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how to get sticker residue off golf club

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How to remove stickers from golf clubs?

Goo gone is the number one option when removing stickers from golf clubs. The purpose of this product is to remove goo and adhesives from unwanted places. If you have goo gone on you, you will be able to remove these stickers in only a few minutes. If you want to order some goo gone you can purchase it from their website.

How do you remove sticker glue from the shaft of a pen?

I spread the peanut butter on with my finger and rubbed it in for a second. Then I let it sit for about 2 minutes. I then rubbed it off with a paper towel and the glue was completely gone. I then took a lightly moist cloth and wiped the shaft. It worked perfectly. You cant even tell that there was glue on it or where the sticker was.

Can you use peanut butter to clean a golf club?

Thought of using peanut butter on a golf club, just seems a bit odd…but I guess it works. [/quote] If you wish to lick the residue off the club, note that peanut butter is superior in taste to either Goo Gone or lighter fluid.

What is the best way to clean Golf Grips?

Grip solvent is used to de-activate the adhesive on grip tape so that you may place on your golf grips. In this case, you are going to put the grip solvent onto the area you wish to clean.

Should I Remove Stickers from Golf Club Shafts?

It is entirely up to you to decide to remove the stickers on your golf bag or leave them in place.

What Do the Stickers on the Golf Club Shafts Represent?

Most of the time, the sticker on your golf shaft is going to represent the type of shaft and the flex.

How old was Britt Olizarowicz when she started playing golf?

Britt Olizarowicz started playing golf at the age of 7. She played Division 1 College golf at St.Johns University, where she won two tournaments at the collegiate level. After college Britt went on to become a Class A PGA Professional. Her love for the game spans almost her entire life. Today Britt loves sharing her knowledge of golf through her writing. After all, to teach the game of golf, you must first have a love for it.

What to use to remove glue residue from rag?

The grip solvent works very well to remove the glue and sticky residue. You will need to dip the rag in the solvent, but it does not need to be soaked with it by any means. If you don’t have a grip solvent , you can use something like acetone or paint thinner.

Can you remove stickers from graphite?

If you try other methods like using a razor blade to remove a sticker, you must do that with a graphite shaft. We don’t recommend using this method at all because it is just not necessary.

Can you identify golf shafts that are not marked?

Golf shafts that are not marked are going to be hard to identify once you take the stickers off, especially if there are no markings. This also becomes an issue for some people when they look to purchase their next set of clubs.

Do you need to use grip solvent on golf clubs?

You don’t want to have any grip solvent running down the shaft of the golf club. Grip solvent also tends to have an odor, and the smell will linger if you do not clean it up properly. Once you dry off the club, then you should be all set and ready to head out to the golf course with sticker free golf clubs!

How to remove sticker residue from golf clubs?

Vegetable oil or any sort of cooking oil is another great way to remove sticker residue from your clubs. Take whatever cooking oil you have and pour it onto a paper towel. Rest the damp towel ontop of the sticker residue you wish to remove.

What is grip solvent?

Grip solvent is used to de-activate the adhesive on grip tape so that you may place on your golf grips.

What is a goo gone golf club?

Goo gone is the number one option when removing stickers from golf clubs. The purpose of this product is to remove goo and adhesives from unwanted places.

How to clean stickers off golf clubs?

Another option for cleaning stickers off your golf clubs is to apply heat. Take a hairdryer and use low heat on the area you wish to clean. After it has warmed you can use a cloth to scrub it clean. A heat gun typically works best when accompanied by one of the other options on our list.

Why does peanut butter lose adhesive?

The oil within the peanut butter is likely what is causing the sticker to lose it’s adhesive. But hey if it works, it works.

1. Use Grip Solvent

There’s a high chance you have a grip solvent lying around your house. It’s a cheap yet cost effective solution that you can use to remove the price tag sticker from your golf club. Not to mention that it’s quite easy to use.

2. Use Goo Gone To Remove Stickers from Golf Club

If you’ve considered using Goo Gone to remove stickers from golf clubs but you’re not sure if the solution will work, we strongly recommend that you try it.

3. Use Hair Dryer to Remove Stickers Off Golf Clubs

Some people claim that the ugliest stickers are the hardest to remove. And that’s mostly because they remove them by hand and then have to clean the sticky and frustrating residue. A better way to remove the garish an unsightly price tag from your golf club is to use a hair dryer.

4. Use Vegetable Oil

There is more to vegetable oil than just the usual purpose. In our case, it makes a good solution that you can use to remove stickers from your golf club.

5. Use Peanut Butter

To be honest, this is probably the last option a golfer will think about, especially because not many of us have use peanut butter beyond its intended purpose. But it works, and it does so quite well.


Peanut Butter also works on removing gum from your dress pants, jeans, clothing etc.


Goo gone has worked the best for me after you tear the sticker off–the goo gone will get the rest of the sticky stuff off and then just wash with soap and water to get the greasy goo gone all the way off
My wife already thinks I’m a crazed golf nut…


Did you say "Adams" peanut butter? Now that’s some forward thinking cross-polinational maketing strategy. (Did it come in a box rather than the traditional jar?)


Of all the many products on the market guaranteed to safely remove sticker glue, you come up with PEANUT BUTTER?


I recently purchased some clubs and tried removing stickers on the shafts, which left glue/sticky residue on the shaft. I searched online and found several methods of removing the glue. I heard nail polish remover and paint thinner. I really didn’t want to try either of those on my graphite shafts and wedge/steel shafts.


I use goo gone. It smells good and doesnt damage anything. I think its like $4 from home depot so its cheap too.