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how to buy used golf carts from golf courses

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InstructionsStart your search by going to the golf course on which you ordinarily play. …Find a trustworthy golf cart dealer if you are unsuccessful in buying a cart at your course. …Determine how dependable the dealer is in terms of repairs. …Don’t buy a golf cart that is being sold as is. …Test-drive your golf cart before you buy it. …More items

What is a good price for an used golf cart?

Used golf carts cost around $2,000 to $5,000, depending on various factors. Age plays a huge role in the price tag, with older models costing less. Customization also affects how much you’ll pay. Your location and who you purchase your golf cart from also affect the price. In this complete guide, we’ll look at how much a used golf cart costs.

What type of golf cart should I buy?

These include:YamahaIngersoll-Rand PLCTextronE-Z-GoClub CarPolaris GEMAmerican Custom Golf Cars (ACG)Gulf Atlantic Vehicles

How much do golf carts usually cost?

Overall, Golf Cart prices can range anywhere between $1,000 for a Used Golf Cart and $18,000+for a high-end New Golf Cart. We go more in-depth on the price break-down below. Current Golf Cart Prices Price-Range is based on popular Makes Models from our Golf Carts for Sale section here on GolfCartResource.com. (This list ]

Do golf courses sell golf carts?

May golf courses in the U.S do sell golf carts, especially used ones. Golf courses have a wide range of gas and electric golf carts for sale. When shopping for golf carts, determine if you want a gas or electric-powered golf cart. In addition, know the best golf cart brands on the market and where to buy quality golf carts.

How Old Is The Golf Cart?

Believe it or not, most older golf carts are like a delicious fine wine: They just get better with age! Some however, can be sour grapes! It is very important to take the age of the golf cart that you are looking to buy into consideration. Paying attention to the:

What Condition Are The Batteries In?

The ugly truth is: Batteries are expensive. You know it, I know it, we all know it. For this very reason, we ALWAYS suggest to our customers when they ask our advice on what to look for when buying a used golf cart, are the batteries.

Is The Asking Price Worth It?

We saved the best for last. Seemingly the most important factor when considering purchasing a used golf cart or refurbished golf cart is, the price tag.

What is a refurbished golf cart?

A refurbished golf cart is a cart that was used solely on the golf course for several years and now is being sold to the public as “reconditioned / refurbished”. A used golf cart is any other pre-owned golf cart whether it be previously owned by a dealer, private seller, Joe down the street, etc.

What does a red flag mean on a golf cart?

RED FLAG ALERT: If the seller or dealer does not want to let you test drive the golf cart, you may want to pass.

How long should golf cart batteries be set?

Golf cart batteries that are a year old or less and look to be in great condition should be set for the next couple years without needing to be replaced. Ask a ton of questions.

What happens if a golf cart doesn’t show cycles?

Generally, if a seller or dealer does not want to show you the cycles and hours, they may be trying to “sugar-coat” or cover up the amount of rounds on the cart. Nobody wants to get stuck with a golf cart that has a zillion rounds on it, that will likely be in need of major repairs as soon as you pull it off the lot.

How Much Does A Used Golf Cart Cost?

Used golf carts in decent condition will cost an average of $2,000-$4,000. If the Golf Cart is under 5 years old, then $3,000 to $4,500. Consider your location, though, because if you are conducting your search in a golf community, then they are in higher demand there and will naturally be worth more to the seller.

Is A Gas Golf Cart Or An Electric Golf Cart Better?

In some campgrounds, communities, and resorts, this decision has been made for you because they only allow one or the other. How large of a neighborhood are you going to be covering? How hilly is the terrain? A gas-powered cart has virtually unlimited distance and is better pulling up a hill. The electric has an average distance of 30 miles or so between charges (48 Volt carts, that is) and are easier to maintain. A 48-volt cart will run twice as long as a 36-volt on a charge. That equates to longer run time and less time being charged.

How many people can fit in a golf cart?

A simple enough question, but the answer will be crucial to the cost of the final choice. The most common cart available is a two-passenger cart capable of hopping from one residence or golf course to another. If you are going to be hitting the links, you will want a cart with a rear golf club carry area. If you need to transport 3 or more people, be aware that in most cases the body with the extra seating capacity is still using the same frame and suspension as the 2 person vehicle. This means to meet safety issues, you will need a beefed-up suspension, brakes, chassis, and engine.

