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how to correct topping the ball in golf

how to correct topping the ball in golf插图

How to stop topping the golf ballMove your hands forward Having your hands forward when you make contact with the ball will let the club loft do the work,and you won’t feel the need to “scoop” the ball. With the right attack angle,the ball will launch off the club into the air. …Hit down on the ball …Keep your head steady …Proper ball placement …

How do you stop slicing the ball in golf?

As you start your takeaway,rotate the tee towards the ground,pointing straight downWhen you get to the top of the backswing,make sure the tee is pointed toward the sky If the tee is pointed forward or down,the club face is …As you transition down to impact,rotate the tee back towards the ground,maintaining flexion

How to hit solid golf shots and stop topping?

Learn How to Stop Topping the Golf Ball With These 7 TipsCheck Your Golf Clubs. If you’ve been topping the golf ball quite a bit,it could be your clubs. …Get in Golf Shape. One of the main reasons for a topped golf shot is fatigue. …Adjust your Ball Position. …Slow Down. …Worry about Hitting the Shot,Not the Results. …Keep Your Back to the Target. …Get your Tempo Back. …

How to stop hitting the ground behind the golf ball?

How to Stop Hitting Behind the BallWeight Transfer. One of the leading causes of the heavy golf shot is weight transfer. …Rotate,Don’t Sway. In order to have the proper weight transfer,you will need to keep your chest pointed down at the ball throughout the entire iron swing.Set Up. Like all other golf shots,a lot depends on the initial setup. …Focusing On Post Impact. …

How to stop shanking the golf ball now?

Why do I shank the ball and what can I do to finally stop shanking?Your aim is too open. If your aim is off,this can lead to the clubface being too open. …Your grip. Your grip is crucial. …Ball Position. You have to be in a good position in relation to the ball. …Stance. Your stance probably isn’t causing you to shank the ball but it can still happen. …Posture. Weight distribution is incredibly important in golf. …Swing Path. …

What is it like to watch your golf ball fly?

One of the great pleasures in the game of golf is looking up after your swing and watching your ball soar through the air in the direction of the target. Even if you don’t hit a great shot every time, there is something satisfying about watching the ball fly that gives the golfers a great feeling of accomplishment.

How does a golf swing stay level?

Good golf swings remain level throughout the backswing and downswing, so the body remains as stable as possible and the job of delivering the club head to the back of the ball gets that much easier. To better understand this concept, think about other areas of life outside of the golf course that require precision.

Why do I top the golf ball?

Your calves could be the problem if you find yourself standing up onto your toes as you swing down toward impact. This is a move that some golfers end up putting into their swing, usually by accident, as they try to get more power. It is actually possible to play good golf this way, and you might see better players who get up on their toes from time to time – especially when swinging hard. However, for a golfer who wants to figure out how to stop topping the golf ball, getting rid of this move should be a top priority.

What happens if you hit the ball too far left?

If you’ve got the ball too far left (closer to your lead foot) at address, your swing will find its bottom point before it reaches the ball. By impact, the clubhead is traveling up and over the ball, usually clipping it above the equator. If you’ve been topping the ball often, check your ball position first.

How does a golf swing work?

While your body might move a little bit laterally throughout the swing, the majority of the motion is going to be rotational – that is, your center of gravity is going to remain in roughly the same spot while your body turns to the right, and then back to the left toward the target. Much of golf instruction has to do with removing any extra unnecessary motion from the swing. For example, sliding from right to left while the club is in motion is something that will hurt your golf swing and rob you of power.

Why is it important to have a pre-shot routine?

When you use a pre-shot routine that helps you get comfortable and builds confidence in what you are doing, your mind will forget all about topping the ball because it will be preoccupied with the task at hand. When your mind is blank, it is free to wander – and that almost always leads to trouble.

How does rotation work in golf?

Rotation works in both directions, as well – you have to rotate away from the target if you are going to be able to rotate towards it with any kind of power and aggression.

What does Schippel say about golf?

Schippel says golfers should instead "keep their eye on the ball.". He breaks it down in the video below & provides an easy drill that you can try to generate power from the ground up and finish your golf swing with ease. If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device.

What is the most common miss in golf?

Published on Tuesday, December 15, 2020. One of the most common misses in golf happens when the lead arm breaks down at impact and you top the golf ball. Of course, when this happens we’ve all heard the peanut gallery on the golf course say "keep your head down.".

Who is the PGA coach at South County Golf Academy?

But PGA Coach Brian Schippel, the Director of Instruction at South County Golf Academy in the Southern California Section, has a different theory he wants golfers to think about to avoid topping the golf ball and avoid the heckling from your buddies.

Who is Brian from South County?

Brian is a Class A PGA Golf Professional Specialized in Coaching & Teaching, and the Director of Instruction for South County Golf Academy. Brian has …

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How to swing a golf club?

1. Bounce the club off the turf 2. Practice on sidehill lies 3. Steepen your swing 4. Shift weight to lead side

What is the most common miss in golf?

One of the most common misses for the beginning golfer is topping the ball. Just as they come through the impact zone, the clubhead does not bottom out properly and they only catch the top half of the ball. The result is a disappointing dribbler that barely gets out of their shadow.

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What does a topped ball mean in golf?

1. Bounce the club off the turf. A topped ball simply means the club was too high when it got to the ball. (You didn’t pick your head up for goodness sake!) Make sure your practice swings make the club head bounce off the turf, not just brush it.

What happens if you top the ball?

If you are topping the ball, you might not be getting to your lead side properly. Try to make an effort to shift more of your weight to your lead side when you swing and it should get you hitting down on the ball more. – V.J. Trolio, Old Waverly G.C., West Point, Miss.

What is the goal of the golf teacher roundtable?

The goal? To help your game and lower your scores ASAP.

Should you stop topping the ball?

It seems like it should be simple to stop topping the ball, but that is rarely the case. Tops are something that can seem to stick around for a while once they start.

What is a top in golf?

As you can probably tell by the name, a top occurs when you hit the top of the golf ball, creating a topspin that doesn’t allow the ball to launch properly.

What causes a topped golf shot?

There are a few different reasons you may be topping the ball, so let’s go into each scenario and diagnose your problem once and for all.

How to stop topping the golf ball

Now that we’ve covered some of the most common reasons for topping the golf ball, it’s time to share how you can stop topping the golf ball.


As we’ve covered, there are a variety of reasons you may be topping the golf ball.

What to do when you can’t stop topping the ball?

When you can’t stop topping the ball, take a moment and do this. Find a spot on the ground, and practice hitting it consistently. Golf, in many ways, is a game of opposites. We hit the ball — and then the ground — to make it go up in the air. Unfortunately, most golfers do not grasp this concept.

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How to get better at swinging?

Take an iron, find a spot on the ground, and make practice swings focusing on hitting that exact spot on the ground, every time. Start slow and build speed over time. All it takes is a few swings — 5 or 10 — but if you can get to the point where you’re consistently hitting the same spot on the ground every time, …

Is golf a game of opposites?

Golf, in many ways, is a game of opposites. We hit the ball — and then the ground — to make it go up in the air. Unfortunately, most golfers do not grasp this concept.