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how to cure a slice in your golf swing

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How to grip a golf club to fix a slice?

A strong grip will have two V’s created by the forefinger and the thumb of each hand that should point to the right of the right shoulder. (Right handed golfers)You will also be able to see three or more knuckles of the left hand.SLICE FIX- this grip will help you close down that club face to help decrease the slice effect.

How to cure a slice?

So learning how to cure a slice in golf really only requires a six simple steps:Understand What Is Causing Your SliceKeep The Club Face Square At ImpactUse a Proper GripDevelop A Proper Swing To Correct Your SliceTry an Adjustable or Modified Design DriverPractice!

How do you cure slice in golf swing?

Golf Grip To Cure A Slice. A proper golf grip can help cure your slice by forcing the club face to remain square at impact. Take a look at the photo to the left. The image to the far right demonstrates what an open club face at impact looks like. This is the position that produces the slice.

How to get rid of a golf slice?

Mix 2 tablespoons of raw,unfiltered apple cider vinegar with half a cup of water and 2 tablespoons of honey.Use a cotton ball to apply it.Leave it or 10 to 15 minutes.Rinse it off.Repeat once daily.

How to get a slice in golf?

1. Place the ball in front of the inside of your front foot. Striking the ball on the downswing is one common cause of a slice. If you position your ball in front of the inside of your front foot, you’ll be more likely to hit it on your upswing, which will help the ball fly straight instead of curving to the right.

Why do I slice my golf ball?

Seeing your ball slowly drift farther and farther to the right into the rough can be soul-crushing. Several factors – including ball position, grip, and your swing – can cause a slice. Since there are many potential causes, no single adjustment or combination of adjustments will cure everyone’s slice. But by trying a number of different changes to your stance, club grip, and swing, you might be able to find an anti-slice strategy that works for you.

What happens if you hit your golf club too far?

If your left hand is too far underneath the club when you grip it, the angle of the clubface will be angled outward, causing your ball to curve to the right after you hit it. To fix your grip, hold the driver so that the club head is resting on the ground.

How to hit a straight shot?

Aim straight, rather than to the left, to hit a straight shot. Visualize a bright and thick red line running from your position to the target to help yourself hit a straight shot. Many golfers who frequently slice their drives start to aim to the left of where they want their ball to land to compensate for the rightward curve of their drives. This adjustment, however, can make a slice even worse because it exaggerates the outside-in trajectory of your swing, which is a common cause of a slice.

What causes a slice in a golf swing?

Outstretching your elbows pushes the club away from you, which then forces you to pull it in toward your body during your downswing. This results in an outside-in swing path, which can cause a slice .

What is outside in trajectory?

An outside-in trajectory is when your club moves towards your body during the downswing. This swing trajectory causes the clubface to hit the ball on its side, which makes the ball spin. This spin then causes the ball to curve to the right as it flies. …

How to keep your elbows tucked in?

To train yourself to keep your elbows tucked in during your backswing, hold a small towel between your elbow and body when you practice driving.

What Causes a Golf Slice with Irons vs. a Driver?

Here’s a quick primer on what a slice is and what’s causing you to lose control of your drives and iron shots.

How to swing a golf club from your lead thigh to your trail high?

Focus on the journey of the club handle. You want to swing the handle from your lead thigh back to your trail high, at which point the club shaft should be parallel to the ground. Before the handle reaches your trail thigh, the logo on your golf glove should point down at the golf ball.

What is a slice in golf?

For a right-handed golfer, a slice is a golf shot that curves dramatically toward the right. A slice is never controlled and never intentional. It takes you off course and adds strokes to your game. Trust us. You enjoy a round much more when you learn how to fix a slice in golf.

What is the shape of a golf swing?

Your golf swing travels in a circle shape. This circle is vertical, but it’s not straight up and down. If your swing shape is a hula hoop, it’s a hula hoop that leans in toward your body just a bit. Because of this lean, the direction of your swing path changes after you hit the low point.

How far does a golf ball curve when hitting a fade?

When you hit a fade, the golf ball curves only about 5-7 yards from the target line. When you slice it, the golf ball curves farther . . . around 15 yards to the right of the target line. If your ball flight resembles a peeling banana, you’re dealing with a slice.

What is a draw and fade?

Think of a draw and a fade. A draw curves gently to the left (if you’re right-handed). A fade curves slightly to the right. Both of these are controlled golf shots that can help you navigate the course better because they curve. A slice, on the other hand, is always a hindrance.

How to get a square face in golf?

Place an object—a tee, a towel, anything—just to the right of your target path. Take your golf shot. Finish with the butt end of your club pointed at the object you set out. This drill teaches you how to release the club at the right time to deliver a square club face.

Why do slicers use a driver with little loft?

Almost all slicers use a driver with too little loft, because they’re reacting to their high, weak ball flight. The new adjustable drivers let you increase the loft and move weight to the clubhead’s heel.

How to get a better grip on a golf club?

STEP 1: DRAW A BACKWARD LOOP. Checking your new grip, take your normal stance, with the ball just inside your front heel. But instead of soling the clubhead as usual, set it in front of the ball.

How to get rid of slice in golf?

They could see in five minutes that getting rid of their slice is the first step to playing to their potential. BLEND IN A SWING: In Step 3, start with a two-thirds backswing, make a full turn and start hitting shots. You’re close to making a real swing–and losing your slice.

Why do people slice the ball?