How many hours does a gas golf cart last?

Check the meter to see how many hours or amp-hours the cart you are wanting to purchase has. Usually, a gas cart will give 5000-6000 hours before needing an overhaul. An electric will get 40,000 to 55,000 amp hours before needing an overhaul.

What does it mean to buy a used golf cart?

Buying a used golf cart means a lower price, usually half of a new cart, but a cheap initial purchase can get zeroed out if you buy a cart that is ready to be refurbished. If the cart has already been renovated, then you stand to win out on price overall.

How far does an electric cart run?

The electric has an average distance of 30 miles or so between charges (48 Volt carts, that is) and are easier to maintain. A 48-volt cart will run twice as long as a 36-volt on a charge. That equates to longer run time and less time being charged. The distance between charges varies of course, with how much the cart is carrying up and down hills. …

How to tell if a cart is sheltered?

You can probably tell if the cart has been sheltered or left outside by checking the condition of the seats and roof. The vinyl should still be flexible and not hardened by too much sun exposure. Mold in the crevices and on the roof can mean it has been out in the rain a lot.

How Much Should You Pay for a Used Golf Cart?

The price of a used golf cart will vary depending on its make, model, age, features, and condition, but you can expect to pay anywhere between $2,000 and $5,000.

How to find the value of a golf cart?

With a bit of research, you can easily find the estimated trade value of the cart you are interested in. Check out the Golf Car Blue Book – it’s a free online resource that allows you to check the value of a cart based on its make, model, year, and condition.

How to tell if a golf cart is bad?

Listen out for any strange noises, such as grinding, clicking, or squeaking – these are all signs that something is wrong with the internals. Also, check that the steering wheel is responsive and that the cart doesn’t drag either to the left or the right.

What to consider before buying a used golf cart?

Things to Consider Before Buying a Used Golf Cart. In the world of second-hand motor vehicles, practically anything goes. People will try to sell all sorts of carts, regardless of age and condition. For the most part, sellers will be transparent about the state of the cart they are trying to sell. But as a customer, you can never be too cautious;

How to filter your search down?

You can filter your search down by location, seating capacity, power type, make, condition, and price, which is handy if you have a clear idea of what you want. Ideally, you’ll be purchasing from someone close by, so that you can go and inspect the cart yourself before confirming the purchase.

Can a used golf cart be refurbished?

Some used golf carts may have received a thorough repair and reconditioning, whereby they are sold under the label of ‘refurbished’. A successful refurbishment could result in a golf cart that’s practically as good as new. However, there are some dealers who may simply give a cart a fresh coat of paint, or a new set of tires, …

Is a golf cart still alive?

There are a number of old golf carts out there, probably from as far back as the 80s, that are still alive and kicking. Some of them run just as well, if not better than newer models, so if retro is your thing, then go for it.

How Much Should I Expect to Spend on a Golf Cart?

Generally speaking, you can purchase a base used cart (including one that was part of a course’s fleet) for between $2,000 to $4,000. For $4,000 to $7,000 you can buy a well-equipped used cart with lots of options or a new cart with none to few add-ons. From $8,000 to $12,000 you can buy a new golf cart that will come with many popular accessories and all the latest performance features. When you venture into the $12,000+ range you are looking at a highly customized new or used cart that others will surely notice when you roll up to the first hole to tee off for a round of golf. As it always is, you pay for what you get.

What is a golf cart resource?

Search thousands of Golf Carts in new, used, refurbished conditions. Golf Cart Resource is the go-to marketplace to find carts for sale across the nation. Unsure of what you are looking for? Be sure to check out our helpful articles on tips for buying a golf cart and consumer reviews for top brands like Club Car, E-Z-GO, Yamaha, Garia, Star EV, Tomberlin, and more.

Why do we have a golf cart marketplace?

One of the main reasons we created the marketplace is to make it easier to shop online from the comfort of your couch without digging through old classifieds postings. We make it easier for you to shop for a golf cart near you by presenting inventory located at a reputable dealership near you.

How much does a used cart cost?

Generally speaking, you can purchase a base used cart (including one that was part of a course’s fleet) for between $2,000 to $4,000. For $4,000 to $7,000 you can buy a well-equipped used cart with lots of options or a new cart with none to few add-ons.

Should I Buy a New or Used Golf Cart?

