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how to hit a golf ball further with a driver

how to hit a golf ball further with a driver插图

How do you hit a golf ball from the fairway?

The FundamentalsStance – The position of your feet and legs as you prepare to hit the ball. …Address – Once you’ve taken your stance,grip,and are set in your posture,you address the ball by placing the clubhead on the ground behind the ball.Grounding the Club – This term refers to the point when your club touches the ground while you are addressing the ball.More items…

How to hit a golf ball higher with the driver?

Swing Tip: How to Hit the Golf Ball HigherWith the Driver,It’s Simple. Before we get into the discussion of how to hit high iron shots,let’s first start with a quick mention of the driver.With Irons,Up Starts with Down. Golf can be a confusing game,and one of the tricky components is the fact that you need to hit down on the ball …Make a Great Turn. …Don’t Force It. …

How to hit a golf ball from a downhill lie?

How to handle a downhill lie and hit the greenSET SHOULDERS PARALLEL. Your normal iron setup won’t work for this lie—the clubhead will bottom out too soon and you’ll make contact with the ground behind the ball.MOVE YOUR WEIGHT TO YOUR DOWNHILL FOOT. It’s critical to make ball-first contact from this lie,so play the ball in the middle of your stance (or at least slightly …TRACE THE SLOPE. …

How do I hit a golf ball straight every time?

Tips for Hitting a Ball Straight Every TimeThe Best Swing Speed for Straight Shots. First,let’s clear up one common misconception. …Hitting Straight Golf Shots Off the Tee. Here’s another super simple trick that helps you get more control over your golf swing. …Adjust Your Golf Stance to Fix the Slice. …Three Changes to Make on the Golf Course. …

How to hit a driver farther?

OK so here’s the problem. I’ve told you that you need to hit up on the ball more in order to launch your drives much farther. How do you do it, and then how do you confirm whether or not you are actually making progress?

What is the driver in golf?

The driver is the only club in the bag that you make a full swing with that you actually should strive for a more neutral, or positive angle of attack. That’s exactly what the guy was telling me about that day when he said to “hit up on the ball.” Many great drivers of the ball have understood this concept for a long time through trial and error, and recently the data from launch monitors have backed up just how important this is for maximizing your distance.

Why do golfers hit down on the ball?

Most recreational golfers are hitting down on the ball with their drivers for a number of reasons, and because of that they are not optimizing their distance potential for their swing speed.

How far can a 95 mph swing go?

You can see a player with a 95mph swing could go from hitting drives that carry 207 yards all the way up to 231 yard s by significantly increasing their angle of attack. That’s a tremendous amount of distance to gain without increasing swing speed.

What device tracks the motion of a golf club?

I wouldn’t obsess about the actual number you are getting, but rather track the difference in numbers between your swings. Devices like Swingbyte that track the motion and position of your club throughout the swing use a different technology than launch monitors. Comparing numbers for certain data points like attack angle can be like comparing apples to oranges.

How to get a better backbone in golf?

The conventional wisdom out there is to: Tee the ball higher. Move the ball closer to your lead foot (just inside the heel) Lower your trail shoulder so your spine angle is pointing to the sky a little more. Some of these changes may or may not work for your particular swing.

What is the angle of attack in golf?

Angle of attack is defined as the vertical direction of the club head’s geometric movement at maximum compression of the golf ball.

Why do golfers use their arms more than their body?

They will use their arms more than their body, and it just leads to inconsistent ball striking without much distance.

Why do tour players hit the ball so far?

The reason all of the tour players can hit the ball so far isn’t just about their swing speeds, and all of the technology they have working in their favor. It’s because they can hit the ball on the sweet spot of the club with amazing regularity.

How to hit your driver farther?

There are a million tips out there that tell you how to hit your driver farther. Widen your stance, strengthen your grip, create lag in your swing, make a full shoulder turn, widen your swing arc. Blah blah blah blah.

What is the main point I want to try and make?

The main point I want to try and make is that in order to hit the ball farther, your first order of action is not to try and hit the ball farther.

Can you swing faster if you have control?

You can’t have swing speed until you have control, and good ball striking. Those are the two most important factors to work on before you think about swinging faster in order to hit the ball farther. I might not have the exact answer on how to hit the golf ball farther, but at least I told you what not to do.

What to do if you feel like you are struggling with golf?

If you feel like you are struggling with that, then perhaps it is time to take a lesson or two, and have a qualified professional look at your overall swing. Please tell them you want small changes only!

Do two golfers hit the same ball closer to the sweet spot?

If you take two golfers who have similar swing speeds, and one is hitting the ball more solidly at impact than the other, in almost all cases the player hitting the ball closer to the sweet spot will hit it farther on average .

How to set up a golf driver?

