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how to fix my golf drive

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How do you fix the grip on a golf club?

To fix your grip, hold the driver so that the club head is resting on the ground. Then rotate your left hand counterclockwise so that, when you look down, you can see three knuckles on your left hand.

How to fix your golf swing?

One of the first things that anyone will tell you when you look at how to fix your golf swing is to keep your head down. Popping your head up is entirely natural – after all, you really want to see where the ball is going. If you hit the ball right, though, you’ll have plenty of time to watch the ball go exactly where you want it to go.

How to fix a slice on the golf course?

Cure a golf slice by adjusting grip and stance, and improve the overall game. Steps. Adjust the grip on the golf club. Turn the grip slightly to the right (left handed golfers should turn grip slightly to the left).

How do I stop Missing my drives to the right?

Missing your drives to the right, usually by way of a slice, is frustrating. And while it can be a completely different feel when you start to get your club face more square at impact, golf becomes more fun. The ball flies straighter and further. Who doesn’t love that? Here’s how to do it. 1. A good grip

How to stay on the ground during a golf swing?

Ideally, you will be able to keep both of your feet completely flat on the ground throughout the backswing and downswing, only allowing your right heel to come up when you are moving into the follow through phase of the swing. Letting the heels come up off the ground is another move that is regularly associated with power. Some golfers believe that they will be more powerful if they use this kind of footwork, but that is almost never the case. Stay down in the backswing and downswing and you should be able to locate the sweet spot at impact far more regularly.

How to check your golf ball position?

To check your ball position, simply tee one up and take your address, then drop the club straight down. The grip end should point at your left heel. If not, adjust accordingly.

What is maddening driving?

What’s truly maddening is a driving game that’s solid one round, so-so the next. Why is it so difficult to hit it well off the tee from round to round? Consider that the driver is the longest, least lofted club in your bag. That means your fundamentals must be spot-on to make good contact time after time. Because of the club’s length, maintaining those fundamentals requires constant vigilance.

Why do you want to watch golf shots?

For one thing, you want to watch the other shots because they can give you bits of information about the course that will be helpful. Did the ball take a big bounce when it landed, or did it stop quickly? Did the wind appear to affect the flight of the shot? These questions can be answered by watching other people play, and the info that is gained can help you execute more effectively.

How to control golf club?

Choke down slightly on the grip. This is a basic, yet important, adjustment that you can make in order to gain control over the club – and the ball as well. Before starting your swing, or even taking your stance , choke down by an inch or so on the grip of your club. Doing this is going to effectively shorten the length of the club that you are using, which will make it easier to find the sweet spot at impact. Sure, you might give up a few yards of distance when employing this method, but the trade off will be more than worth it if you are regularly able to hit the fairway. Many professional golfers use this plan to gain control over the club, as they know that sacrificing a few yards of distance is a good choice to make if it means hitting more accurate shots.

How to hit a draw better than a fade?

Even if the hole is not bending the same direction as your preferred ball flight, you still may be able to fit your shot in to find the fairway. It would be nice to draw and cut the ball on command as you move around the course, but doing so requires a high skill level and plenty of practice. Instead of trying to be something you aren’t, stick with your trusted shots and execute consistently time after time.

Why do horses wear blinders?

In horse racing, the term ‘blinders’ refers to a piece of equipment that is worn by the horse in order to prevent them from being distracted by other horses in the race (or the fans, or anything else). This concept, minus the actual equipment, applies perfectly to the way you should play golf.

What Causes a Golf Slice with Irons vs. a Driver?

Here’s a quick primer on what a slice is and what’s causing you to lose control of your drives and iron shots.

How to swing a golf club from your lead thigh to your trail high?

Focus on the journey of the club handle. You want to swing the handle from your lead thigh back to your trail high, at which point the club shaft should be parallel to the ground. Before the handle reaches your trail thigh, the logo on your golf glove should point down at the golf ball.

What is a slice in golf?

For a right-handed golfer, a slice is a golf shot that curves dramatically toward the right. A slice is never controlled and never intentional. It takes you off course and adds strokes to your game. Trust us. You enjoy a round much more when you learn how to fix a slice in golf.

What is the shape of a golf swing?

