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how to dye golf discs

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The Easiest Way to Start1. Grab a disc you already have thats in a durable/premium plastic. …2. Make a mound by applying the shaving cream to a plate or container that is at least 9 x 9 inches across. …3. Apply Disc to the center of the mound and push down until streaks of color appear from the sides

What equipment do I need to dye a golf disc?

Shaving cream: shaving cream is used as it helps holding the dye in position while it is soaking into the golf disc Skewers: anything long and pointed can be used here. Skewers are best as they can be used for mixing the shaving cream and outlining designs

What disc color should I use for disc dyeing?

Then if you want the color to be as close to the dye color as possible, use a white disc. Otherwise, the base color of the disc will cause the dye to look different than expected. Similarly, lighter disc colors will allow the dye colors to show through more versus darker discs. Which Dyes Should You Use for Disc Dyeing?

How long does it take to dye a golf disc?

Slowly immerse the golf disc into the dye mixture Depending on the type of dye and what color you are using, the process can take anywhere from 5-10 minutes Shake off any excess dye from the surface and let it sit aside for a couple of hours for the disc to strongly absorb the dye 5.

How do you dye discs with shaving cream?

To prepare the disc dyes with shaving cream, put on some gloves and add a little bit of shaving cream into a cup and a little bit of powdered or liquid dye. I used the iDye Poly in Violet and Rit Synthetic Dye in Pink. Then mix in a little bit of water to help give it a creamy consistency. You can also add in a little bit of acetone ( Amazon ).

How many colors are in a disc golf starter set?

PRO Chemical & Dye makes a dye starter setspecifically for disc golf that includes six colors for $12. The dye comes in powder and will be mixed with the Floetrol. Beyond the starter set, they currently offer over 30 additional colors.

What color discs are best for disc dye?

White discs are best when first starting disc dyeing as they take the color of the dye most easily.

What do you need to mix dyes?

In order to mix your dyes, you’ll need something to measure liquids and dye powder with.

Why is heat important in dyeing?

Heat is instrumental in speeding up the dyeing process and assuring vibrant colors.

What is the best pan for frying?

A Teflon-coated frying pan larger in circumference than a disc is a good option if you have one to spare.

How much does a torch cost?

You should be able to purchase a basic torch and fuel for $20-$25 maximum.

Can you dye without silicone oil?

This technique is more advanced. You may want to try your first dyes without silicone oil and experiment with it once you’ve had success without it.

What is the best disc golf dye?

The iDye Poly is probably the best disc golf dye kit that you can use. Open the dye then remove the color intensifier that comes along with it because it will not be used in the whole process. Just take the powdered dye and cut the side slowly using a scissor.

What discs are good for dyeing?

But what are the best disc golf discs for dyeing? I will highly recommend those discs made with opaque premium plastics such as Discraft ESP and Innova Star. This type of disc will absorb the dye very well and can last for a long time without fading. In fact, this type of disc is the most popular choice in terms of giveaways or gifts to disc golf players.

Why do disc golfers dye their discs?

But why do a lot of disc golf practitioners spend time and resources to dye their discs? What is its importance? For the players like me, it’s all about adding a personal touch to the equipment. Customizing the disc to the player’s style and preference means adding a personal value and possibly help them improve their chances of winning. To others, it’s all about adding a personal flair to the equipment while also showcasing their sense of artistry in dyeing the disc.

What is worm dye used for disc golf?

Through the years, there are a lot of different dyes have been used to create a design in the disc. A brand called CS coating worm dye was used to do a worm dye disc golf and is best used with neon and other bright colors.

What is the medium used to dye disc golf?

The medium is the material that will be used to mix with the dye and is considered as the “bed” which will be used in transferring the dye to the disc. There are a lot of disc golf dye techniques that have been developed and I listed some below with the first two, probably the most popular method:

How to clean a shaving disc?

Clean the disc by rinsing it with tap water to remove the shaving cream mixture out of the disc and see the design which has been transferred to the disc during this time.

How to make shaving cream?

The first thing to do is to prepare the shaving cream by filling it into the mixing bowl. Mix the shaving cream with water with a consistency comparable to that of the milkshake, not watery and not too thick. To describe it for you, you want the mixture to slide off the spoon slowly after mixing it.

How to get a golf stamp off?

Choose your preferred golf disc. Pour a few drops of acetone on a coarse cloth and gently smear it all over the stamp. Rub until the stamp comes off. Make sure there is no gooey residue including oil from people’s hands on the disc surface. In the case of shaving cream dyeing, this step is not necessary.

What is used to hold dye in place?

Shaving cream: shaving cream is used as it helps holding the dye in position while it is soaking into the golf disc

How to get rid of gooey residue on vinyl?

An alcohol-based solution to get rid of the gooey (adhesive) residue that’s left behind when you peel off the vinyl paper. You can search your local hardware store for a product called Goo Gone.

How to avoid air bubbles on a disc?