When setting up, ensure the ball is just inside the heel of your leading foot. Your head should always be behind the ball at the address, and your lead shoulder should be higher than your back shoulder is. This means that the right-handed player’s left shoulder is angled more towards the sky, and the right shoulder sits lower and vice-versa. These fundamentals will ensure you are swinging the driver with a positive attack angle.

What happens when you swing down at the ball?

Swinging down at the ball with your driver will result in you hitting high, spinning drives that lack distance. The center of gravity in most drivers is positioned in a way that benefits a positive attack angle, meaning hitting the ball on the upswing is essential. All that means is you should play the fall forward in your stance so as you strike it as your ball begins to travel ‘up.’ If the ball isn’t positioned quite far enough forward, you will naturally hit down onto it, which leads to a whole load of problems.

What is the smash factor?

You might ask yourself precisely what smash factor is? It is more than just a popular buzzword when it comes to discussing club fitting. The ball speed of the shot is divided by the players’ swing speed, and you want to be as close to 1.50 as possible, the optimum figure for efficiently reaching the most potential from a player’s speed.

Why is a long swing important?

A solid, wider stance gives you better balance and a good strong base to back a smooth turn—golfers who stand narrow more often than not tend to swing slower and smaller. A long swing combined with speed and balance is crucial for consistently long drives.

Where is the tee ball?

Tee the Ball Halfway Above the Crown of Your Driver

Is distance off the tee good?

Distance off the tee is undoubtedly one of golf’s great equalisers, especially now as modern golf courses are long and the classic courses are steadily becoming longer. Here are several simple tips that you can start to incorporate into your game to enhance the length of your drives and maximise your speed without making any significant changes to either your swing or your body.

When is the rule to limit driver length implemented?

Rule to Limit Driver Length Can be Implemented from January

What is a launch monitor?

A launch monitor, like the recenlty launched Foresight Sports GCQuad, will quantify your launch characteristics – so things like attack angle, ball speed, launch angle etc will be given a numerical value and your pro can tell you if they’re good or bad and suggest technical or equipment-related tweaks to improve them.

How fast can a golf shoe go?

Via it’s Performance Fitting System, FootJoy has proven that the correct style of shoe – be it structured or mobile, can achieve 3-4 mph more clubhead speed on average, equating to about 10 yards. In fact, 98 per cent of tour players achieved more distance with the shoe the system recommended for them.

What if we told you that you can swing the club with the same speed and hit the ball 20 yards further?

What if we told you that you can swing the club with the same speed and hit the ball 20 yards further? All you need to do is change the way you deliver said club. By altering your delivery from steep and out-to-in (fade) to shallow and in-to-out (draw), you have the potential to add some serious distance to your game with the same amount of effort.

Why do golfers wear out their grips?

Worn out grips cause a golfer to hold the club tighter, which restricts the length of your swing and reduces speed and control. A Golf Pride study found that swing speeds improved by more than two miles an hour when a player replaced an old grip with a new version of the same grip. So come on people, get a grip! Or 14 of them to be precise…

Why do you need a quick tip?

And you need them fast, because the season is upon you and you’re fed up being out-driven off every tee.

Is backspin a distance killer?

Backspin is forever referred to as the distance killer and while we all need some of it in our lives, a little less is likely to add a few extra yards off the tee. The higher your swing speed, the less backspin you need with your driver (providing the launch angle is high enough) and you’re likely to experience the biggest drop by switching to a low spin driver.

Who is pushing his tee peg deep into the ground?

You won’t catch World Long Drive Champion Joe Miller pushing his tee peg deep into the ground any time soon as he relies on a high tee height to encourage a more upward hit on the ball.

How to tee the ball in a stance?

You also want to tee the ball up in the forward portion of your stance, just inside the lead heel. This will allow you to catch the ball at the end of your swing arc when you are hitting up on the ball. To get this position, set up with your feet together even with the ball and then taker a wide step back with your trail foot. This will put you in a nice, wide base to make an athletic and powerful swing.

How to swing a golf club with a trail hand?

Next, put your trail hand on the club. When you do this, your spine will naturally tilt back away from the target and put you in the correct position to make a solid swing.

How to make a solid swing?

Spine tilt. Once you get in this position, grip the club in your lead hand. Your shoulders should be level and square at this point. Next, put your trail hand on the club . When you do this, your spine will naturally tilt back away from the target and put you in the correct position to make a solid swing. 4.

Why is it important to nail down the fundamentals of a driver?

Because of this, it is extremely important to nail down the fundamentals of a driver so you can wield the big stick with confidence.

Where should the ball sit when teeing up?

You typically want about half the ball to sit above the face of the driver when you tee it up. This makes is easier for you to hit up on the ball and elevate the ball off the tee. 2. Stance. You also want to tee the ball up in the forward portion of your stance, just inside the lead heel.