Your golf swing travels in a circle shape. This circle is vertical, but it’s not straight up and down. If your swing shape is a hula hoop, it’s a hula hoop that leans in toward your body just a bit. Because of this lean, the direction of your swing path changes after you hit the low point.

How far does a golf ball curve when hitting a fade?

When you hit a fade, the golf ball curves only about 5-7 yards from the target line. When you slice it, the golf ball curves farther . . . around 15 yards to the right of the target line. If your ball flight resembles a peeling banana, you’re dealing with a slice.

What is a draw and fade?

Think of a draw and a fade. A draw curves gently to the left (if you’re right-handed). A fade curves slightly to the right. Both of these are controlled golf shots that can help you navigate the course better because they curve. A slice, on the other hand, is always a hindrance.

How to get a square face in golf?

Place an object—a tee, a towel, anything—just to the right of your target path. Take your golf shot. Finish with the butt end of your club pointed at the object you set out. This drill teaches you how to release the club at the right time to deliver a square club face.

Why Do I Slice the Golf Ball with My Driver?

The main reason golfers slice the ball with a driver is because of what is known as an outside-in swing path. During your downswing, this means the club is outside the line of the ball and is therefore too far away from the ball.

How Do I Fix My Slice with My Driver?

The 5 step process to help fix driver slices include aim correction, setup adjustments, grip check, elbow alignment, and proper weight transfer.

How Do I Stop My Driver’s Grip from Slicing?

There is an easy-to-follow three-step process to help combat your grip that slices the ball on impact.

Does Driver Loft Affect Slice?

When you increase the loft of your driver, it will help you close the face at impact. In theory, this should help you phase out the slice from your game, but it’s as simple as that. You will also need to account for the other variations in your setup if you want to eliminate your slice fully.

Why do I hit a shank shot?

You caught it so far off the heel, you hit the hosel—and golf’s most alarming shot: the shank. According to Golf Digest 50 Best Teacher Dana Rader, the shank comes from having a weak grip, which leaves the face wide open at impact and exposes the hosel. (A weak grip means your hands are turned too far toward the target on the grip.) "I’ve never been able to fix a shank without strengthening the grip," Rader says. "It helps square the face at impact." Another cause is standing too close to the ball. "Move as far from the ball as you can and still make contact. This makes the path more from the inside." Hopefully the nightmares go away, too. –Keely Levins

Why do golfers whiff?

Blew by youWhy do golfers whiff? Teacher Tom Stickney has a theory: "Sometimes you’re just too anxious to see the ball in flight," says Stickney, the director of instruction at Big Horn Golf Club in Palm Desert, Calif. The most common swing faults of the overanxious golfer are shifting to the back foot on the downswing and letting the arms collapse through impact , Stickney says. These errors pull the clubhead upward at impact and can cause you to miss the ball completely. If you whiff from time to time, try this drill: Place a penny in front of your ball on the range, and using an iron try to hit the ball and the penny. Stickney says, "This will keep the club moving on a downward angle, and help you shift to your front foot."– Ron Kaspriske

How to hook a ball from right to left?

To hook a ball from right to left, the clubface has to make contact with the outside half of the ball, the half that’s farther away from you ( which means the clubface is closed at impact). To prevent that, Zander says you should focus on making contact with the inside part of the ball.

How to avoid a pull in golf?

The shoulder lurches out toward the ball at the start of the downswing, which throws the club to the outside, causing an out-to-in swing at impact. The clubface is square to the path, so the ball flies straight left. Butch Harmon says the key to avoiding a pull is keeping the right shoulder back. "Make some right-arm-only swings with your left hand on your right shoulder, holding it back as you swing down," Harmon says. "The club will drop to the inside, and you’ll lose the out to in."– Peter Morrice

What does it mean when your shoulders spin out on the downswing?

Matt Killen, a Golf Digest Best Young Teacher, says a loss of posture — typically with your shoulders and hips spinning out on the downswing — produces the top, where you make contact with the upper half of the ball.

What did Ben Hogan call golf?

When Ben Hogan called golf "a game of misses, " he probably wasn’t talking popped-up drives, worm burners and shanks (a miss for ol’ Ben was likely a groove low on the face). But hey, this is the hand most golfers have been dealt, so instead of playing the blame game every time you hit a bad shot — glaring at that chirping bird, gesturing indignantly at the ground where the ball was lying, examining the club for some strange malfunction — get real and find out why you hit the shots you hit.