Buying a brand new or used (new to you) golf cart is so exciting! But which is better? Well, just like a regular car, both brand new and used golf carts are great in their own way and have their own set of advantages/disadvantages. A few things to remember first and foremost when shopping for a new or used golf cart are: take your time, study up and ask plenty of questions! This will help you determine what best fits your needs, whether it be a brand new golf cart or a used/refurbished golf cart. Both can be great, it really just depends on your personal preference and what you’re looking for in a golf cart.

What Is the Best Golf Cart To Buy?

When it comes to finding the best golf carts, the 3 main brands that have withstood the test of time are Club Car, EZ -GO and Yamaha. All 3 manufacturers make long lasting, quality golf carts (and in some cases have been making them since the 1950’s and 1960’s). Parts and accessories for these brands are easy to find and are generally affordable (Check out Club Car Accessories, EZGO Accessories & Yamaha Accessories). There are also some assorted “off-brands” to be considered as well, like Taylor Dunn, Par Car, Cushman, Harley-Davidson and many others, however, Club Car, EZGO and Yamaha are highly recommended. Another thing to mention is that golf cart uses are really endless. From the golf enthusiast that only drives on a flat, smooth surface for a round of golf; to the hunter who has big thick treaded tires and a lift kit, riding on rough terrain to his hunting stand; to the realtor, driving prospective buyers around the community to look for the perfect home; Club Car, EZGO and Yamaha have something for everyone!

What happens if an electric golf cart runs out of power?

When an electric cart runs out of power and you’re not close to a golf cart charger or outlet, you’ll likely need to be towed or push the cart back to the charger (unless you have an Onboard Battery Charger). Less Power/Speed: Electric golf carts do not generally perform well on rough or hilly terrain.

How to get the best price on a golf cart?

Shop For The Best Price: In general, brand new golf carts will be be more expensive than used carts. We highly recommend comparing prices and shopping around to get the best possible price. In other words: Don’t get ripped off. If you’re buying new, you want to get the best deal for your money. Ask questions, investigate the dealer you’re planning on purchasing from, take a look at reviews online, etc. Be super informed.

What is the most convenient golf cart?

Convenience & Maintenance: Electric golf carts are the most convenient and for most uses. Maintenance is minimal and a bit more carefree (so long as you’re taking care of your batteries and your battery charger!).

Why are gas golf carts so noisy?

Noisy & More Maintenance: Gas golf carts are noisy and require significantly more maintenance such as oil changes, filters, tune up’s, etc. Pollution/Dangerous: While throwing some gas into your cart’s tank is super convenient to get you going quickly, the fuel does produce more pollution.

What is a used cart?

Used Accessories: Generally, a used cart will come with most of the quality, trusted parts and accessories that you’ll want, but at a much better price! Most of these parts have not changed over the years and are the same parts you would find on a brand new cart, but at a better overall cost.

Who sells used golf carts?

At the end of their lease in a golf course or country club, the used golf carts are usually sold to wholesalers who then sell them to individual buyers.

What is a golf cart?

A golf cart is one of the essential accessories to have when playing golf in a golf course. However, it is crucial to choose a golf cart brand and model that is right for you.

What is the speediest golf cart?

The Garia Monaco is one of the speediest golf carts on the market. On the downside, this golf cart may exceed the speed limit of many U.S. golf courses. It comes with a 10-inch high-resolution touchpad that provides details about the vehicle including: Power consumption. Speed.

What are the disadvantages of electric golf carts?

The disadvantages of electric golf carts include: Limited range: Electric golf carts have a range of between 15 and 25 miles. Once their batteries run out of juice, you may have to wait for hours for them to recharge. Provides less power than gas-powered golf carts. Lower resale value.

Where do golf carts start?

Most golf carts start their life out in golf courses. Therefore, many people end up buying used golf carts in some of the golf courses and country clubs in the country.

Why do people like electric golf carts?

Many people prefer electric golf carts because they are quiet. However, there are many other benefits of this type of golf cart, including: Low maintenance: Electric golf carts are much easier to maintain than gas-powered golf carts. They do not require an oil change or spark plug replacement.

How many people can fit in a golf cart?

The main disadvantage of this golf cart is it carries a maximum of two people. However, it is an excellent golf cart for people who want to enjoy a round of golf and haul some cargo around.