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how to become a professional golf caddy

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What does it take to become a golf caddy?

The Professional Caddies Association (PCA) offers training and apprenticeship programs to get you started. If you’re still in school, check with golf courses in your area about caddying opportunities. Talk with caddies. Attend a tournament in your area and after a round, ask a few caddies what the job is really like.

How does someone become a professional golf caddy?

“How To Become A Professional Golf Caddie”Becoming a Pro Caddie (Learning the Art) The first step to becoming good at anything you are trying to accomplish is through practice and learning all you can …Becoming a Pro Caddie (Make it a Job) Whether you choose to work part time or full time,this is the next step in your journey and a …Becoming a Pro Caddie (Make it a Career)

What are some tips for being a golf caddy?

What do you have to do to be a caddy?Have the Clubs Ready. Place the bottom of the golf bag on the ground and hold the top away from your body.Clean Clubs and Balls.Be Ready to Rake.Watch the Ball.Maintain the Golf Course.Tend the Pin.Stand in the Right Place.Wear the Proper Attire.

How do you become a PGA Tour caddy?

Time and Education Requirements Most caddies work 30 weeks a year or less. This leaves almost 40 percent of the year free for them to pursue other jobs or enjoy their free time. There is little to no required education or experience needed to become a PGA Tour caddy, so many caddies are able to start working right after high school or college.

What is a PCA golf club?

The Professional Caddies Association (PCA) offers training and apprenticeship programs to get you started. If you’re still in school, check with golf courses in your area about caddying opportunities.

How to get caddy experience?

Get caddying experience through part-time opportunities associated with large tournaments or scrambles in your area. See how it’s done in less pressurized situations and find out if it’s truly something you want to do full-time. Keep an eye out for upcoming tournaments and ask around at local courses that tend to host these kinds of events. You can often get started with no experience, as long as you have knowledge of golf and willingness to tote a bag.

Who carried David Toms’ bag in 2011?

By James Roland. Professional caddies like Scott Gneiser, who carried David Toms’ bag in the 2011 President’s Cup, play a key role in their pro’s success. You love golf, but maybe your strength is in reading greens and wind currents, rather than having nerves of steel with a putter in your hand and money on the line.

Who is James Roland?

James Roland is the editor of a monthly health publication that has approximately 75,000 subscribers in the United States and Canada. Previously, he worked as a newspaper reporter and editor, covering issues ranging from the environment and government to family matters and education.

How Much Money Can Pro Golf Caddies Make?

Other than Jordan Spieth’s caddy, what can a caddy earn if he is carrying the bag of an average pro? I mean, how hard can it be? Hasn’t everyone heard the old bromide about a professional golfer’s instructions for the caddy?: “Show up, shut up and keep up.”

What Skills Do You Need to Make It As a Pro Caddy?

Some of the best caddies are players who are extremely good golfers themselves.

Why is a caddy important?

Most professional golfers playing today would have to admit that their caddy is as important to their playing ability as their custom golf clubs, relentless preparation and intensive physical conditioning.

What percentage does the caddy get?

If the golfer places first, the caddy gets 10 percent .

What do Caddies need to know?

Caddies need to know when to assert themselves, and when to back off. They are a combination of coach, counselor and friend, playing different roles depending on the course, tournament and how the professional is playing at the time. After a time, they may know their player’s game better than their own.

Why do golfers read greens?

They read greens, suggest the proper club depending on the distance and lie, help control the crowd from getting unruly and more. It helps to have a surplus of mental strength, because caddies may get blamed for the golfer’s poor performance, even if they are not at fault.

Where do golf caddies work?

For some caddies who work with a golfer who plays internationally, this may mean the caddy must know a wide variety of geographical locations, from the heat of the desert in Dubai to the cold and rain of the great links courses sprinkled throughout Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales.

What is Caddie Connection?

What is the Caddie Connection: The Caddie Connection, Inc. is an innovative online Caddie Management and Placement program. Headquartered in San Diego Ca, Caddie Connection works with many high end private clubs and resorts throughout Southern California and Las Vegas.

How much does a caddy make?

It is not uncommon for a good caddie carrying two bags for 18 holes to make $120-$200 for the loop. If you are still in school, pick up caddying as a summer or weekend job and for those of you that are older try to get out as much as possible when time permits.

What to keep in mind when working for mini tour players?

Something to keep in mind when working for mini tour players is that, like all professionals, they are looking for confidence and an edge. If they bring you on and for whatever reason, go through a rough stretch with their game , there is a good possibility that you will turn into the black sheep.

Do you have to carry your own bag to play golf?

