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how much has trump spent on golf carts

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How much did the Secret Service spend on Trump’s golf carts?

How much has been spent on golf carts As of December 2018, the Secret Service, under the budgeting direction of the Department of Homeland Security, had committed $367,875 to golf cart rentals for Trump’s protection detail.

Did taxpayers spend $72 million on Trump’s golf outings?

Fact check: Have U.S. taxpayers spent $72 million on Trump’s golf outings? “Trump has spent 123 days golfing, or 1/5 of his term, at a cost to taxpayers of $72,181,957 — and still hasn’t visited troops in a war zone.”-

How many times has Donald Trump golfed?

By this May 25, the president had visited a Trump golf course 266 times, CNN reported. And Sept. 5 marked Trump’s 295th visit to one of his golf properties, according to CNN’s Jim Sciutto. Sophie Germain has kept track of the president’s golfing and its costs at the Trump Golf Count site since his 2017 inauguration.

How much would it cost to protect Trump on the golf course?

Based on our original projection, the Secret Service would have to spend approximately $591,000 to protect Trump on the golf course in his first term. Now, it appears that estimate was low.

Why does Trump ride in a golf cart?

Since the Secret Service has to protect the president at all times, and a country club covers a lot of acreage, and Trump only rides in a cart when he plays golf, they have to find a way to keep up with POTUS. Since Trump won the November 2016 presidential election , then, the Secret Service has been renting golf carts to make sure they can protect Trump when he’s on the golf course.

How much is the golf cart rental order for 2020?

A new order, signed to execute on April 1, 2020, committed another $45,000 for golf-cart rentals, and an order was signed in May for $179,000 in additional golf cart rentals, meaning the grand total has increased to $765,425.

How much has the Secret Service spent on golf carts?

The Secret Service has spent more than $765,000 on golf carts to protect Donald Trump. President Donald Trump plays a lot of golf. Like it or not, that’s a fact of his presidency. Since the Secret Service has to protect the president at all times, and a country club covers a lot of acreage, and Trump only rides in a cart when he plays golf, …

How fast does the Secret Service go?

The Secret Service needs golf carts that go faster than the standard cart; their carts go 19 mph instead of the more common 14 mph.

How long is the Secret Service contract?

As it became clear Trump would be spending a lot of his free time on the golf course, the Secret Service transitioned from short-term (usually 30-day) contract s to longer-range (more like 6-month) deals.

How much money would Trump make if he won a second term?

That figure would presumably double to nearly $1.5 million were he to win and serve out a second term, though that total could increase further depending on Trump’s political fortunes and if/when he would become a lame-duck president.

Who is the Secret Service golf cart vendor?

The Secret Service has worked with three golf cart vendors so far. Maddox Joines Inc (Sunshine Golf Cars) is the latest vendor for Trump’s Florida trips to Mar-a-Lago, while Associates Golf Car Service, Inc. of Poughkeepsie, N.Y., has apparently been the vendor at Trump National Bedminster. Curiously, we had been unable to find contracts specific to golf carts at Trump National in northern Virginia until the April 2020 deal with West Virginia-based Capitol Golf Cars and Utility Vehicles.

How much did Trump’s golf car contract cost?

Our research found 14 contracts to those two companies totaling $212,975, including an $8,000 contract that Golf Car & Utility Vehicle Distributors signed Dec. 15, 2016, when Trump was the president-elect, and a $60,000 contract that Associates Golf Car Service signed on May 4. (See our search results here and here .)

How much did the Secret Service pay for Donald Trump’s golf cart?

Rep. Adam Schiff mistakenly claimed that the Secret Service has paid the Trump Organization “over $150,000 … for the privilege of renting Donald Trump golf carts to protect Donald Trump on his rounds.” In fact, the federal agency rents golf carts from other companies.

How many rounds of golf did Obama play?

Of course, President Barack Obama was also a frequent golfer. Obama tallied 333 rounds of golf in eight years, according to Mark Knoller, a CBS News reporter known for keeping tabs on presidential vacations and recreational habits. As of May 13, Trump spent all or part of 114 days at golf clubs since taking office last year, Knoller says.

Does the executive branch have to disclose spending on Trump properties?

On May 17, Schiff introduced legislation that would require the executive branch to disclose any spending at Trump-owned properties. “Such a report will make transparent which expenses at Trump properties directly benefit the Trump family and which others may not, something that you correctly point out is far from transparent in the absence of such reporting,” Boland said.

