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how to get free disc golf discs

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How to Get Free Disc Golf Discs1. Review products to help sellers conquer the Amazon algorithm The easiest way we’ve found to get free,or at least severely reduced priced discs (in many cases you’re buying them at or below manufacturing cost) is to make purchases of new disc golf products on Amazon. You see,here’s how it works. …2. Join a Disc Golf Team …3. Be a Reviewer or Influencer

What is disc golf and how to play?

Of course, the entire objective of disc golf is to throw your disc into a target basket in the fewest throws possible. Along with that objective, there are various situations that may arise that you’ll want to understand how to handle. Honestly, there isn’t just one way to play this game.

What is frisbee golf and how to play?

Instead of hitting a golf ball with a club into a hole, frisbee golf is played using a golf disc with the objective of throwing it into an elevated basket. Akin to traditional golf, a disc golfer will attempt to throw their golf disc into a basket using the fewest amount of throws possible from a starting area, or tee pad.

Where can I find and register for disc golf tournaments?

A very popular place for finding and registering for tournaments is at Disc Golf Scene. Simply list where you live and it will give you all the upcoming events closest to you. The registration fee is typically very low for these events and you’ll usually walk away with at least some new disc golf discs or gear as a prize.

How do you throw a disc golf disc?

There are plenty of ways to throw a golf disc, but there are some basic concepts and principles that you should follow when perfecting your technique. The most common throw you will see disc golfers use is the backhand. That is the throw I advocate for beginners to understand first. A golf disc is thrown differently than a catch frisbee.

Where and how to get free disc golf discs?

Are you wondering after reading that you can get free golf discs? Do you think you have to steal, spam, or hack anyone to get free golf discs? Oh, mate, you are thinking absolutely wrong. Without stealing, hacking, or spamming, you can get golf discs freely. Here is the way:

What app shows scorecards?

In the Google Play Store, you also find many disc golf apps that will show you the game’s scorecard on your mobile screen. Some apps are Disc Golf Rival, Mike’s Disc Golf Tracker, Golf & Disc scorecard free, Disc Golf Valley, etc. When you play any disc golf tournament or league, the app will show you a scorecard for every throwing of your and your opponent’s discs. Now, you know how to play to win the match.

What is the best app for disc golf?

The infinite disc golf is another best app for golf disc players or enthusiasts. This app works in a specific way to organize leagues for golf disc players. By this, you get access to play league tournaments and can see digital monitoring scorecard course information, and many more. Even you can track your and other players’ scores by the scoreboard and make your defenses during the league rounds. Using this simple app, you can save your time and energy, which you will use to calculate the opponent’s score.

What is the best app to score on golf discs?

UDisc is one of the most famous golf disc apps in the USA, by which you can score while you play casually. It has both free and paid subscriptions. If you take a paid subscription, you have to pay 4.99 dollars per year. This app always measures your throwing score. So you can evaluate yourself and get to know which discs go the longest distance.

How to close stencil design?

Apply some duct tape on the stencil design to close it and wrap the extra vinyl to the disc’s opposite side. In the meantime, make ready a coat of die in a stockpot.

How to remove stencil from disc?

Take some drops of acetone on the cotton ball and rub it on the stencil. After two to three minutes rubbing the stencil will remove from the disc. Then wash it with clean water.

How to get free golf discs?

For getting free golf discs, you have to hang with those who have a bunch of discs. You can propose to them; you want to buy their old discs. Most of the time, they will sell at a low price, and they don’t check the discs before selling. So you can get many discs, and there are also some new golf discs. For buying old discs, you don’t need to spend too much.

What are the different types of golf discs?

There are 4 general categories of golf discs. Distance drivers, fairway drivers, mid-ranges, and putters. Distance drivers – As is obvious by the name, this type of disc has the highest potential to fly the furthest distance. They are also the hardest discs to throw.

How many numbers are on a starter disc?

When you look at your three starter discs , you’ll notice that there are 4 numbers displayed. These numbers are known as the flight rating system, which was first developed by Innova and has since been adopted by many other disc manufacturers in some form or another.

How much does it cost to play disc golf?

Most disc golf courses are free-to-play, being shared with public parks. Additionally, one only need purchase a few discs usually between $10 to $15 each to get started. These are the major reasons why disc golf has been growing at such a fast rate in recent years and will likely continue to grow far into the future.

What is the golf disc called when you throw a golf disc into a basket?

Akin to traditional golf, a disc golfer will attempt to throw their golf disc into a basket using the fewest amount of throws possible from a starting area, or tee pad. Progressing from the tee pad and finishing at the basket is referred to as ‘hole’.

What is a mid range disc?

A mid-range disc will have a more rounded outer edge and thinner rim. When thrown correctly, this type of disc has the ability to fly much straighter than a distance or fairway driver. Typically used for distances between 150 and 250 feet by beginner, intermediate, and advanced players.

How many holes are there in disc golf?

A full game or round of disc golf is typically comprised of 9 to 18 holes on a course and the player that completes a round in the least amount of throws in the winner. It is important to note that a golf disc is not the same as a normal frisbee.

Where to place a disc in golf?

Find a comfortable position to place the outer rim of the disc in the palm of your hand, just between your pointer finger and thumb. Some players find it helpful to use the creases of their hand as a guide of where to place the disc. This can help with consistency. 2.

How to Choose the Best Disc Rack

A disc rack is an easy and effortless way to organize your growing disc collection. When choosing a disc rack, there are several things that you need to consider. They include:

Disc Golf Storage Bins

A disc storage bin is designed to help you stay organized and prevent your discs from lying around. The market is flooded with disc storage bins that are designed to accommodate different types of discs. Different disc golf storage bins can accommodate a varying number of discs, depending on the type of discs.

How Many Discs Should I Bag?

A golf disc bag comes in handy for players that want the convenience of easy grab and go. Most bags open at the top to give you access to the discs. Although some sets of discs include a carrying bag, you may still want to find a separate bag if your collection is expanding.

What are the Different Types of Discs to Store?

To improve your game in a course, you first need to familiarize yourself with the different types of golf discs. The most common type of discs includes:


Knowing how to properly store your disc golf discs will enable you to maintain your collection for a long time. It prevents your discs from flying around everywhere and this can prolong their life. Above are some excellent options that you can explore.