Do you need to tee the ball up?

Before you even think about your swing, you need to tee the ball up. This might seem simple, but it is a key for hitting the driver consistently as you want to have the ball teed up at a uniform height every time.

Who is Zephyr Melton?

Zephyr Melton is an assistant editor for GOLF.com where he spends his days blogging, producing and editing. Prior to joining the team at GOLF.com, he attended the University of Texas followed by stops with Team USA, the Green Bay Packers and the PGA Tour.

What does it mean to keep your lead arm straight?

Did you know that the straighter you keep your lead arm (left arm for righties) the longer the ball will travel? This is essential in adding distance. With a straight lead arm, you’re creating a longer distance for the clubhead to travel in order to get to the ball (at impact). A longer swing usually results in more distance on your shot.

How to get faster club head speed?

Keep that in mind when you start your downswing. Using the hips as a trigger to pull the club through your swing (rather than trying to push it through with your arms) allows you to use your twisting momentum to generate a faster club head speed.

Why do you need to hit the ball farther?

At some point every golfer gets the itch to hit the ball farther, and why not? Adding a bit more distance can help shorten your approach shots and improve your ability to hit greens in regulation (plus it feels great to really give one a ride).

How much weight should you shift to your back?

Shift Your Weight. Transferring your weight is also very important. At the peak of your backswing, roughly 60% of your weight should be on your back leg. After you pivot through the ball with your hips and hands about 85-90% percent of your weight should shift to your front leg.

How to hit the range for a practice?

Give these a try the next time you hit the range for a practice session: 1. Watch Your Grip. First, try adjusting your left hand (for righties) a bit inward so that your knuckles are facing your target. This hand position will better allow you to drive through the ball at impact.

Do you need to hit the gym to hit the golf ball farther?

Remember, you don’t need to hit the gym or swing out of your shoes to hit the ball farther. It is your swing mechanics, not your muscles, that make the ball travel farther, so get out there and give these tips a try. We’re sure that doing so will help you find a few extra yards next time you’re facing down a long par 5.

How far does the AOA jump?

In this picture, we see the AOA in the red circle (5.8 degrees upwards) and the carry distance jump to 262.4 yards. This happened despite slightly less swing speed. With this AOA, the launch angle basically doubled, and the spin rate dropped a little. Total distance was 288.6 yards – not bad for little a swing speed just barely more than 100 mph.

Why is the average golfer losing distance?

Did you know that the average golfer is losing a ton of distance, simply by not optimizing ball launch physics? Most golfers launch the ball either too low, with too much spin, or a combination of both — sapping their game of distance.

What does AOA mean in golf?

Angle of attack (AOA) relates to whether your club is coming down, level or up into the ball through impact. Combine this with the loft of the club, and it affects both our launch angle and our spin rate.

How to feel your hands moving through impact?

Feel as if your hands move upward through impact. Ideally, this is done by allowing your left shoulder to rise through impact, although some great ball strikers such as long-driver Jamie Sadlowski do it by allowing the left arm to bend slightly through impact. Look at the underside of the ball as you impact it.

What is positive AOA?

A positive AOA is needed to maximize distance, but it is not the be-all, end-all of distance. There are more things to consider. I personally settle on around a +3 AOA, as this gives me a nice blend of distance and control. Ease into a more positive AOA and test to see if it is right for you.

How many shots do you hit with a 5-degree downward blow?

Using a typical swing of an amateur, I hit 10 shots with a 5-degree downward blow.

Can golfers chip the ball well?

I’ve always admired golfers who can really chip the ball well. Through my years in golf, I have seen players of all handicaps who are excellent chippers, and all tour professionals are masters of chipping it close. But for such a simple little stroke and challenge, chipping seems to be a part of the game that eludes many of us.

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How to get a tighter backswing?

As you swing back, turn your shoulders but keep your left arm fairly straight — this will produce a tighter, more controlled backswing. Then, as you swing down, concentrate on maintaining the angle at the back of your right wrist well beyond impact. This will encourage the hands to remain well ahead of the clubhead at impact, taking loft off the club and giving you a lower, more piercing ball flight. Try to finish your swing lower, too — this will help lean the shaft forward at impact for even more loft reduction.

How to get your arms to hang straight down?

Setup: Stand closer to the ball. Place the ball just slightly farther back in your stance and inch your feet closer to the ball, so that your arms are hanging straight down, almost touching your rib cage.

Do tee shots balloon?

Your tee shots tend to balloon on you every once in a while, making it difficult to penetrate the wind and get much distance on blustery days. And even on calm days, you fail to get the roll and distance that your buddies always seem to manage.