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how to get used to new golf clubs

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How to Get Used to New Golf Clubs FasterPractice Makes Perfect We know it sounds obvious,but it’s worth reiterating. It’s hard to overstate the importance of regular practice. …Choose the Right Clubs for the Job If you’ve found success with super lightweight clubs before,you’d be doing yourself a disservice to jump suddenly to a heavy-duty set without good reason. …Get Support When You Can Buying from a specific manufacturer’s store? …

Where can I buy and sell used golf clubs?

Used golf clubs can be bought and sold online and in person. When buying used clubs, look on website auctions, local retailers, and even online golf stores. If you’re selling used clubs for cash, selling them through an online auction (such as eBay, Craigslist, or Facebook Marketplace) may be your best bet.

Should I buy a used set of clubs?

You should approach buying a used set of clubs much like you would when buying a used car. First you want to find a reputable dealer, then you want to make sure you’re getting exactly what you’re paying for.

Should you buy new golf clubs every year?

It would be quite the expensive endeavor to buy new clubs every time new (and “better”) equipment hits the market. You’d also only see marginal gains from your equipment year-over-year, so it may not be the best use of your money.

Why buy used golf clubs from insidegolf?

Join INSIDEGOLF and get $100 of value for $20! Used clubs can help save you money. Whether you’re looking to upgrade a driver you’ve had for a few seasons or just trying to find that first set of clubs to get you onto the course, buying used can save you a lot of money.

Why do you use Titleist?

Once you purchase off the rack, the only thing you can do it adjust loft and lie. You lose out on all the available standard and custom shafts (a significant number which are no up charge). My #1 reason to use Titleist is the company does not sell by the set but by the club. You can mix/match all clubs/hybrids/fairway and the price per club does not change. You don’t have to order a 3-PW set and then try to sell the 3I to add in a hybrid. That’s the Titleist advantage. If your store discourages this, consider the value of getting fit correctly at a pro shop and then just selling your other OEM clubs to online used club sites. You might even find a pro shop less expensive than a retailer.

How long does it take to adjust irons?

Depending on your skill level, you should be able to adjust to new irons after a few range sessions or in as few as 5 rounds. I will say that I change irons with each new release and they go straight into the bag. I don’t find that I need a lot of time to make the adjustment, maybe the first nine holes or so.

How long does it take to get used to new equipment?

The more you practice, the faster you’ll be able to get used to the new looks, sounds, feels, etc. For me, I’m able to practice often (as I work at a course) so I’m generally able to get used to new equipment in 2 weeks to a month, depending upon what I changed. Hopefully that might be some sort of gauge.

Do you need to get fit before ordering new golf clubs?

Please do not order new clubs without getting fit first. When you are properly fitted, your new clubs arrive exactly as you need them and will/should not need any more adjustments.

Should I get fit first?

As far as getting fit, I would usually always recommend getting fit first, seeing as getting fit may help with getting some similar feels to your old clubs. In this case, since you are switching brands as well, I might hold off for a little bit. At least until you decide if you like your new equipment. No reason to waste money on getting fit, only to decide you don’t like the new clubs! Hopefully this helps some.

How much can you save by buying used golf clubs?

There’s no point going through a list of the advantages of buying used golf clubs. Because let’s face it, in reality, that “list” would be one item:

What is GolfWRX?

GolfWRX is one of the biggest golf communities on the web , and they have an active classifieds forum, which allows members (with over 75 posts) to list golf clubs for sale.

What is a used golf club?

Used golf clubs are similar to used cars to a degree, and you do get what you pay for. When doing our research on how much you’re likely to save buying used clubs, we focused on “like new” and “very good” condition.

Why buy a set of used golf clubs?

Because by buying a set of used golf clubs, you’ll save yourself a wedge of cash, and get a lot more “club for your money”. And hey, who doesn’t love a bargain?

How long does it take to return a Callaway club?

