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how many wedges in golf bag

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How Many Wedges Should I Carry In My Golf Bag?Two wedge system When it comes to dialling in yardages,a lot of players use the ‘clock face’ drill. …Three wedge system Arguably the most common choice for club golfers,three wedges leaves you with room for two fairway woods,which is often more important for players who lack the distance that Tour Professionals can muster. …Four wedge system …

What wedges to carry in a golf bag?

If you want to know what wedges to carry in a golf bag, we have the details below. First, there are three types of wedges, namely, sand, pitching and gap wedges. 1) How many wedges should I carry?

How many wedges should you carry?

How many wedges do you carry? Arguably the most common choice for club golfers, three wedges leaves you with room for two fairway woods, which is often more important for players who lack the distance that Tour Professionals can muster.

Do wedges affect your golf score?

The set of wedges that you have in your golf bag might have more to do with your final score at the end of the round than any other clubs that you carry. Wedges get used on nearly every hole for many golfers, making them vitally important to shooting good scores and improving your game.

What are the different types of wedges?

First, there are three types of wedges, namely, sand, pitching and gap wedges. 1) How many wedges should I carry? 2) What are these wedge systems?

What wedges can I choose from?

After your 9-iron comes a choice of wedges, which can range in lofts from 45-64°. Normally, these lofts will be displayed on the heads.

What is the pitching wedge angle?

If you do choose a three wedge system, we’d recommend something along the lines of a pitching wedge at 46°, a gap wedge at 52°, and a lob wedge at 58°, which gives you even 6° gaps between clubs, which should give you all the options you need.

What is the best wedge system for club golf?

Three wedge system. Arguably the most common choice for club golfers, three wedges leaves you with room for two fairway woods, which is often more important for players who lack the distance tour professionals can muster.

How many wedges should I carry?

If you are hitting the ball consistently further than 280 yards off the tee, you should consider four wedges. Alternatively, if you are not comfortable hitting half wedge shots, more options will let you commit to full swing more often. So there is plenty to consider when asking how many wedges should I carry?

How many yard gaps between clubs?

So starting from a stock 46° pitching wedge, you can then add a gap wedge at 50°, a sand wedge at 54° and a lob wedge at 58°, which should equate to 8-12 yard gaps for the average golfer.

Why do golfers use clock face drills?

So if you are confident replicating the sort of half and three-quarter swings this method relies on consistently, then you may well benefit from ditching a wedge and carrying an extra fairway wood or hybrid.

What is the gap between a 9 iron and a sand wedge?

If you go for this method, we’d recommend opting for a pitching wedge around 48° and a sand wedge around 56°, which will give you a reasonably even gap from your 9-iron, which is usually lofted between 40-42°. Obviously, this leaves you with a reasonable gap between 48? and 56? but if you are confident hitting half shots with your wedge, it will leave you with more options at the other end of your bag.

How many degrees of loft between pitching wedge and iron?

To make it easy, a good rule of thumb is to have about four-degrees of loft between your wedges.

How many wedges do you need for a golfer?

4. Three wedges is standard, but you might want four or more. Most players tend to carry three wedges — a pitching, sand and lob wedge. But if you add a gap wedge, you’re already at four.

How to determine how many wedges to carry?

If you constantly find yourself between clubs near the green and don’t quite have that three-quarter swing down pat, add a third (or fourth) wedge to the bag.

What is the best wedge for short game?

A wide-soled wedge with more bounce and camber (the curvature from the leading to trailing edge on the sole) is a good option if you tend to have a steep angle of attack and take significant divots. If you’re someone with a shallow angle of attack who tends to sweep the ball, finding a wedge with a narrower sole — some will have material removed around the toe, heel and trailing edge to create a narrow low bounce sole — will certainly benefit your short game.

What is bounce angle?

Without getting too deep in the rough (pun very much intended), the bounce angle refers to how high the leading edge rests off the ground at address.

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How many yards does a 52 degree wedge fly?

So, if your 48-degree pitching wedge flies on average 110 yards, and your 56-degree sand wedge goes about 80 yards, you probably need a 52-degree wedge that carries around 95 yards to fill an important hole in your setup.

What are these wedge systems?

Throughout my experience as a golfer, I noticed that most players use the “Clock Face” drill for dialing in their yardages.

What happens if you choose this system?

Well, choosing the three wedge strategy requires wisdom in the selection process. For instance, you need something like a pitching wedge of 46°, a lob wedge of 58° and a gap wedge of around 52°.

How about the four wedge system?

When it comes to the question of what wedges to carry in a golf bag, the four wedge system plays an important role.

Can you carry 2 drivers in a golf bag?

Can you carry two drivers in a golf bag? As stated above, there are no restrictions. For that reason, you can even have two drivers.

How many wedges do you need for two fairway woods?

It is, arguably, the most commonly used strategy by golfers. With three wedges, you get a room for two fairway woods. Thie two fairway woods are perfect for players. In that case, having a room for them makes the player more comfortable.

What is the loft of a 9 iron?

