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how to chip a golf ball consistently

how to chip a golf ball consistently插图

Chipping Tips: How to Hit More Consistently Crisp Chips1. SET THE ANGLE: GIVE YOURSELF A VISUAL CUE Set up for the type of chip you want to hit—say,a high flyer or a low roller. …2. MAKE A MATCH: ALIGN THE CLUBSHAFT AND THE STICK Start your swing,keeping the image of the alignment rod in your mind’s eye. …3. KEEP AT IT: YOU’LL MATCH IT UP IN NO TIME

What is the best way to chip a golf ball?

Technique: How to Chip Like a PlayaOpen your stance,feet together. With full golf shots,we have to rotate our lower bodies from square to the ball to square to the target.Ball Position – Front or Back Foot Only. I want you to commit to two balls flights only – high or low. …Hands ahead of the ball at all times. …Weight on the Front Foot. …

How to chip the golf ball, the easy way?

Part 2 Part 2 of 4: Chipping the Ball Download ArticleSwing with your full upper body. Use your entire upper body to facilitate the chip. …Swing downward. Your initial contact with the ball should be in a downward strike. …Raise the club as it makes impact with the golf ball. …Follow through with the motion after the ball has made contact. …Watch where the ball ends up. …

What is the best way to play a golf chip?

Creating the right positions at address is essential:You want your stance to be narrow,about 12 inches from heel to heel,and open — pull your left foot back from the target line.Your shoulders should be open to the target,as well.Place about 80 percent of your weight on your left side.More items…

How to pitch the golf ball properly?

How to Hit a Golf Ball With a Pitching WedgeGrip. Your right hand pinky finger should over lap with your left hand index finger. …Stance. The ball should be centered between your feet and your knees should have slight bend in them.Backswing (Shake Hands With Your Left Hand) When in your backswing,your front (left) arm should be locked out completely. …More items…

How to maximize your force and control in golf?

While you’ll be able to maximize your force and control by swinging downward, scooping up when your club meets the ball will give the ball the air it needs to escape the grass. Both the downward swing and upward scoop should be accomplished in a single, fluid motion.

Why do you chip a golf ball?

Decide if the situation warrants chipping the ball. Chipping the ball is a more strategic move than a regular golf shot. It is meant to get your ball out of a tricky situation, such as if you’re caught in the grass or trying to navigate past a hill. Chipping the golf ball should not be used in instances where a normal shot can easily be employed.

Why do you need to chip a shot in golf?

Once the ball hits the ground, a proper chip will result in a long roll. Chipped shots are perfect if your ball is buried in the grass or if you’re trying to navigate a downhill slope. Whether you’re new to golf or an experienced player, perfecting a chipped shot is necessary if you want to get serious about the sport. Steps.

How to hit a chip swing?

The most common mistake beginners make is to hit up. Rather, the first part of a successful chip swing will aim down, only moving up once the club makes contact with the ball.

What is the sternum of a golf chip?

The sternum refers to the middle of one’s chest.

What is a chip shot ratio?

A ratio refers to the distance you want the ball to fly compared to the distance you want it to roll after. Because chip shots are used to get your ball out of the grass and back on course, you can estimate the distance from the grassed ball to the green, plus the distance you want the ball to go on the green.

How much does a golf instructor cost?

Get lessons. Lessons will accelerate the learning process. Although some golf instructors can be quite pricey (ranging upwards of 100 USD per hour), getting a few lessons in will help you to unlearn bad habits you may have picked up on your own.

What equipment is best for the job?

Any quality set of irons will more than suffice for getting your chipping game in order. Check out the product reviews page for information and recommendations.

What is the hinge and hold method?

The hinge-and-hold method (a term coined by pro golfer Phil Mickelson) consists of hinging your wrists in the backswing and keeping that hinge through the downswing and into the ball.

What iron to use for a lower trajectory?

One viable option would be to use a stronger lofted iron to achieve a lower trajectory and more rollout. Alternatively, you could use a wedge with more loft and just make a fuller swing to carry the ball farther.

What is chipping in golf?

The basic idea for chipping is to take the club back, usually no more than chest height, and deliver it into the ball at a consistent loft.

How far is a chip shot?

The chip is a short-game shot typically used off the green from around 40 yards and in. In almost all cases, it involves striking the ball onto the green with a very short swing and letting the ball roll towards the hole.

