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how to choose new golf irons

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How do I choose golf irons?Price – Let’s be completely honest for a second – price matters. First,set your price range,and start looking there. …Type – Now,be realistic with your level of skill and choose the type of irons accordingly. …Shaft flex – The flexibility of the shaft also depends on how good a player you are. …Material – The material of golf irons also matters. …

What are the best irons in golf?

Rogue ST Max,Rogue ST Max OS,Rogue ST Pro irons. …Callaway Epic Star. Callaway Epic Star irons. …Cleveland Launcher XL. Cleveland Launcher XL irons. …Cleveland Launcher XL Halo. Cleveland Launcher XL Halo irons. …Cobra LTDx. Cobra LTDx irons. …Cobra King Tour. Cobra King Tour irons. …Mizuno Pro 221. …Mizuno Pro 223. …Mizuno Pro 225. …Ping i525 irons. …More items…

How to choose the best set of irons?

These are the things you need to know when choosing the best golf irons for you:Know your handicap: Not all irons suit all level of playersKnow your goal: Choose a set of irons which will suit your goalsKnow your budget: Great golf irons don’t need to break the bank but they are still a big investment

What are the different types of irons in golf?

What Are The 3 Different Types Of Golf IronsThe Importance Of Choosing The Right Golf Irons. Now that we solved the mystery of what are the different types of golf irons,let’s dig a little deeper,shall we?Super Game Improvement Irons. …Game Improvement Irons. …Players Irons. …Summing It All Up. …FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions. …

What golf irons to buy?

The Standard Set of Golf Clubs for a Scatch Golfer:A DriverWoods (3 and 5-Wood)Hybrid of 17 to 18 degree or 2-IronHybrid of 21-22 degree or 3-IronIrons (4,5,6,7,8 and 9)Wedges (PW,GW,SW,and LW)A Putter

What Is In A Set Of Golf Irons?

A set of irons can vary depending on the type of club and the options that the manufacturer offers. Most iron sets will include the following:

Should I Choose A Full Set To Begin With?

As a beginner, it is not necessary to purchase a complete iron set. The most important factor is to find a set of irons that fits well for your game. If you begin with just the seven iron to the pitching wedge, that is plenty to get you started.

Is It Best To Buy Used Or New Golf Irons?

Used golf clubs are completely fine for a beginner golfer. The problem with used clubs is when a beginner buys themselves a set of used muscle backs or blades. Because they are harder to play you might get discouraged too soon to be able to enjoy the awesome game of golf.

What Golf Shaft To Choose?

If you don’t have the right golf shaft, the game is going to be much more difficult to learn. Here are some tips about which shaft a beginner golfer should be choosing for their clubs.

What are the two main categories of golf irons?

Golf irons are made by many manufacturers in several different styles. However, the majority of golf irons can be divided into two main categories, cavity back and muscle back or so-called blades.

What are the different types of golf irons?

However, the majority of golf irons can be divided into two main categories, cavity back and muscle back or so-called blades.

How tall should a golf iron be?

Golf irons will come standard length unless you order them custom. Generally speaking for men, if you are taller than 6’1″ and shorter than 5’5″ you should be looking into custom golf clubs. The majority of golfers inside this range will be fine with a standard length golf club.

What are the biggest mistakes you can make when buying irons?

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to buy expensive irons that are wrong for your game and swing. The right set will fit your game and swing as snugly as a bespoke suit. Choosing the best irons depends on a number of factors other than just your playing ability. The size, shape, flex, material and feel of the clubs are key elements …

How to choose a golf club shaft?

Choose the right shaft flex. Shaft flexes — the amount of bend in the club — range from "Ladies" and "Senior" (typically, the most flexible) to "Regular," "Stiff" and "Extra Stiff." Some club manufacturers offer several different flexes for women. In general, the faster your swing speed, the stiffer the shaft should be. If you swing slowly and try to hit a stiff shaft, it will feel like you’re swinging a telephone pole, and you’ll likely leave the shot right (for a right-handed golfer). If you swing fast and use a flexible shaft, you’ll have trouble controlling the direction of your shots — they could go left or right.

