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how to customize golf balls

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How to set up to the golf ball properly?

A Step-by-Step Guide to a Great Golf SetupAlignment in the Golf Setup. …Foot Position. …Ball Position. …Balance. …Posture (Down-the-Line View) Your knees should be slightly flexed and directly over the balls of your feet for balance. …Posture (Face View) When viewed face-on,your spine in the setup position should tilt to the side,slightly away from the target.Arms and Hands. …More items…

How to pick your golf ball?

Understanding How to Pick a Golf BallFind a golf ball type based on your skill level and personal preferences. Ball types available on the market focus on control,spin and distance.Pick a golf ball construction type. Modern golf balls are sold as multilayer,two- or three-piece designs.Select the compression rating for your golf ball. …More items…

How to put a spin on the golf ball?

What can I do to spin the ball?Use a golf ball conducive to spinning. Use a quality golf ball with a high spin rating,like the Titleist Pro V1/V1x.Use a higher-lofted club or open your clubface. The shorter clubs — 7,8,9 irons,and wedges — will naturally produce more spin than longer clubs. …Hit from a tight,clean lie. …Hit the ball first. …Accelerate through the ball. …

How do golfers put backspin on the ball?

The basics of how to put backspin on a golf ballAngle of Attack. A term that gets thrown around often is angle of attack. …Swing Speed. In order for backspin to occur,your ball must be spinning. …Club Angle. This article is related to backspin,but this is something that relates to golf as a whole. …Grooves. Grooves on a golf club serve a purpose,just like dimples on a golf ball. …

How To Personalise Golf Balls

Let’s start with the simplest option – the trusty Sharpie pen. This has become the staple ball-marking tool for millions of golfers the world over.

Ready made

At least two brands offer balls with fairly elaborate pre-printed markings. Callaway has the Triple Track Alignment system on its ERC Soft and Chrome Soft models. TaylorMade has its Pix balls available in the TP5 and TP5x.

Transfers or tattoos

Another option for those wondering how to personalise golf balls is to add a transfer or tattoo. Several companies offer products along these lines.

Special order

It used to be that only the club pro could offer personalised or logo golf balls. Now, you can do it yourself with several companies.

Line marking tools

Many of us now like to ensure we have the ball perfectly lined up on putts (and even tee-shots), with a number of helpful tools hitting the market.

A splash of colour

Okay, this may not be going down the full personalisation route. But golf balls are now available in such a wide range of colours that you could semi-personalise your ball just by playing a stand-out trademark colour.

Why do you need to personalize your golf ball?

Personalizing your golf ball can help keep track of it on the course. When playing golf in a group it is important to make sure you always hit your own golf ball. To avoid any confusion , you may want to mark or personalize your golf ball.

How to use a ball stamp?

If you use a ball stamp, hold the ball in one hand while rolling the stamp over the ball to ensure that the complete stamp is transferred. Stamps are usually pre-inked with permanent ink. Depending on the type of stamp, you may be able to insert the ball into the stamp and press down to make the image.

How to personalize a baseball ball?

Step 1. Collect all the balls you wish to personalize. If they are not new balls, clean them in mild, soapy water to remove any dirt or debris. Dry with a soft towel.

How long does it take for ink to dry?

Let the marker or ink dry. This usually takes only a few seconds, but touch the ink spot with your finger to ensure that the ink is dry and does not smudge.

What Golf Gear Can You Customize?

A wide variety of golf gear can be customized with your unique design. This includes:

What is a golf outing?

A golf outing or day on the course is meant to be fun. You want souvenirs your players can take home to remember all the excitement. They may just come golf with you again next time!

What do you need for a golf combo pack?

If that sounds like you, consider golf combo packs. They come with all the gear you could possibly need: tees, balls, divot tools, ball markers, you name it.

What do ball markers do in poker?

Ball markers help players not only keep track of their shots, but also add a personal touch to the game. From poker chips to smiley faces, there are a variety of styles to choose from.

Can you stitch a polos on fabric?

For apparel items like polos and visors, you can have your design stitched onto the fabric instead of using ink. The number of thread colors you can use are included in the price.

Can you print a select number of colors?

In the world of promotional products, you can usually only print a select number of colors before you’re charged extra. The good news is you don’t need that many to make an impact!

Do tees have a big impact?

Tees may be small, but they still have a big impact. People will use their set over and over again, which means a lot of exposure if you print your company name on the front.


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