What is a toe hit in golf?

THE TOE HIT. Center your strikeShots off the toe of a driver feel bad enough, but toe hits with the irons are among the least forgiving in golf, diving left and losing much of their carry distance. Scott Davenport, the golf professional at the Quail Hollow Club in Charlotte, says one trick will cure toe hits right away.

How to get a good grip on a golf club?

1. A good grip 2. A full turn 3. *Feel* like your arms outrace club 4. Keep your underarms close 5. Fold your lead arm on your release 6. Drop your back foot behind you 7. Relax your hands and arms 8. Tilt your shoulders away from the target 9. Flare your trail foot 10. Adjust your clubs

How to get a more in to out path in golf?

6. Drop your back foot behind you. Once your grip has put your clubface in a correct position, you can produce a more in-to-out path by simply dropping your back foot more behind you. This “closed” stance will help your downswing come from the inside and swing out to the right. 7.

What happens when your lead arm stays straight?

But when your lead arm stays too straight post impact, it delays your release of the clubhead — which can leave the clubface too far open.

How to make a good swing path in golf?

A full and proper turn with your hips and arms, so that you create enough depth with your hands, will allow you to create a good swing path coming into the ball. What do we mean by a proper turn? Ideally, we’re looking for your shoulders to turn 90 degrees away from the target, and for your right arm to move behind you. When you turn behind like this, you’ll create a circular turn that will help create an in-to-out swing path

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How to help your arms and arms square the face?

Feeling like your arms win the race against your hips can help them swing through more in sync with your hips and help your hands and arms square the face.

What should your ball position be when you are struggling with your driver?

If you struggle more with your driver than your irons, it may be that your ball position is not correct. It should be towards your forward instead — but it needs to be accompanied with the resulting shoulder tilt.

How to get a slice in golf?

1. Place the ball in front of the inside of your front foot. Striking the ball on the downswing is one common cause of a slice. If you position your ball in front of the inside of your front foot, you’ll be more likely to hit it on your upswing, which will help the ball fly straight instead of curving to the right.

Why do I slice my golf ball?

Seeing your ball slowly drift farther and farther to the right into the rough can be soul-crushing. Several factors – including ball position, grip, and your swing – can cause a slice. Since there are many potential causes, no single adjustment or combination of adjustments will cure everyone’s slice. But by trying a number of different changes to your stance, club grip, and swing, you might be able to find an anti-slice strategy that works for you.

What happens if you hit your golf club too far?

If your left hand is too far underneath the club when you grip it, the angle of the clubface will be angled outward, causing your ball to curve to the right after you hit it. To fix your grip, hold the driver so that the club head is resting on the ground.

How to hit a straight shot?

Aim straight, rather than to the left, to hit a straight shot. Visualize a bright and thick red line running from your position to the target to help yourself hit a straight shot. Many golfers who frequently slice their drives start to aim to the left of where they want their ball to land to compensate for the rightward curve of their drives. This adjustment, however, can make a slice even worse because it exaggerates the outside-in trajectory of your swing, which is a common cause of a slice.

What causes a slice in a golf swing?

Outstretching your elbows pushes the club away from you, which then forces you to pull it in toward your body during your downswing. This results in an outside-in swing path, which can cause a slice .

What is outside in trajectory?

An outside-in trajectory is when your club moves towards your body during the downswing. This swing trajectory causes the clubface to hit the ball on its side, which makes the ball spin. This spin then causes the ball to curve to the right as it flies. …

How to keep your elbows tucked in?

To train yourself to keep your elbows tucked in during your backswing, hold a small towel between your elbow and body when you practice driving.

Why is it important to follow through on a golf swing?

Follow through is important for a number of reasons, not least of which is the fact at attempting to stop your shot too early can throw off your swing and cause your ball to go out of your control.

How to get a good shot with irons?

Be a Hinge. Hinging your wrists is the key to a good shot with your irons, but it’s something with which many new players struggle. If you want to ensure that you’re getting the shot off right, you need to think of your body as a hinge during the shot.

How to fix a golf swing in a hurry?