What does it feel like to hit a stiff shaft?

If you swing slowly and try to hit a stiff shaft, it will feel like you’re swinging a telephone pole, and you’ll likely leave the shot right (for a right-handed golfer).

What is a player’s iron?

Player’s irons are targeted to players with the highest ability level and produce the best response when struck correctly. Game-improvement irons are for mid-level golfers. These irons are designed to produce better results — straighter and longer shots — when you miss contacting the ball in center of the clubface.

What are the key elements to consider when buying a golf club?

The size, shape, flex, material and feel of the clubs are key elements to consider. Price also is a serious consideration.

Can a club fitter match you?

An experienced club fitters can match you and your clubs to a tee. As "Wall Street Journal" writer John Paul Newport put it, clubs that fit properly "will make your subsequent golf less frustrating because well-fit clubs promote a more efficient swing.". Golfweeks’ Adam Woodard breaks down the results from the match.

Who is Jim Thomas?

Writer Bio. Jim Thomas has been a freelance writer since 1978. He wrote a book about professional golfers and has written magazine articles about sports, politics, legal issues, travel and business for national and Northwest publications.

Knowing the Differences in Golf Iron Sets

There are multiple styles of irons that can be used. Each one has a specific purpose and is made for a certain type of player. The first of these are blades.

Steps to Buying a New Set of Golf Irons

There are a few steps you must consider before you buy your new pair of irons.

Final Words on Choosing the Right Irons

By following these steps and by knowing the reason behind different types of irons, you can choose the one which suits your game the best.

What to do if you have gaps in your long irons?

If you discover that you have improper gaps in your long irons, it may be time to consider adding another Rescue club to get some extra height and distance to make a seamless transition between your longest iron and your shortest wood. ". In the end, you need to find a set of irons that best suits your game and your eye.

Who is the product manager for Taylormade irons?

To help you find the best set of golf irons for your game, we asked TaylorMade’s Product Creation Manager, Chandler Carr, a few frequently asked questions from the perspective of a potential buyer.

Can you combine irons in a split set?

If you‘re sticking within the "True Players Irons" listed above, you can combo those pretty seamlessly. But if you’re going, say, from P770 to P790, it would be important to really take a close look at the lofts and test your distances with each set, so that you don’t give yourself a massive gap within your split set (in terms of yardages)."

Do lofts vary with long irons?

However, it’s important to keep in mind that the lofts will vary from set to set… the further you go toward the game improvement irons, the more of a distance gap you will see between each set.

Can you play a 5-iron with a 4-iron?

If you struggle hitting a 4-iron or a 5-iron, it can definitely help to go with a more forgiving iron model for your long irons. For example, if you’re playing P790, you could keep PW through 6-iron and move your 5-iron and 4-iron to M3.

Do irons have a longer tenure?

Unlike wedges, drivers, or even putters, a set of irons tends to have a much longer tenure in the golf bag, often leading to a familiarity and attachment to the clubs themselves. Most golfers can swap in a new driver or try out a friend’s wedge for a round without any issues… but try to force an unfamiliar set of irons into a golfer’s hands? Forget it.

How many degrees does a long hitter need to keep his irons separated?

Long hitters often keep irons separated by 3 degrees, while short hitters can use a 5-degree difference to ensure proper gapping.  TYPES OF SHAFT AND FLEX. The type of shaft and flex you choose affects the feel of the club, the distance it produces and your swing speed.

What is shaft flex?

Flex is how the shaft twists and turns during the swing and it largely depends on your style of play, as well as how far you hit the ball. Shaft flex is divided into five categories: Ladies, Senior, Regular, Stiff and X-Stiff based on swing speed, skill level, and range of motion.

What is a set of irons?