Of course, the 9-iron is lofted from between 40° to 42°. This way, it will deliver better and even gaps during a play. With the 9-iron, you get a better chance of having a reasonable gap with the sand and the pitching wedges.

How many clubs are in a golf bag?

We all know the number of clubs allowed in a golf bag. They are 14 in total. In that case, you want to calculate and balance so that you have room for all club types.

How many golf wedges should you carry and which bounce and grind do I need?

There are six different grinds in the Vokey SM7 wedges line-up and bounces from 4-14?.

How many wedges does Jordan Spieth use?

So a set of four wedges – like the one used by Jordan Spieth – would include a 46?, 52?, 56? 60?. Other players may go for a 50?, 54? 58? set up. Some players may just like to carry a 52? and a 56? or a 54? and a 58?.

Who makes wedges for Titleist?

In the first instalment of our short game secrets series with Bob Vokey we look at how club golfers should go about getting the right wedges. Bob Vokey is a master craftsman who has been designing and making wedges for Titleist for over 30 years.

Two-Wedge System

Though wedges traditionally are acknowledged in groups of three — a pitching wedge, a sand wedge, and a lob wedge — many golfers make do with just two. While only carrying two wedges is undoubtedly the most efficient option (and comfortable to lug around if you are without a caddy, of course), you should pick which two very carefully.

Three-Wedge System

Just because you’ve decided to go ahead with the standard three-wedge system doesn’t mean that you are completely covered. Nor does it mean that you are off the hook for planning your setup strategically.

Four-Wedge System

Though you might feel as though you are carrying extraneous weight for no reason, there are plenty of times when an extra wedge in your system comes in handy. Four in your setup is particularly wise if you have extra space after removing an extra-long iron or another club not so regularly used.

How many golf wedges should I carry to save my shots?

An optimal wedge set in your golf bag goes a long way in saving the number of shots in your game. To know the number of wedges, you need to first assess the entire game instead of just the wedge play.

Why use two wedges in golf?

Benefits of two wedges. To enable more number of shots with a single club many players opt for clock face play in their yardages. If you are adept at making the three quarter and half golf swings that this method depends on, you can replace a wedge with a hybrid or fairway wood.

What is the best angle for a 9 iron?

Wedges vary based on the loft angle and usually range from 45 degrees to 64 degrees. The degrees are shown on the club heads. In general the wedges used and their loft angles are as follows: Pitching wedge – 45 to 50 degrees. Gap wedge – 50 to 54 degrees.

What degree is a pitching wedge?

When selecting three wedges, make sure you opt for a pitching wedge of 46-degree loft, lob wedge of 58 degrees, and to compensate the loft angle gap a gap wedge of 52 degrees.

What is the best loft for a 4 wedge set?

This is why four wedge set is recommended with the highest loft at 58 degree. For players who need to have their 5 wood, 3 wood and hybrids, it is best to not go over 56 degrees as it is sufficient for them to work with. With more wedges, it is possible to have more options when you near the golf green.

What happens if you use a fairway wood instead of a wedge?

For instance, if you choose a fairway wood instead of a wedge, your chances of long par 5s and 4s is more while if you add a wedge and lose the fairway wood, you will be saved from making difficult three quarter or half shots inside 120 yards.

How many wedges can you carry?

In general, there is no hard and fast rule regarding the number or type of wedge you carry. You can either use all or a few of them provided the number of clubs in your bag is 14 or below it.

How many wedges to put in golf bag?

At this point, you can go one of two ways – either add three more wedges to your bag, or add two wedge and a long club such as a three iron or additional fairway wood/hybrid. If you add three wedges, you will probably want an approach wedge, sand wedge, and lob wedge.

What is the most lofted club in golf?

There are times on the golf course when a player needs to get the ball up very quickly and land it softly, covering a short distance. This is where the lob wedge comes in. It is the most lofted club available, typically around 58-60°. For more information on Irons and Wedges: Getting to Know Your Golf Wedges.

How much loft do lob wedges have?

Lob wedges usually have between 58 – 62 degrees of loft, while sand wedges come in around 55*. An approach wedge will usually have 52*, but again, these numbers can vary slightly from club to club.

What are wedges made of?

Wedges are frequently made of softer metals such as copper or beryllium and sometimes feature pieces called “inserts” built into the clubface. Both designs are intended to increase touch and feel around the green, and assist the golfer"s ability to put backspin on the ball to better hold the green.

Why are wedges important in golf?

Wedges get used on nearly every hole for many golfers, making them vitally important to shooting good scores and improving your game. You should be comfortable with all of the wedges you carry, including knowing exactly how far they fly in the air with a full swing. Being able to hit a variety of shots with your wedges is a valuable skill because it will help you to deal with all of the difficult situations you can encounter throughout a round.

Why do you want to hit wedges low?

The reason that you want to hit wedges as low as you can is because the higher you hit the ball up in the air, the more difficult it becomes to predict just how far the ball will fly.

How many types of wedges are there?

Today, there are four basic types of wedges to consider. From longest distance to the shortest: