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how much to join golf club of tennessee

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Still, the membership fee is thought to be around$40,000, which is not that expensive compared to many other exclusive golf clubs. In addition, you can expect to pay around $4,000 in annual dues. Can you play Pinehurst 2?

What are the benefits of joining a golf club?

Easy accessibility for golf, under 4-hour rounds, and 5-somes allowed. Participation in golf activities such as our annual Member-Guest and Member-Member tournaments, Club Championships, Orange Grey Cup, Couples Golf, and more. Access to community amenities including saltwater pool, marina, and hiking trails.

Why play at Tennessee National Golf Club?

So, stop by, hit some golf balls, play a few holes, meet wonderful people, eat merrily, and start a new adventure with us at Tennessee National Golf Club No operating assessments. Easy accessibility for golf, under 4-hour rounds, and 5-somes allowed.

How much does it cost to join Atlantic Golf Club?

Thatstarted to change in 1990, when Lowell Schulman founded Atlantic Golf Club, withmemberships for the then-astronomical price of $100,000. Atlantic’s fees have since doubled, and there is a longwaiting list. Soon, others joined in. In 2003, Robert Rubin founded TheBridge, which costs $550,000 to join.

How much does it cost to join an old-line Golf Club?

Initiation fees at the old-line clubs arerelatively low, less than $75,000. But if you’re not a blue-blood, related to ablue-blood, or service the blue-bloods’ financial, charitable and social trusts,even an unlimited checkbook won’t help. Until recently, that meant few places to play in theHamptons, New York’s most desirable summer address.

What is the golf course in Tennessee?

The Golf Club of Tennessee features a front and back driving range, an A1 bent grass putting green and chipping green, as well as a lighted bermuda putting green and chipping green. The course is complemented by a beautiful and fully-functional 31,000-square foot clubhouse.

How many bedrooms does the Ingram cabin have?

This three-building cabin complex comprises two sleeping cabins, each with two bedrooms, and a connecting great room cabin with a covered porch overlooking the practice facility. Comfortably sleeping eight, the Ingram Cabin is one …

When did the Golf Club of Tennessee open?

The Golf Club of Tennessee opened for member play in 1991. Tom Fazio, widely-acclaimed as one of today’s best golf course architects, fashioned a golfing masterpiece on 317 acres of Tennessee’s most beautiful rolling land, in a wonderfully quiet and pastoral setting.