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how to drive in golf straight

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How to hit your golf driver straighterGet your posture and set-up right One of the biggest things stopping amateurs hitting driver well is how they address the ball at set-up. …Monitor your strike location Where you strike the ball on the face of the driver will play a large part in determining if the flight is straight or curved. …Improve your clubface alignment …Aim for a neutral club path …

How to hit the golf ball straight with a driver?

– like your arms are pinned to your body until you get the club to waist height and parallel to the ground. Then from there, take the club into an upright position so that the shaft is pointing at your target line. That will mean your backswing is on plane and your drive is more likely to go straight. Fix your early extension

How to hit longer, straighter golf drives?

Body mechanics:Maintain 60% to 70% of your weight on the back leg with your feet slightly wider than shoulder’s width apart.Use a stronger grip as you address the ball,but loosen the grip after you strike it.Use a wide arc with the arms to maximize extension.Don’t lift on the toes of your feet; maintain a solid foundation with the lower body. …More items…

How to hit a long drive in golf?

Top 3 Ways to Hit Longer Drives – Golf TipPoor shoulder turn: Feet-on-the-ground drill It’s nearly impossible to hit long drives without a full shoulder turn. …Failure to accelerate: Whoosh drill You’re no doubt aware that the clubhead should reach impact at its fastest speed. …Incorrect attack angle: Tilt your spine

How to aim straight in golf?

To set your feet correctly,simply:Align your clubface along your target lineLine up your trail foot first so that it matches the leading edge of your clubhead,and set it in placeOnce you are comfortable,set your lead foot down so that it is in line with your trail footMore items…

How to swing a golf club?

Swing! Send the club down, swinging towards your ball. Strike the ball slightly under its center and with the midpoint of your swing.

What is the difference between a birdie and a bogey?

Golf is a game of accuracy. Driving the ball straight off of the tee can be the difference between a birdie and a bogey. With the right technique and some practice, your golf game will only get better.

How to get the largest swing in golf?

Put the ball high in your stance. Stand so that the ball is aligned with your left toe. Swinging from this stance will allow the largest swing.

What does a high tee do?

A high tee will allow you to strike the ball on the upswing.

How to control golf swing?

Grip lower on the club. Place your hands a bit lower down on the grip area of your club, away from the clubs end. Gripping down further on the club will give you more control over its movement as you swing.

Why is it important to grip a golf club high?

Gripping the club up high allows for power at the cost of accuracy.

How many references are there in wikihow?

To create this article, 12 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. There are 8 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page.

Why Is It Important To Hit A Driver Accurately?

Hitting your driver accurately will make your life easier on the golf course and ensure you are always playing from fairway instead of longer grass.

Why is driving accuracy important in golf?

Hitting your driver accurately will make your life easier on the golf course and ensure you are always playing from fairway instead of longer grass. As I’m sure you’re aware, driving accuracy is so important. On the PGA Tour the top 10 golfers in driving accuracy on average gain a 0.7 stroke advantage on the field due to their accuracy.

What is Taylormade SIM Max?

The TaylorMade SIM Max driver is a great all round driver for beginners who are looking for high performance.

What is the first step in a teeing up?

The first step involves the teeing up of the ball. For longer hitters who have more leeway with their accuracy they will tee the ball high to maximize distance and the loft that they can get on the ball.

Why are straight drives important in golf?

This is because straight drives in the middle of the fairway mean an increased likelihood of reaching the green in regulation.

Why do you have to grip the golf driver lower?

By gripping the golf driver slightly lower you will be able to have more control and increase the probability of driving the ball straighter. You may lose some power from your drives but what you lose in power you should make up for in control and accuracy.

How to get more control in golf swing?

Firstly, set up your golf stance so that you are taking a narrow stance which is just beyond shoulder width. By doing this you will get more control with your golf swing than if you were to adopt a wide stance which allows for a bigger swing motion. Secondly, you will need to stand so that the golf ball is slightly inside of your left toe …

How to prevent hooks in golf?

1. Grip – so to prevent those hooks, we want to reverse the entire process for curing a slice. The right hand is likely too much under the club, so you need to move your hands towards the target. Rather than have maybe four knuckles on the lead hand showing, we want to see two or three.

How to hit golf balls?

1. Grip – you do not want your hands turning too much towards the target. We want to strengthen your grip, or turn it away from the target so you can see more knuckles (2:10 on the video to see how to do this). Change the grip, then hit golf balls. It might take some practice, but this is the first stage. 2.

Why do you have to let the golf ball release?

Reduce the pressure on the back of the golf ball – you need to let the club release because you are holding on way too much. When you apply too much pressure, the handle gets very high and you get underneath causing you to either block it to the right or flip it way left.

How to fix a hook in golf?

