Palm Desert, just a few minutes outside of Palm Springs. Here, you can find two courses to choose from, The Firecliff course and the Mountain View course. The Firecliff provides a significant challenge with several water features, while the Mountain View course is more laid back, …

Does Shadow Hills have a driving range?

In addition to a world-class golf experience, Shadow Hills also offers a driving range, practice greens, and a clubhouse. Palm Springs is a golf lover’s paradise. With well over 100 golf courses to choose from, your biggest challenge now is deciding which courses you want to play during your stay! Sharing is caring!

How many golf courses are there in Palm Springs?

Palm Springs is one of 10 municipalities that encompass the golf-rich Coachella Valley. Home to nearly 125 golf courses, this area of California presents no shortage of stellar public plays. Judd Spicer offers up a city-by-city breakdown of the Coachella Valley’s golf courses for golfers of all levels.

What is the Pearl of the Pacific?

Mexico’s ‘Pearl of the Pacific’, Mazatlan has a trio of must-play golf courses

What is the golf capital of the world?

California’s Coachella Valle y reigns as the municipal golf capital of the world

How many yards is a golf tip out?

Tipping-out at nearly 7,600 yards, the spread requires continual study of GPS for landing position. Akin to myriad Palmer designs, ample "outs" are available for approaches, however steering toward safe plays often results in testy shots coming back to the hole.

What is the grass temperature in Bermuda?

That’s before overseed season ramps up, so you should have pretty solid bermuda grass conditions. Temps may be in the 90s-100s.

What course is the winding 17th on?

Stronger players will find a staunch test on the Indian Wells Golf Resort’s Players Course , such as the winding 17th. Courtesy of Indian Wells Golf Resort

How many holes are there in the Celebrity Course?

For a more benign but equally enticing round, take in the Clive Clark-drawn Celebrity Course, which mixes a wealth of multi-colored flora and an ongoing flow of water (found on 10 holes) running from streams to lakes to waterfalls.