Callaway quality check every club listed on the site, and also offer 15 days to evaluate and return. If you’re not completely happy, you can return the club (s) to Callaway for a full refund.

What does "fitted for someone else" mean?

Which means that it’s been fitted for someone else, not for you.

Is the Ping G425 released?

a) Ping G425 has literally just been released (expect the price on used G400 to dip soon)

What happens when you lose your grooves on a sand wedge?

McKee says that when irons and wedges lose their grooves, the ball will lose spin going into the green. So, if you’ve had a sand wedge for years, and you’ve noticed that the ball is bouncing and rolling out instead of bouncing and spinning, you probably need a new wedge.

What to do if you take divots?

If you’re taking huge divots, then it’s likely you’re playing irons or wedges that don’t have enough bounce on the sole. You can certainly learn to shallow the club out and get less steep to address the issue, but better-fit golf equipment can be a quick fix.

Why does my golf ball spin so much?

If, under relatively dry course conditions, your drives hit the fairway and stop quickly without rolling out, your ball is probably spinning too much. Also, if your irons seem to float too much in the air and you’re constantly coming up short of your expected distances, too much spin could be the culprit.

What to do if your buddy recently bought a new driver?

If your buddy recently bought a new driver and has all the sudden started outdriving you, maybe ask to try his driver next time you’re at the range together. Hit your older technology against his new technology and see the difference. Don’t be surprised if the new technology helps you pick up big distance.

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What happens if you spin your golf ball too much?

Whether it’s with your driver or irons, having too much spin on your golf ball during flight can have negative effects. Launching the ball high can be helpful, but too much spin will make the ball balloon in the air, losing distance and control in the wind. Gear.

Why do golfers hit the ball higher?

By launching the ball higher into the air, you could gain distance off the tee and control with your irons.

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What is a good fitter?

A good fitter would be able to help you discover which grind and bounce is best for you. "Unfortunately, with amateurs, wedges are often the clubs that are least fit. There’s a huge opportunity for scoring improvement by spending some time to be fit for your wedges.

Which swing requires more bounce?

A steep swing requires more bounce typically, while a shallow swing requires less. A good fitter would be able to help you discover which grind and bounce is best for you. "Unfortunately, with amateurs, wedges are often the clubs that are least fit.

Who are the editors of Golf Digest?

And they are sharing their golf equipment knowledge with you. Golf Digest’s equipment editors, Mike Stachura and E. Michael Johnson, have covered the golf equipment business for decades, and there are few who know the equipment industry better. We’ve asked them to answer your questions in a weekly equipment round-up.

very handicap

Just switched to a new set of clubs but cannot ripe the benefit of the clubs yet. Just wonder for the folks out here how long did it take you to be really effective and good with your new set of clubs 1 round, 2 rounds, 3, etc…


I put a new set of irons in play mid-season and I play nearly everyday and it took me a couple of months to really get use to them. I doubt your going to adjust in just a couple of rounds.


I round—-I’ve got so many different brands of clubs the switch isn’t too difficult
I be a true CLUB HO


I would say a couple of practice rounds with the range finder to dial the yardages, then a couple more to work out how much draw or fade the different face angles can give, so probably a month, but for me in Dublin this a great time to change as "real" golf doesn’t start up again until March.


I think he meant to switch from a set you know to one you don’t – I can switch between my own sets fairly seemlessly – now that I know them all.


LOL on club ho’s. One of my regular 4-some guys purchased 3 lob wedges in June of last year…every week he brought a differnt one….he then showed up in July with a 50 degree persimon hybred!!! LOL a freakin chipping wood!!! We were damn near in tears. it didn’t help him.


I think it depends on how different the new clubs are from your old ones.
I switched from Mizuno MP-32 to MP-52 last year. There wasn’t a huge difference and I was used to the 52’s in about a week or two.
I think the time to adjust would be longer if you were switching from something like an oversized game improvement iron to a thinner muscle back.