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how to fix shanking the golf ball

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How do you stop slicing the ball in golf?

As you start your takeaway,rotate the tee towards the ground,pointing straight downWhen you get to the top of the backswing,make sure the tee is pointed toward the sky If the tee is pointed forward or down,the club face is …As you transition down to impact,rotate the tee back towards the ground,maintaining flexion

How to stop swaying off the golf ball?

Grab a driving range basket and place an alignment stick through one of the holes so that the tip of it is positioned directly over the top of the golf …Reposition the golf ball so that it is just to the front side of the stickTake a 9-iron or wedge and set-up as you normally would to the ballMore items…

How to stop thinning the golf ball?

How To Stop Chunking The Golf Ball? The golfer must be able to control the low point and hit on the target side of the ball. The golfer must strike the ball and then the ground with irons and fairway woods. Utilizing drills is the quickest way to stop chunking the golf ball.

How to stop cutting across the ball in golf?

How to stop cutting across the ball. The beauty of this is that it’s so simple to set up. First, if there is a line on your ball, point it towards your target. From there, you want to create a gate to swing the clubhead through that will really exaggerate the opposite move to what you’re battling. This can be done with balls or tees …

What is a Golf Shank?

First, let’s clarify what we’re talking about when we talk about the shank.

How to tell if you shanked or sliced a golf ball?

Fortunately, you can tell whether you’ve sliced it or shanked it just by observing your ball flight. A golf shank travels low and directly to the right. A slice gets up in the air and curves to the right. For now, I’m going to share golf swing tips for overcoming the golf shank only. But don’t worry.

What is the most dreaded shot in golf?

The golf shank may be the most dreaded shot in the game. You think you’ve got a good shot lined up, then the ball flies low and to the right. Now you’re off course, you’re irritated, and you just wasted stroke.

Why do high handicappers have shanks?

Most high handicappers have a habit of doing exactly that. They bring their arms too far out in the transition. This in turn exposes the heel and hosel to the ball at impact, causing the shank.

What is a shanked chip shot?

Here is a classic example of a shanked chip shot: When you hit the golf ball off the hosel, the ball travels super low and far to the right, assuming you’re right-handed. If you’re left-handed, the ball veers to the left. To put it another way, a golf shank is the quickest way to turn one of the most popular sports into a frustrating pastime.

Why does my golf ball shank?

Nine times out of ten, when a high handicapper shanks the golf ball, it’s because they’re “swinging too far out to in.”

Why do you adjust the swing plane?

This adjustment helps you get back on the correct swing plane so you can center your contact with the golf ball.

How to stop shanking the golf ball?

Set up properly (as discussed above), flex your toes upward as you begin your swing and keep your chest high (maintain your spine angle) throughout the swing. Other than those focal points, keep your brain free of any additional chatter, which only exacerbates shankitis.

What does shank mean in golf?

More often than not, a shank occurs when a player’s weight gets too far onto the toes, causing a lean forward. Instead of the center of the clubface striking the ball—as you intended at address—the hosel makes contact with your Titleist, and—cover your ears and guard your soul—a shank occurs.

Is a 90 degree angle hosel rocket curable?

Fortunately, the shanks are curable and largely preventable ailment.

Does shankitis exacerbate?

Other than those focal points, keep your brain free of any additional chatter, which only exacerbates shankitis.

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How to fix shanks mid round?

The easiest way to fix shanks mid-round is to focus on a blade of grass to the inside of the golf ball. With your next swing make sure the middle of the clubface hits that blade of grass. This exposes the middle (or even toe) of the clubface and divorces your swing from the hosel.

What is shanks in golf?

Shanks are a terrifying ailment. One swing everything is fine and dandy, and the next your ball is shooting at a 45-degree angle into the trees. The shanks are something that can happen to anyone, and at any time. The scariest cases come when you’re in the middle of your round.

How to avoid shanks in golf?

Try to miss the ball on the inside. The shanks are caused by an open club face and a cast pattern during transition and release 95 percent of the time. Close the club face and try to intentionally swing and miss the ball to the inside (closer to you) from a normal address position.

How to correct a shank on the golf course?

There are many ways to correct a shank, however, standing a little further away from the ball and keeping your weight on your heels the entire swing is the easiest way to correct it on the fly. -Bill Moretti, Austin, Texas

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How to get rid of anxiety when playing golf?

If you are playing recreationally, tee up the ball and focus totally on swinging the clubhead to the target . This can remove the anxiety out of your mind and body so you can free up your swing. If you are too far into that downward spiral, I would suggest you stop playing, look for the beverage cart and have a drink!

How to get taller in a swing?

3. Stay tall through the swing. First, take a deep breath. Next, lighten your grip and try to stay tall during the swing. Most shanks are due to getting your weight out on your toes, so take a few practice swings with a lighter grip and stay tall through the swing.

What hole did Lexi Thompson hit lateral shots?

On the 17th hole, Lexi Thompson hit not one but two “lateral” shots (as some call it) with her wedge as she was trying to get on the green.

How to fix a sprained arm?

To fix it, try this simple drill: Place a towel across your chest under both arms. Using a wedge, make half swings focusing on using your chest to swing the club. The towel should stay under your arms from start to finish. When you get comfortable hitting the ground in the same spot over and over, try it with a ball.

What is a shank in golf?

The shank (by my definition for the sake of this article) is when the ball contacts the hosel of the club. The most often result is a low, quick shot well right of the target (for a right-hander). You can shank any club in the bag, but most often it happens with shorter clubs, especially wedges.

What par 4 does Lexi make?

At the time Lexi was hovering around the cut line, but she quickly saw hope fade away as she would go on to make an 8 on the par 4.

Why do my arms swing away from my body?

This is usually caused from a lack of upper body rotation.

How to get rid of a shank in golf?

So make sure your weight is balanced on the balls of your feet and you should be good to go. Standing the correct distance from the ball is another very important factor when eliminating the shank. Get too close to the ball and the danger level is going to be high.

How to protect yourself from the shank?

The first step to safeguarding yourself from the shank is to check and double check your set-up fundamentals. The easiest test for this is to check your balance. If your balance is in your toes or heels it is very easy for the club to move outside the ball during the swing. So make sure your weight is balanced on the balls …

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What is the in to out shank?

The in-to-out shank. Otherwise known as the “better player” shan k, or the “heel” shank. This happens when your clubhead swinging on a path that is too shallow, on a severe inside-to-out, which means the hosel is moving directly towards the ball.

How many different kinds of shanks are there?

There are 2 different kinds of shanks. Here’s how to fix both of them