Wrap the stencil edges tightly around the sides of the disc. Use a hard-edged card like a credit card to rub the places. It will help you avoid air bubbles. The dye can go inside the air bubbles ruining your design

What paper do you use for vinyl?

Vinyl paper: we recommend using Oracal 651; however, if you are getting started with disc dyeing, you can go with Oracal 631, as it is thicker and lenient on mistakes. It can be easily availed from a sign shop

How to cover weeded stencil?

Once your stencil is ready, you need to cover the weeded part using the painter’s tape. This will help the stencil maintain its shape

What to do with residue left in a sandpaper?

There will still be some residue left. Use Goo Gone to clear the remaining residue

How to change the color of a disc?

If you want to completely change the color of your disc then go with a bucket or large bowl and submerge the disc as I mentioned above. Submerge the disc and make sure that none of the edges are sticking out which can lead to an odd looking dye job; I know from my experience with an old Champion Coyote. You could also place the disc face down so that only the top of the disc is dyed leaving the underside as is. You may not need any acetone for this method unless you’re dying difficult-to-dye plastic.

What is the best plastic for disc golf?

Premium plastic is the best disc golf plastic to dye and translucent plastic is the most difficult to dye. Also remember that the more curved your disc’s flight plate, the more dye drips you’ll experience and the more difficult it will be to place a template or design cut-out.

How long to leave stencil dye on disc?

I like to leave the dye on the disc for a few hours, but if you’re using the 3:1 acetone mixture that I’ve described above, you may be able to rinse more quickly. You can increase the amount of acetone in the mixture if you are using a stencil dye and need to get the dye off quickly to avoid bleeding.

What do you put under shaving cream dye discs?

The pie tins under the discs catch the dye that spills off the edges to help avoid a mess. Pie tins are also my container of choice when I’m doing a shaving cream dye. I always have a bottle of clean water for quickly rinsing spills as well as extra towels. It’s also a good idea to keep a knife or pair of scissors handy for projects like these.

How to get rid of a vinyl disc?

This phase is simple, just make sure you’ve let the dye sit for long enough. Rinse in cold water for a few minutes. then remove all vinyl, fabric, or hot glue and rinse again. Scrub the disc lightly under running water.

What is adhesive vinyl decal?

Adhesive Vinyl Decal/Stencil Dye – one of the most popular and allows for very personalized designs and images.

What is spin dye?

Spin Dye – one of the most elegant design types, requires a steady hand and spinning equipment. Splatter/Drip Design – Literally squirting or dripping dye on a disc to get a cool pattern. Cloth design – soaking a cloth or other material then letting it sit on the disc and leave a pattern. Shaving Cream Dye – (dry powdered dye is usually best …

The Process

A big part of the disc dyeing process is organization. If you’re well-organized you’re sure to see excellent results, and the less messy you are, the more your clothes and countertops will be saved from stains!

The Methods

There are plenty of methods out there for dyeing your discs that it can be hard to choose between them. But what method you choose all depends on what design you would like and how you want your disc to look.

The Prep

This may seem like common sense, but always clean your disc before you dye it. Any dirt or grease will affect the end result and leave your disc with imperfections.

Taking Care of Your Dyed Discs (Cleaning)

Cleaning your disc is simple, but just make sure you’ve left the dye on for long enough first.


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How to make a dye jar?

Prepare your dye. Fill the jar with hot tap water and pour all of the dye powder in the pot. Close the jar nice and tight. To mix the color, you have to shake it a little bit. Pour it into the pan. Now take the disc and gently place it on the surface of the liquid. Don’t push it into the jar.

How to remove a stamp from a disc?

Removing the stamp. Erase the stamp that already exists on the disc with the help of acetone. Use some paper towel to scrape it off. Make sure to rinse it off to get rid of any extra amount of acetone that is still on the surface.

What color is best for stencil dye?

Idye poly will give you the best result. It depends on not only your choice but also on the dying method. A single color image is best for stencil dye.

How to make a disc out of contact paper?

Preparing your disc. Choose your design and print it out in black and white. After that, you have to cut a large enough piece of the contact paper that will overlap all sides of the disc. Pull off the backside of your contact paper. Get the sticky side up and center the object, which is the disc on it as best as you can.

How to make a disc darker?

Set it in gently because you do not want to splash it and get it under the back of the disc. Spin it around if possible. Leave it there and check it every 10 or 20 minutes to see how dark it has got. Pull it up once it receives the darkness you like. The longer it stays, the darker the color gets.

Can you dye disc golf discs?

Dying a disc golf disc requires some considerations and processes. Before starting to dyeing, make some research and take some opinions if possible. Here are some steps and considerations to make your task easy and comfortable.

Is plastic good for soaking?

Translucent plastics usually hold the color for a long time but not good at soaking dye fast. Premium plastics are good at soaking, and the color does not fade away quickly. Overall a good choice. Base plastic is not a good option.