A set of irons is one of the biggest investments any beginner or advanced golfer makes to better their game. TGW offers all types of golf iron sets from TaylorMade and Titleist irons to Callaway, Cobra, PING, and more. As you’re searching for the perfect iron set to match your golf game, use our golf irons buying guide to help you find the right clubs. Here are five key aspects to consider about your next set of clubs:

How many sets of irons are there?

Irons are divided into three sets; long irons (2, 3 and 4-irons), mid-irons (5, 6 and 7-irons) and short irons (8 and 9-irons, plus the pitching wedge). Long irons are used to hit the ball further with a shorter loft, while the short irons are designed to produce a higher loft.

How many clubs are in an 8 club iron set?

Typical iron sets include seven or eight clubs: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 irons, as well as a pitching wedge and sometimes a gap wedge. Now, 8-club sets generally come with a gap wedge instead of a 3-iron. Hybrid iron sets replace the harder to hit long irons with hybrid clubs that are easier to launch with more forgiveness.

What are the two main styles of irons?

DIFFERENT STYLES OF IRONS. The two main styles of irons are cavity-backand muscle-backblades. The muscle-back style features a full back on the rear, while the cavity-back is made with a hollowed-out rear club head. Muscle backs are primarily used by the pros and advanced players, and the hollowed-out rear club head offers novices perimeter …

What is hybrid golf club?

Hybrid clubs, also known as rescue clubs, are designed with a larger profile and sweet spot that makes it easier to quickly elevate the ball to achieve a straighter shot with its more forgiving club face.

Super Game Improvement Irons

The super game improvement iron category has been around for less than a decade. There have always been versions of super game improvement irons, but today just about every manufacturer offers its own version.

Game Improvement Irons

Game improvement irons are a toned-down version of super game improvements irons and they fit a much wider range of golfers. Some players can actually stay in game improvement irons for their entire golf life.

Players Distance Irons

The players distance iron genre came out of necessity and consumer demand. Golfers playing game improvement irons who found they weren’t getting enough spin on their approach shots but weren’t ready sacrifice distance by switching to players irons needed another option. And with that, players distance irons were born.

Muscle Back Irons

Muscle back irons are a more forgiving alternative to the traditional blade. The point of a muscle back iron is to provide feel and workability to better players while incorporating some of the offset and forgiveness found in other types of irons. The word “muscle” refers to the noticeable material you’ll see near the sole on the back of the club.

Players Irons

Players irons are another broad category, but to to put it simply, they are intended for better golfers. Players irons can take on the design profile of cavity backs or muscle backs, but they typically don’t lean towards the blade profile.

Blade Irons

Blades irons feature the thinnest top and bottom line of any golf iron you can find. They are the least forgiving, lowest launching, and overall hardest to hit. Sold yet? No worries, blades aren’t for everyone, but for advanced players, blades can be a tremendous asset to your golf game.

Iron Selecting Guide

Now that you know all about every type of iron on the market, it’s time to decide which style is best for your game. Use this table to help guide you to the perfect set of irons.

What happens if you play golf with clubs that don’t suit your swing?

If you end up playing with clubs that don’t suit your swing, you’re not going to get most out of them – worse, you can end up adapting your swing and developing bad habits.

What happens if you don’t play golf clubs?

If you end up playing with clubs that don’t suit your swing, you’re not going to get most out of them – worse, you can end up adapting your swing and developing bad habits. By building the right 14-club set for your swing, you’ll shoot lower scores and get more enjoyment from the game.

Why do you need to be honest with where you are in the game?

You need to be honest with where you are in the game, because most golf clubs are designed with a certain skill level category in mind.

What does handicap mean in a game?

Your handicap, if you have one, gives you a broad idea of where you are ability-wise, but you should break your game down a bit more before committing to a purchase.

What happens if you don’t have a handicap?

Even if you don’t have an official handicap, you’ll have some idea of your skill level.

Is the custom fitting fee waived?

That peace of mind is well worth the custom fitting fee, which is often waived when you make a purchase in any case.

Do you need high handicap drivers for iron play?

You might need the best high handicap drivers, or your iron play may lack consistency .