Who rented golf carts to the Secret Service?

American Bridge provided us with a copy of the same spreadsheet that it gave to USA Today, and there were two companies that rented golf carts to the Secret Service. In addition to Golf Car & Utility Vehicle Distributors, Associates Golf Car Service of Poughkeepsie, New York, also rented carts to the agency.

Did the Secret Service rent golf carts?

But there is no evidence that the Secret Service rented golf carts from Trump companies, American Bridge spokesman Harrell Kirsten told us. “We haven’t found the contracts going to any Trump companies,” Kirsten said.

Who is Schiff on CNN?

Schiff, a California Democrat and frequent critic of the president’s business relationships , made his remarks on CNN’s “ New Day .”

How much did Trump pay per hour in 2019?

The rate was $165,000 per hour in 2019, according to the Pentagon, as reported by USA TODAY. Post reporter Philip Bump reported Trump made 19 trips to Mar-a-Lago between January 2017 and February 2019.

How much did Trump spend on Mar-a-Lago?

Using the same data for a February 2019 report, the Washington Post estimated Trump’s trips to Mar-a-Lago alone cost the U.S. taxpayer approximately $64 million during his first two years in office. Roughly $10.6 million was spent on operating costs for government aircraft and boats and $3 million on temporary duty costs including transportation, …

How much does an Air Force One overhaul cost?

In fiscal year 2020, the mission reimbursable rate for Air Force One — including fuel, flight consumables, aircraft overhaul and engine overhaul — cost $176,393 per hour, according to the U.S. Air Force. The rate was $165,000 per hour in 2019, according to the Pentagon, as reported by USA TODAY.

Who keeps track of Trump golfing?

Sophie Germain has kept track of the president’s golfing and its costs at the Trump Golf Count site since his 2017 inauguration. USA TODAY has reached out to her for comment.

Does Trump own Bedminster?

As for Trump’s trips to Bedminster: The president owns a house in the New Jersey suburb, so members of the press are not allowed access to the club, according to Trump Golf Count .

Is golf a primary form of exercise for Trump?

The Washington Post, July 20, 2018: "Trump says golf is his ‘primary form of exercise.’ We talked to an expert about how effective that is."

Did Kessler question the practice of attributing travel costs for the President and his support staff exclusively to golf?

But Kessler questioned the practice of attributing travel costs for the president and his support staff exclusively to golf. Such estimates "flimsy" and "misleading," he said.

How many days has Trump been golfing?

While VoteVets says Trump has spent “123 days golfing,” the website says that there are only 59 days when Trump was confirmed to have golfed, as the White House is generally secretive about whether the president has golfed while visiting one of his golf-club properties.

Why did Germain cut the number in half?

A note on the website says that an error in calculation led Germain to cut the number in half in late 2017, from $92 million to $42 million, because she wrongly assumed the local reimbursements were only for golf-related costs, when in fact much was for Trump Tower when Melania Trump stays there. Her error indicates just how flimsy such estimates are and why citing a precise dollar figure can be so misleading.

Why did Germain write the Fact Checker?

Update: After this fact check was published, Germain wrote The Fact Checker to thank us for the “excellent article,” which she said “make really great points.” She said she would examine more closely the figures used for air travel and would immediately begin using a rounded figure on the website, not a precise dollar amount.

Where did the information for VoteVets come from?

Doug Gordon, a spokesman for VoteVets, said the information came from a website called TrumpGolfCount.com, maintained by a self-described “data junkie” named Sophie Germain. The website tracks every trip to a golf club made by Trump and offers a total estimate for the cost of the trips. Germain did not respond to our queries.

Did Donald Trump criticize Obama’s golf?

As a candidate, President Donald Trump was heavily critical of Barack Obama’s golf habit and once told an audience that “I’m going to be working for you. I’m not going to have time to go play golf.” So obviously that makes his own golf habit fair game for scrutiny.

Where was the story Three Pinocchios published?

Three Pinocchios. This story was originally published at washingtonpost.com. Read it here. The Seattle Times does not append comment threads to stories from wire services such as the Associated Press, The New York Times, The Washington Post or Bloomberg News.

Is it fair to attribute all of the costs of presidential travel and support to a round of golf?

One can also broadly question whether it is fair to attribute all of the costs of presidential travel and support to a round of golf. Much of the logistical support for a president must follow him wherever he goes, so if the president has one four-hour round of golf in a 24-hour day, is it fair to attribute all of those daily security and logistical costs to that round of golf? We would say no.