Very few golfers will turn down the opportunity to walk a golf course without having to carry their own bag, and this will give you the chance to get out and begin to learn the rules and etiquette of golf. Also this will give you the chance to really focus in on learning every yardage and break on one golf course.

Do professional golfers know the rules?

A surprising amount of today’s professional golfers do not fully know the rule book and the options it affords them when they get in to trouble. When problems arise these players will look to their caddie for direction hoping to be able to avoid calling for a rules official.

Is It Good to Be a Golf Caddy?

If you are still confused and asking yourself is it a good decision to be a golf caddy or not. The answer really depends on you and your condition. Being a golf caddy is a fun job and you can learn a lot from this. It makes a reputation of you among your neighbors and friends. You can also earn a lot by caddying if you are lucky.

How to become a caddy for golf?

For becoming an expert golf caddy you must have proper knowledge about every major or minor aspect of golfing. By reading golf and caddy related books, you will be able to learn much more about golf and apply them while caddying for a golfer. Remember, the more knowledge you gather, the more accurately you can calculate the game-condition.

How much does a golf caddy make?

An average level golf caddy can earn $30 to $40 per hour minimum. But it can increase a lot if you work for a wealthy and kind player.

Why is publicity important for golf caddy?

That’s why publicity is much important. In this era of modern technology, publicity is much effortless and cost-efficient. The least publicity you can do is print some business card and handover to everyone you meet.

What is the job of a caddy?

There is little job-difference between the types of caddy and the primary job to assist the player by giving him advice and suggestions and handover necessary clubs etc. You can do some research of your own and learn about the job descriptions of each caddy-type and chose one.

How to get a chance to work for a pro golfer?

Keep good contact with tour authorities (nationwide tours, PGA or LPGA tours, etc.). By keeping good contacts and following them on social media you will get their updated information. It will keep you ahead of other competitors to get a chance for working for a pro golfer. Besides, if you succeed to show your caddy-talents to the golf-tour authorities and made them satisfied, you probably get a call from them for tour sessions!

Is it easy to become a golf caddy?

Becoming a professional golf caddy will not going to be a simple process. It will be much complex. Moreover, the competition for the position of a golf caddy is getting larger day by day. But if you are determined to become a golf caddy and ready for some hard work, then these simple steps will surely help you to get your dream job!

How to clean golf clubs and balls?

In the pre-round preparation you should’ve grabbed a towel. That towel will be used to clean clubs and balls. You may want to dip half the towel in water before the round for easier cleaning. As a caddie it is your responsibility to clean the golfers club after they use it. Use the towel to wipe and dry the club; additionally you may use a tee to clean the grooves of the club. Clean a golfer’s ball before each tee shot and on the green after it’s been marked. Ensure you check with your golfer about their ball cleaning preference because some golfers may have different habits than others, like they may not like their ball cleaned on the green. It is also in the realm of the caddie’s duties to keep the golf bag organized, so once the club is cleaned it should be placed in the same spot in the bag it was removed.

What to do when a golfer hits a divot?

When your golfer strikes the ball in a manner that leaves a divot it is your responsibility to replace that divot. Once the divot is created, leaving a chunk of grass missing, the caddie retrieves the chunk and places it back into the spot from which it came, patting it down with their foot. If the caddie can’t locate the missing piece of the divot, then they should use sand to fill the hole. When on the green, after marking the golfer’s ball, make sure to fix any ball marks made by that ball.

What is the role of a caddie in golf?

The quintessential role of the caddie is to bring added value to the game for the golfer. There’s the obvious duty of carrying the golf clubs, but the caddie does much more than that. From making sure the bag is stocked with balls and tees to repairing divots and raking sand traps. We’ve compiled a list of some of the key tasks of a caddie.

When do you need to tend to the pin?

When you get to the green on a hole as the caddie you need to tend to the pin. It may be as simple as just taking the pin out and staying out of the way as your golfer putts it in. However for a longer putt which your golfer can’t see the hole or a shot just off of the green, then you may need to tend the pin.

What do you need to know before you caddie?

Golf Course Knowledge. Before you caddie at a certain course it is best to have some knowledge of the course. It is important to know where any hazards are like bodies of water and bunkers. You also want to be aware of where the out-of-bound markers are.

How to find the distance from the ball to the green?

Nowadays this can be found by using an automatic range finder. If you don’t have a range finder then you must find the nearest distance marker. Locate the distance marker then pace off the distance from the marker to the golf ball, then add or subtract to the distance respectively. Then once you’ve determined the distance, relay that information to your golfer.

What do you wear to a golf tournament?

Standard golf attire should be worn, typically a collared shirt and nice dress pants. You may also want to wear a hat. A nice pair of shoes should be worn as well. For tournament play, caddies may be provided with a uniform or a caddie bib to wear .