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how to detail a golf cart

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How to prepare a golf cart for painting?

Now that you have the paint and tools, it’s time to start preparing your golf cart. First thing is to take off all your trim and bumpers. You’ll want full access to each panel, and even you plan on painting the bumpers and trim, it’s best if you paint them separately to allow for better coats on each piece.

How much does it cost to clear coat a golf cart?

This option is usually around $50 for a quart, which should be more than enough for a golf cart. If you want a mirror like finish, or your cart is going to spend a lot of time in the sun, then the base coat/clear coat two stage job is best.

How many coats of paint do you put on a golf cart?

With the base coat, you want to do multiple, thin, and even coats working from top to bottom. The more coats you put down, the richer the color will appear, but remember it takes about a half pint to cover the whole golf cart, so a quart will only afford about 4 coats.

Can You Wrap a golf cart?

All that’s left is putting your golf cart back together and hitting the road. And if painting isn’t your thing, you can always wrap your golf cart too. Chris Slocum is the main author of Golf Cart Go. She loves traveling to state parks and finding the latest ways to customize her golf cart. You can find more about her here.

What is golf cart detailing?

What Does a Golf Cart Detail Include? Detailing a golf cart is normally not something that takes very much time or energy, as they’re not something that collects a ton of dirt, or even something that is driven all that often. For that reason, golf cart detailing is pretty simple.

Do golf carts match the average golf cart?

For the most part, golf cart detail pricing is going to remain very uniform across the board. However, there are golf carts that do not match the average golf cart description, type or build, so there will be some variance in pricing with certain situations.

Can you clean a golf cart without doing it yourself?

Many people who live in golf cart-friendly neighborhoods are looking for a way to get their golf cart cleaned up without doing it themselves. If that is you, then you came to the right place! Golf carts are just like any other vehicle, over time they collect dirt, grease, and grime.

How much does a quart of golf cart paint cost?

You only need about one or two coats of this depending on how dark your golf cart’s original color is. A pint should suffice, but a quart is only $12-$20, so you may as well get more than you need.

What to do when you don’t want paint on your car?

Once you have the trims off, it’s really important to cover your headlights, windshields, roof posts, interior, and literally everything you don’t want paint on. The easiest way to do this is with some masking tape and paper or plastic film. Garbage bags can work in place of film, but the masking tape is pretty necessary.

How much does a silicone spray gun cost?

The disposable, silicone one off is usually around $10 and the more expensive one can range from $30-$600 depending on your needs. The easiest type of spray gun to use is an HVLP gravity feed type sprayer.

What is the best finish for a cart?

If you want a mirror like finish, or your cart is going to spend a lot of time in the sun, then the base coat/clear coat two stage job is best.

What is inline water filter?

As far as inline filters, these remove the majority of the moisture from your airline to avoid contaminating your paint, spray pattern, or spray gun. There are two types of inline water filters you can get. One is a cheaper, one-off type solution that screws into your airline that has silicone beads that remove moisture from the air as it passes, …

What to do when painting a house?

A few safety notes first, be sure to wear eye and breathing protection while sanding and painting to protect from debris and harmful chemicals, and make sure to only paint in well ventilated areas. Failing to use good ventilation could result in loss of consciousness while painting which will completely ruin your paint job.

How much does a can of paint cost?

Each can costs about $12-$20 depending on the brand and quality, and you’ll need about 2 for each coat. All in all, it will come out to around the same price for the paint, but you don’t have to buy a bunch of tools.

How to clean a car with a hose?

Then, gently wash the outside with your mitt or cloth using the two-bucket system. When you finish, use a microfiber towel to dry. Allowing the cart to air dry will lead to watermarks, and using standard towels may scratch the exterior.

How to clean a golf cart battery?

To clean the battery, turn the golf cart off and then clean the battery terminal with a mixture of water and baking soda using a toothbrush. Rinse when done.

What to do before washing a golf cart?

Before washing the golf cart, make sure that you either remove or cover anything prone to water damage. For instance, if you keep any personal items in the cart, such as scorecards, bags, floor mats, or a GPS, you will want to remove them.

Can you clean a golf cart windshield?

Most golf carts’ windshields are not composed of glass. As such, glass cleaner and paper towels will not clean the windshield as effectively. In fact, they may scuff and scratch the windshield. Warm soapy water and the same microfiber towel or mitt that you used for the body of the cart will work sufficiently.