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how to fix a zipper on a golf bag

how to fix a zipper on a golf bag插图

Can a fixnzip be used to repair broken golf bag zippers?

“C an FixnZip be used to repair broken golf bag and golf cart zippers?” The answer is Yes. For a golf bag, I recommend using a FixnZip size Medium. For a golf cart door or cover use the FixnZip size Large.

How to fix a zipper that won’t stay on?

With a sharp knife or seam ripper, gently pull the threads out until the whole length of the zipper is no longer intact. Be careful with your seam ripping, though, so as to not leave large holes and damage the quality of your bag. Consider this just one more reason why it’s a smart move always to have a sewing kit handy. 2. Realign Teeth

Can you fix a golf bag yourself?

There are several ways in which you can fix a golf bag yourself. You can restore your bag’s legs, straps, or zippers with a screwdriver or a drill. A broken or worn-out leg stand is two of the most common and annoying problems with golf bags. Read on to learn how to fix common golf bag problems at home.

What size fixnzip do I need for my golf bag?

For a golf bag, I recommend using a FixnZip size Medium. For a golf cart door or cover use the FixnZip size Large. Both of these options fit on a range of sizes and work on both tooth and coil zippers.

1. Remove Stitching

Whether your zipper break results from a rogue metal slider, uneven track for the teeth, or a tear along the seams, your first step should always be to remove what you can of the zipper for examination before troubleshooting further.

2. Realign Teeth

Zippers can sometimes perform a little like our golf game — they get a little out of whack from time to time, for no conceivable reason. The zipper teeth are especially susceptible to occasional misalignment.

3. Lubricate the Teeth

Though they look sturdy, the metal or plastic teeth of a zipper can break down due to too much wear and tear.

4. Double Check Zipper Pull

When a zipper starts to stick, the first part that starts to break is always the pull. All the tugging can cause the pull to snap right off, which will leave you unable to open or close your bag.

What to do if zipper pull tab is broken?

A Pull is not absolutely necessary to close the zipper but it makes it easy to close. If the pull is broken you can replace the whole slider with the pull, ofcourse .

How does a zipper work?

The zipper has two sides with teeth and both have to be in perfect alignment for it to work properly. When you pull up the pull tab of a zipper, the slider is moved over the teeth, and the teeth on either side of the zipper interlock and creates the continuous chain.

What to do if your teeth don’t align?

If the teeth does not align and if it does not close properly, you will have to use the plier to lessen the gap; do the adjustments mentioned above. After this try to get the slider up and now everything will be as it should be.

What to do if zipper comes down too soon?

If the zipper still comes down all too soon, Use the easy quick fix of tying the pull tab to the pant button with a small ring or a plastic band. Easy quick fix idea.

How to repair zipper slider?

There are three gaps in the zipper slider which you can adjust for fixing this problem. Side gaps on either side of the slider have to be narrowed with the plier. Then the up and down position has to be narrowed.

How to put teeth on zipper?

You can keep masking tape on the side edges (not touching the teeth at all) as pulling tabs. First get one edge up the slider. After this do the other side of the slider.

How to tighten a slider?

These gaps should be forced down with a plier for the slider to work properly. Gently coarse the slider tight. Do not make this too tight on the first try. Make a small adjustment, test the slider, then if further tightening is needed, do it


Does anyone know of a good place to get replacement zippers for a Titleist Players 14 bag? The zipper slides have broken off of a couple of my zippers.


If your bag is less than 2 years old, take it to a dealer…Titleist will replace.


I finally got around to repairing the broken sliders from my bag. I purchased this kit https://zipperrescue.com/product/outdoor_kit/ and it worked for the 2 sliders on the ball pocket as well as another.

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