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how to clean golf woods

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Here is the best way to clean your golf woods in 4 steps:Dip your wood in your waterGive the entire head a quick cleaning with your brushDip the wood back in the waterWipe the entire head dry using your towel

How to clean your golf clubs?

For metal woods e.g. drivers and fairway woods , the cleaning process is different, as these kinds of golf clubs should not be submerged in water. Mix warm water and 2 teaspoons of dishwashing liquid or soap into a bowl or a bucket (depending on how many clubs you need to clean).

How do you get dirt off of club heads?

Add 2 or 3 teaspoons of dishwasher liquid or mild soap to the bucket of water. Submerge your dirty club heads into the soapy, warm water for 5-10 minutes so the dirt from your club heads can loosen and be taken off easily in the next step.

Can I put my wood golf clubs in water?

If there are grooves on your metal woods’ clubfaces, and those grooves retain dirt or debris after you’ve wiped down the clubface, it is OK to use a soft-bristled brush on the grooves only. If you are one of the very rare golfers who still owns and plays persimmon woods, do not submerge wooden woods in water.

Is it OK to soak wood in water?

It’s a good idea not to submerge woods under water, and especially not to let them soak, because they usually have a nice, glossy finish. Instead, quickly dip metal woods into the sudsy water, wipe down with a moist cloth, then dry with a dry cloth.

How to get dirt off irons?

Allow the irons to soak in the warm water for just a couple minutes. This will help loosen dirt in the grooves of the clubface, and allow the suds to begin working on oils and golf course chemicals that may have built up on the surface of the clubheads during play.

How to clean grooves on golf clubs?

About.com Golf. After a couple minutes of soaking time, take each club in turn and use an old toothbrush (or other soft, plastic-bristled brush) to clean out the grooves on the clubface. This is the most important step in cleaning your clubs — removing all dirt and debris from the grooves.

What is the most important step in cleaning golf clubs?

This is the most important step in cleaning your clubs — removing all dirt and debris from the grooves. Grooves that are filled in with caked-on dirt and debris won’t perform as intended; they will lose some grip on your golf ball, which can make the ball do funny things.

Why do you need to clean golf clubs?

Cleaning golf clubs is a simple process, and it’s important to do it periodically to prevent the build-up of gunk that can lessen the effectiveness of your clubs, and to prevent rusting or any possible damage to a club’s finish.

How to clean a golf club with brush?

Also drag the brush across the sole of the iron and over the back of the clubhead, removing dirt, grass and other debris.

How to make suds out of plastic bucket?

Squirt a little of the dishwashing liquid into the bottom of your plastic bucket, then add warm water to create suds. Make sure the water is warm, but not too hot.

Where to put irons in a bucket?

Place Your Irons In the Bucket. Place the bucket, with its water and suds, near your garden hose (if you don’t have access to an outdoor water source, work inside in a deep sink or even a bathtub). Set the bucket down, then place your irons in the bucket with the clubheads submerged.

How long does it take to clean golf clubs?

Hopefully now you are familiar with how to clean golf clubs. Keeping your golf clubs is not a hard process. If you are meticulous it may take you 30 to 45 minutes, but it can add years to the life of your clubs.

How much does it cost to regrip a golf club?

If you play a lot of golf, your grips will get worn down quicker than the heads on your irons. You can regrip a club for ~$15. If the only thing wrong with your clubs is slick grips, save some money and just address the part (the grip) that needs to be fixed.

How to get rid of a golf bag that got caught in the elements?

If you get caught in the elements, take the following steps at the end of your round. Remove your clubs from your bag. Wipe them down with a towel and leave them out of your bag for a couple hours. Remove your golf essentials to help your bag dry (gloves, towels, etc.) Shop The Loma Bag Collection.

How to make golf clubs sparkle?

You don’t need to buy any special golf club cleaner – simply squirt a little dishwashing liquid detergent in your water. You will need a towel or two and some type of brush.

Can you play golf in the rain?

If you are an avid golfer you have probably played in the rain. It happens. Your clubs are engineered to work in all weather conditions, but they are not built to sit in a golf bag for hours after your round. If you get caught in the elements, take the following steps at the end of your round.

Do you have to clean your irons when you are playing golf?

When learning how to clean golf clubs, you can’t forget to clean the irons. Your irons cannot perform as designed when they are dirty. The grooves on the face of your irons help spin the ball and allow it to land softly on the green. If you have dirt in your grooves, your iron shots will release over the green.

Can you use a toothbrush for golf?

You can use an old toothbrush or you can buy a golf brush specifically designed to do this job. Frogger makes a great brush or you can go for a high-tech rechargeable brush. If you are interested in the rechargeable version check out gift #58 on this list of 102 gifts for golfers. Now you have everything you need.

How to clean golf club shafts after cleaning?

To remove the any dirt, you must use a damp cloth to clean and clear any grime from the shaft and then dry it thoroughly with a towel.

How to cover a club head?

Fill a bucket with warm water and fill the bucket just enough to cover your club heads. Do not use hot water as it may loosen the club head from the shaft through the ferrules which join the two together.

How to clean golf grips?

It is a simple method – get a damp cloth and wipe it over the entire grip’s surface and then rinse with water, making sure it’s not hot as this could damage the grip.

What do you need to clean golf clubs?

What you will need to clean your golf clubs: Bucket. Warm water. Dishwashing liquid or soap. An old toothbrush or a soft-bristle brush. A towel. Chrome or steel polish. A cloth. Before starting to clean your golf clubs, be sure that you know which types of golf clubs you own and want to clean, so you can follow one of the 3 set of steps accordingly.

How to clean rust off golf clubs?

If you’re wondering how to clean rust off golf clubs – just apply some vinegar on the shaft with a cloth and slowly remove any residue, being careful not to scratch the shaft. After you’ve done this, make sure to dry the shaft from the vinegar thoroughly.

How to make a cloth damp?

Get a bucket of warm water and dip a cloth into it so the cloth becomes damp.

Why is it important to keep golf clubs clean?

Making sure all your golf equipment is maintained and clean is key to preserving them for a long time. Golf clubs can be expensive, so it’s beneficial to you to keep them in a good condition to avoid having to replace them often. You might be wondering what the best way to clean golf clubs is, and the answer is much simpler than you might think.