1. Look at Your Grip. A good swing always starts with a good grip. The best way to ensure that you reduce the height of your shot and control where it is going is to keep your hands low. This is going to help you to better control your …

Why is it important to swing with your body?

Doing so is going to allow you to leverage all the power of your body and will, in turn, lead to much stronger drivers. Swinging with your body also allows for a greater degree of control, which will help you put those longer drives exactly where they need to go.

Why do you swing your body?

Swinging with your body also allows for a greater degree of control, which will help you put those longer drives exactly where they need to go.

Why don’t you hold your breath?

This is an odd tip because it relies not necessarily on controlling your body, but on paying attention to what tends to be an unconscious habit. Many players tend to unknowingly hold their breath during the downswing, which actually reduces the amount of power that’s available to you.

How to keep your hands low when hitting a golf ball?

2. Pay Attention to Weight Distribution. Your stance is also going to have an impact on the way you swing.

What Are Your Favorite Golf Driver Tips?

I’ve found that these three minor adjustments have worked wonders for my students, but I’m curious to know:

How to tee a golf ball?

The next time you approach the tee: 1 Tee the ball up so half of the golf ball is above the top of your clubhead. 2 Stand with your feet together and the ball in the center. 3 Step your lead foot forward just slightly. 4 Step your trail foot back past your trail shoulder. 5 Tilt your shoulders so the trail shoulder is a little lower than the lead shoulder.

How to get a golf ball to be a trail shoulder?

Step your lead foot forward just slightly. Step your trail foot back past your trail shoulder. Tilt your shoulders so the trail shoulder is a little lower than the lead shoulder.

What is the goal of hitting an iron shot?

All your iron shots are hit off the ground, with the goal of making contact on a descending motion. Many common driver mistakes begin with golfers using the same approach to driver shots that they use for iron shots. Here are three of the most common mistakes and three golf driver tips you can use to fix them.

What is the only club you use to hit the ball off a tee?

Your driver is the only club you use to hit the ball off a tee. This fact alone should be your reminder of one detail many amateur golfers forget:

What is the longest club in your bag?

Your driver is the longest club in your bag. It creates the longest swing, and it’s the club you swing at the highest speed. You need more room in your stance to control that swing properly.

How wide should your stance be when you take your setup?

When you take your setup at the tee, widen your stance so that your feet are roughly shoulder-width apart.

What does it mean when you’re nervous on the tee box?

If you’re someone who gets nervous on the tee box, that mental state is affecting how you physically swing your driver. From what I’ve seen, nerves typically make the backswing fast and short. It’s tough to hit a good drive after making a snatchy move like that. If you’re feeling tense—like on the first tee or a tough driving hole—focus on making …

How to get a good swing on the tee?

If you’re feeling totally lost on the tee, you need a swing key that combats a lot of potential problems. Try keeping your arms swinging at a constant speed through the ball and all the way to the finish. Many golfers swing to the ball and stop; they "throw" the club at the ball. This can lead to misses of all kinds, so picking the proper correction can be confusing. If you keep up your arm speed, you’ll create good rhythm and flow through impact. You might be amazed at how things fall into place. Making an aggressive pass through the ball is always better than trying to steer it down the fairway. Remember, you’re making a golf swing, so keep those arms swinging.

What does it mean when you slice a golf ball?

If you slice, I’ll bet your ball position is too far forward. This opens the shoulders, which limits how far back you turn. An abbreviated turn sets up that early move with the right shoulder coming down. When you set up, play the ball in line with the logo on your shirt. Keeping the ball from being too far forward will allow you to start your swing with square shoulders, giving you the space necessary to make a full shoulder turn going back.

How to keep your golf club from freezing?

To combat this, keep some motion in your fingers and feet. Waggle the club back and forth. If you lock up, your nerves will hurt your swing. Moving your fingers and feet will keep you loose and more able to make a good, smooth swing.

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How to swing a golf club with your back facing the target?

Your best swing thought is to keep your back facing the target longer in the downswing. Make a full turn behind the ball, and then keep that right shoulder passive so your upper body doesn’t spin out.

How to get more power in golf swing?

Making a full turn back and shifting your weight will promote a natural swing rhythm, and you’ll get more power if you’re shifting your weight correctly. Remember, the ball’s not going anywhere, so take your time swinging back.