What to do if you miss the green short, long, left or right?

Whether you miss the green short, long, left or right, your best option will probably be to chip the ball onto the green. The chip shot is one of the most common shots that any golfer will face out on the course.

Why is the arc of a chip shot so short?

Because the arc of a chip shot is so short, foot position and other postural elements aren’t as important — in other words, you can keep your feet closer together or farther apart, stand closer to the ball or farther from the ball, and still be an effective chipper.

What is the short game of golf?

The Golf Short Game is one of the most important aspects of golf is a players goal is to lower their scores. There are many golf chipping tips out there, but to get a golfer on the right track, here are some free golf short game tips. There are four things to consider to make the golf chipping technique a lot easier, …

How much time do you need to spend at the practice chipping green?

This can be as little as one hour per week.

How to chip a golf club?

Place a golf club on the line of your feet along the ground. From here you simply want to swing the club on the line of your feet, which will be slightly left of the target. This will promote a slight outside to inside swing path which is ideal for chipping. Slightly hinge the wrists on the backswing, and maintain that hinge through to …

How to get a golf wedge into the air?

Slightly hinge the wrists on the backswing, and maintain that hinge through to the ball and into the followthrough. Let the loft of your golf wedge get the ball into the air.

Why is a narrower stance better?

Your stance does not need to be very wide, and the narrower the better because you will not be transferring weight for this very short golf shot.

How to practice chip shot?

Practice. The first is to use a narrow stance and align your feet slightly open to the target. This basically means to align your feet slightly left of the target (right of the target for all the lefties). For the chip shot, you also want to have your ball position slightly back in the stance.

Why do you need a shorter lever?

This will give you more control and you will see a lot of very good professionals do this. A shorter lever is needed because you are not making a full swing. This will help with chipping the ball solid.

How to get chipping yips?

Lofting the ball too far onto the green with a high loft club is a guaranteed way to get the chipping yips. Doubt, fear, insecurity all creep in because you don’t know if you’re going to leave it short, if it’s going to spin, if you’ll teeth it across the green or duff it 1 foot in front of you.

What iron should I use for chipping?

Before we get into the technique, you must select one club to start chipping with. I suggest the Pitching Wedge but you can use a 9 iron, 8 iron, or any wedge just please do not use a 58° or 60° to start with. We will introduce them much later when you’ve mastered the techniques and have confidence.

Why shouldn’t you use a 60° or 58° lob wedge?

There are exceptions to this but in general, mid handicappers and high handicappers should avoid these clubs because they’re much harder to get right with consistency of spin than a PW, 52° or even a 56°.

What club to use for downhill golf?

If you use your PW to chip most of the time, use a 52° or 56° club and watch how it doesn’t run out as far as the PW!

What happens when you put your feet close together?

By putting your feet close together, you make sure you have no possibility of falling onto the back foot to scoop the ball in the air (explained more below).

How to prevent a ball from flipping in the air?

By setting your hands ahead of the ball, you prevent the temptation of “flipping” the ball in the air by flicking your wrists. This is the death blow for chipping. Any time you scoop with your wrists at the bottom of the swing, you bring shanks, duffs and skulls into play.

What is the difference between a full golf shot and a chip shot?

With full golf shots, we have to rotate our lower bodies from square to the ball to square to the target. With chipping, I want to eliminate that aspect of the swing to make it super simple.

How to get a golf club to hit the ground?

Now here’s the key: Grip with your right hand first, keeping your right arm straight. The right shoulder should feel high. What you’re doing is measuring the distance to the ball with your right arm. Most people do it with the left arm, and when the right arm straightens coming down, the club hits the ground too soon.

How to play a chip?

For a basic chip, use a 52- to 56-degree wedge. Play the ball center, and get your weight forward so your left shoulder is over your left foot. Your trunk is the heaviest part of your body, so that’s what you should move forward, not the hips ( above right ). Now here’s the key: Grip with your right hand first, keeping your right arm straight.

What is the best way to backswing a golf ball?

The long right arm and high right shoulder have set your distance to the ball. A good backswing thought is, Fold the right arm, hinge the left wrist.

Why do golfers tilt their hips away from the target?

Golfers with contact problems usually set up poorly. They tilt away from the target because they instinctively want to help the ball up. Then they push their hips toward the target because everybody says to set the weight forward at address.