There’s a good reason why people who slice the ball want to fix it: Because on the road you take to playing good golf, nowhere is there a slice. You can go from hitting a hook to playing good golf, but if you don’t learn how to stop hitting shots with an open clubface, you won’t get very far. The unfortunate reality is that a large majority …

How to make your grip stronger?

Make your grip stronger, so your hands are turned away from the target and your palms are parallel with each other. If you drew lines up from the base of your thumbs, they should hit the point of your collar on the right side of your shirt. Also, gripping too tight keeps the hands from releasing through impact.

How to swing a golf club on a shallower plane?

As you swing, the club will naturally drop onto a shallower plane as it approaches the ball, and your hands will start to release, or roll over. *ADD A TURN: in step 2, start from a normal setup, lift the club over your head, turn back and swing over the ball. The club will swing on a shallower plane.

What percentage of players struggle with slice?

The unfortunate reality is that a large majority of players–maybe 90 percent–struggle with a slice. They don’t have a good grip, they make a steep swing into the ball, and they don’t understand how the hands work in a good release. Those things combine to produce high, weak shots to the right. One teaching strategy that has always worked …

What is a Slice in Golf?

A slice in golf is a severely curving golf shot that has a left to right ball flight (for the righties of course), and is generally a result of a miss hit or incorrect swing path. For amateur golfers, slices are a VERY common problem.

What Causes a Golf Slice?

Slicing in golf is usually caused by one or a combination of an over the top swing path, a ball position that is too far back, and/or a weak grip on the club.

How to Fix a Slice in Golf?

Okay, so how do you actually fix your slice?! Well in theory, maybe we don’t want to completely eliminate it, but to tone it down to a controlled fade.

How to Stop Slicing Driver

This section is for those who want advice/help specifically on how to stop slicing DRIVER.

Drills – Golf Slice Fix

With the grip, choose an older glove and put a dot on the knuckle of the index finger, the middle finger, and the ring finger. When you grip the club, make sure you can see either 2 or all 3 of these dots CLEARLY without moving your head.

Final Thoughts – How to Stop a Slice in Golf

You’ve gotten this far, so I really do think you’re now armed with the knowledge to FIX YOUR SLICE once and for all!

FAQ – How to Stop Slicing the Golf Ball

Note – Some of these FAQs were covered throughout the article, but I still get these questions a lot… so here are the “short and sweet” answers to the most common questions:

How to focus golf ball?

As you swing down toward the ball, focus on the target in front of your golf ball and follow through with your club head, striking the ball and your target. This helps the club head follow through on a straight line. You can practice this at the driving range by placing …

How to keep a club square to the ball?

Draw your club into your backswing. Imagine a rope attached to the sky and tied to your hands at the top of the backswing. As you start to swing back to the ball, imagine pulling that rope and the sky straight down to the ground. This helps keep the club square to the ball through your swing.

How to play golf with a club?

Step 1. Line your shoulders up with your target and stand with your feet shoulder width apart. The instep of your front foot should line up with the ball. Line the clubface up with the ball, bending over slightly to where your torso is at a 90-degree angle to your club shaft.

What is slice in golf?

The slice is a common problem that some golfers have when striking the ball. They hit the ball toward the target, but the ball takes a drastic curve from left to right. The problem occurs during the swing when the player closes the club face and cuts across the ball rather than follow the ball straight through the strike.

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Step 2: Position Your Golf Ball Properly in Your Setup

Of all the causes of a slice, this is perhaps the most simple one to notice.

Step 3: Take Note of your Divots

As has been covered, when you hit a slice, generally your club has travelled on an outside-in swing path through your downswing.

Step 6: Transfer Your Weight

Transferring your weight during a golf swing is a relatively simple concept, yet many players are not doing it correctly.

How to perfect grip on takeaway golf?

To perfect your golf grip on the takeaway, note the position of the logo on your golf glove. As you swing away from the ball, you want to rotate the logo downward so it points at the ground. This rotation gets the club face in a closed position, and that closed position helps you correct the slice immediately.

Why do golfers hold their clubs in their palms?

A lot of golfers tend to grip their golf clubs in the palm of their hand. This kills your golf swing and causes nightmare golf shots like the slice. When you hold the club in your palm, you limit mobility in your wrists. This gives you less control in both the backswing and the downswing. What you want to do instead is grip …

What is live view in golf?

Side note: The LiveView is a great tool for visualizing swing plane, as it allows you to draw actual lines on a real-time, mirror-image video of your swing. Practicing golfers should especially check out LiveView for improving their golf skills.

How to grip a golf club?

Here’s a quick method for making sure you have the correct golf grip: Hold the golf club out in front of you so the shaft is vertical, perpendicular to the ground. Tilt the club head away from your body about 45 degrees.

How to tell if you have the correct golf grip?

How to Tell if You Use the Correct Golf Grip. One easy way to check whether you are gripping the club in your palm or your fingers is to just look at your golf glove. If you notice natural wear and tear spread evenly over the surface of your glove, you’re doing great.

What is the most basic aspect of proper golf grip?

First, let’s nail down the most basic aspect of proper grip: the position of the club in your hands. When a lot of golfers start talking about correct golf grip, they fixate on one of two things: Grip strength. Grip style.

Why do slicers rotate their logo down?

A lot of slicers tend to rotate the logo down as they prepare to go into their downswing. When you rotate upward instead, you close the club face and are far more likely to stop slicing.