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how to dispose of old golf balls

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How To Dispose of Old Golf Balls1. Donate Old Golf Balls One of the best and easiest ways to dispose of old golf balls is by donating them. There are a few different places where you can donate old golf balls. …2. Recycle Worn Golf Balls at a Local Store …3. Sell The Golf Balls Online …4. Make Crafts and Other Home Goods …

Can you recycle a golf ball?

The first rubber-and-plastics balls were made in the early 20th century and have been the standard ever since. You will find that curbside recycling programs and your local recycling centers typically do not accept golf balls (or most other types of sporting goods, for that matter). That is because there is no true way to recycle a golf ball.

How do you get rid of your old golf balls?

Many of these balls can be refurbished by dedicated specialists. They receive the balls from donors and retrievers from far and wide, where they then grade the balls. Balls that can be saved will get cleaned, repainted, and restamped with a fresh logo – good as new. They’ll then hit the market again! Another option is recycling.

Where can I Sell my Old golf balls?

If all those options fail, you can try selling small quantities of golf balls on eBay, Craigslist, at garage sales or at flea markets. If you are willing to give your old golf balls away, see if a local high school golf club or a nonprofit sports organization can use them.

What happens to old golf balls?

Most intact balls found in the oceans and landfills also wind up being recirculated into the market as well, so brand new synthetic materials/balls don’t need to be manufactured from scratch to meet the consumer demands. You can also certainly sell your old balls if they’re in great condition and boast respected branding and composition.

What are the parts of a golf ball?

Golf balls have two main parts: the core and the cover. The core, which makes up most of the ball, is constructed of rubber or (less commonly) liquid. The cover is either a rubber-like material called Balata or a specific type of plastic called Surlyn. The Balata covers are intended for more experienced golfers, …

Where were golf balls made?

Scottish balls, known as “feather balls,” had feathers in the core and white-painted leather for the cover. For a short time golf balls were made of gutta-percha gum, a sap from Sapodillo and Bully trees found in Asia.

Can you recycle golf balls?

How to recycle golf balls. You will find that curbside recycling programs and your local recycling centers typically do not accept golf balls (or most other types of sporting goods, for that matter). That is because there is no true way to recycle a golf ball.

How to make snowmen with golf balls?

1. Use old golf balls to make snowmen Christmas decorations. For a fun holiday decoration, use a hot glue gun to apply a small dab of glue to 1 golf ball. Then, hold a second ball where you applied the glue to secure them together and add a third golf ball if you’d like .

How to make a snowman ornament?

To make your snowman into an ornament, cut a ribbon about 4–6 in (10–15 cm) long, and shape it into a loop. Put a dab of hot glue on the base of the ribbons to attach them, then glue the ribbon to the back of the snowman. This way, you can easily hang the snowman on your Christmas tree.

How to make a caterpillar out of golf balls?

To make a caterpillar, paint 2-3 golf balls yellow, green, or orange, for instance. Use hot glue to glue each ball together in a row to create the body. Locate a wire hanger to use to make the legs. Cut 6 sections of wire about 2–3 in (5.1–7.6 cm) from a hanger with wire cutters.

How to get used golf balls?

1. Contact a local golf course to see if they can use the balls for practice. Search online to find golf courses or driving ranges in your area, and look for the "Contact Us" section. Then, call the company to ask an employee if they accept used golf balls.

Can you accept used golf balls?

However, if they have a large number of used balls already, they may not accept yours at the time. If you do not have the minimum number of golf balls, you should not contact the company . Wait until you have enough if you want to pursue this option.

What to Do With Old Golf Balls

Disposing of golf balls has become a concern for all golf players, both in terms of economic and environmental problems.


There’s no doubt that proper ways of reusing and recycling golf balls help you avoid waste disposal and contribute to protecting the environment.


Old golf balls are not a waste or burden of disposing. Instead, they can bring many benefits if you know how to take advantage of them. After reading this content, I hope that you can apply different methods in your own way.

Can you clean out your garage and sell golf balls?

You can clean out your garage and make some extra money by finding a place to sell those balls.

Can you sell golf balls in bulk?

You can also sell in bulk, with all brands mixed or separated by brand and type. However you decide to sell them, eBay buyers want to know the quality of the balls, so you will have to rate them based on how much wear they have sustained.

Who is Kim Kleinle?

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