Fortunately, there is an easy fix to remedy a hook. By opening up your stance and teeing the ball a little bit forward of where you normally would, you can ensure that your swing plane will contact the sweet spot at impact, resulting in a straight drive down the middle of the fairway.

How to drive a golf ball straight?

This circle is the swing plane. To drive the golf ball straight, we must keep the club “on plane,” which requires that we extend our arms, transfer our weight, and rotate our hips through impact.

What happens if you hit a golf ball off center?

If you strike the ball off-center, then the resulting ball flight will also be off-line. Strikingmore towards the clubface’s left edge, also known as “shanking” it, then the ball will hook to the left. If you catch the golf ball towards the right side of the clubface, the ball will slice to the right.

What determines the trajectory of a golf ball?

The path that the club travels, known as the swing plane, will determine the ball’s flight trajectory following impact. When new players first take up the game of golf, they often struggle to drive the golf ball straight. Often times their troubles stem from not understanding the swing plane.

How to stop slicing your drive?

Much like with a hook, we can make a couple of adjustments, which will help us stop slicing our drives. Closing your stance and teeing the ball just a bit back from where you normally would you should be able to dramatically reduce the likelihood that you will slice the golf ball.

What do you spray on a golf driver?

So for this drill, all you have to do is apply a spray coating to the face of your driver. I like to use a white aerosol deodorant spray, but you can use just about any spray, as long as it is visible on the clubface and will not damage the club; even just some soapy water will do the trick.

Why do you split the fairway?

Being able to split the fairway is the number one way to build your confidence on the course. And give yourself the best possible chance to make a birdie or better. If you can’t keep the ball in the fairway, then you will never see much improvement on your scorecard. And frankly, the game won’t be nearly as fun as it should be.

1. Curve it less!

For at least seven or eight of these tips I’ll expect you to start with a groan or some variation of “Yeah, no s—!” But hopefully we can move past that together and glean a little insight.

2. Own your ball flight

Hopefully this doesn’t sound like I’m already contradicting myself. But just because you’d like to hit the ball dead-straight, per Tip No. 1, doesn’t mean that’s the reality available to you at the moment.

3. Hit driver

For decades, conventional wisdom has dictated that players should club down off the tee to keep the ball in play. Not so, says Plecker. For one thing, the face of your driver is larger than any other club in the bag. Also, you’ve likely hit the big stick more than any other club on the driving range. Take advantage of that practice!

4. Use the line

This one seems mind-numbingly simple, but maybe that’s the beauty of it. Plenty of golfers use the line on the side of their ball to ensure their putts are going in the right direction. Why not do the same on tee shots? Bryson DeChambeau believes it helps. Maverick McNealy thinks so, too:

5. Use the tee box to your advantage

Where you tee your ball up may seem like a relatively inconsequential detail, but you can mildly improve your chances of keeping the ball in play by using the angles of the tee in your favor.

6. Aim small

Top 100 Teacher Brian Mogg subscribes to the theory that you should select a very specific target for your tee shot — thus leaving you maximum margin for error.

8. Double-check the boring stuff

If you’re a good player feeling suddenly out of whack, there’s a strong chance that you’ve unintentionally changed something in your setup. Check your grip. Check where your feet, hits and shoulders are aimed. And check your ball position.

1. Proper Grip

There is only one part of your body that comes into contact with the golf club and that is your hands.

2. Solid Fundamentals

In terms of the setup fundamentals that will lead to straighter golf shots, we’re primarily talking about posture, alignment, and ball position.

3. Proper Swing Plane

One of the most important factors in determining shot accuracy, yet one of the least understood, is the concept of the swing plane.

4. Correct Weight Transfer

Fixing your swing plane and path, as we just described, can lead to perfectly straight golf shots.


As we said at the outset, learning how to hit a driver perfectly straight is a very optimistic goal to say the least.

What determines the type of golf swing?

When it comes to the golf swing there are simply two factors that decide what type of a flight the ball will take and these are 1. The path your clubhead takes in the downswing goin towards impact and 2. The angle of the club face at impact. Here is picture to illustrate.

When you’re going through your downswing to hit the ball, what do you want to pay attention to?

When you’re going through your downswing to hit the ball the areas you want to pay attention to are your weight transfer, keep the correct spine angle, downswing rotation of staying inside the golf ball, squaring the clubhead at impact, releasing after impact, and a smooth follow through. Here are my favorite videos on the subjects that go into great detail.

What to pay attention to when you’re getting into the top of your backswing?

When you’re getting into the top of your backswing the areas you want to pay attention to are a wide take away, your balance, how your wrist hinges, and getting the correct rotation out of our shoulders and hips. Here are my favorite videos on the subjects that go into great detail.

What areas of your body should you pay attention to when you’re getting into your setup?

When you’re getting into your setup the areas you want to pay attention to are your grip, feet and ball position, and setting up your shoulders. Here are my favorite videos on the subjects that go into great detail.