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how to hit out of a bunker in golf

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How to hit a bunker shot in golf?

How to Hit a Bunker Shot. 1 Club Selection: Sand Wedge. For normal shots in bunkers around the green you will want to use your sand wedge. 2 Choke Down on the Club. 3 Grip the Club with an Open Clubface. 4 Widen your Stance. 5 Open your Stance. More items

How do you hit from a bunker with wet sand?

For instance, see our guide on how to hit from a bunker with wet sand. Place your hands and fingers a little lower on the grip of the club than you normally would. This will translate into a slightly shorter shaft, bringing you closer to the ball and giving you more control.

How do you use a bunker club?

Place your hands and fingers a little lower on the grip of the club than you normally would. This will translate into a slightly shorter shaft, bringing you closer to the ball and giving you more control. Bunker shots require finesse rather than pure power so the full length of the club is not required in most instances.

What is a greenside bunker shot in golf?

The Greenside Bunker Shot. If played correctly, the greenside bunker shot is the only golf shot in which you are not actually hitting the golf ball. The key to hitting these bunker shots is to hit a couple of inches behind the ball (typically two), going underneath the ball through the sand and letting the sand itself lift the ball into the air.

How to play golf from the sand?

Club selection. If you don’t select the correct club from the bunker, you’ll have no chance. Typically, you want a sand wedge (56 degrees) or higher. You should also make sure your wedge has the correct bounce so it can glide through the sand underneath the ball. 2.

How to play the blade in golf?

The more open you play the blade, the more you need to aim to the left. 5. Steepen your swing.

What is the hardest shot in golf?

Bunker shots are some of the most difficult in golf. Hitting the ball out of the sand requires technique that is unlike any other shot in the game. Combine that with the fact that every kind of sand is different, and you have a recipe for a difficult up-and-down.

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What equipment is best for the job?

A solid set of irons is more than sufficient for handling all types of bunker shots.

What is the greenside shot?

The Greenside Bunker Shot. If played correctly, the greenside bunker shot is the only golf shot in which you are not actually hitting the golf ball. The key to hitting these bunker shots is to hit a couple of inches behind the ball (typically two), going underneath the ball through the sand and letting the sand itself lift the ball into the air.

How to avoid hitting the golf ball fat?

Avoid driving or “loading” your legs during your swing, or you may sink into the sand and end up hitting the ball fat. If you tend to have a lot of lower body action in your downswing, you might need to adjust your swing in fairway bunkers by using relatively more of your upper body.

How to be a good bunker player?

There are a couple of things you should note if you want to be a good bunker player: 1. Use more bounce and less leading edge. This means that you should use a more lofted club (like a sand wedge, 56-60 degrees) so that the club can slide underneath the ball rather than dig into the sand. 2.

How far away from the hole do you hit out of a bunker?

When you are in a greenside bunker, you’re typically about 5-50 yards from the hole, and when you’re in a fairway bunker, you’re obviously much farther away.

How to get higher trajectory?

If you want a higher trajectory, open your clubface and adjust your alignment to compensate.

How far away should you be from the green when using a long iron?

If you happen to be far away from the green (200+ yards) and want to use a long iron, you should be careful that you don’t hit the lip on the way out and end up back in the sand for your next shot. Sometimes you are just better off taking a more lofted club and laying up down the fairway.

Step By Step Guide on How To Hit A Bunker Shot

All golfers should know how to hit bunker shots, so let’s break it down into simple steps. If you can remember your steps and the checkpoints, you will be able to repeat the shot. It’s as simple as that, make bunker shots routine, and you can pull it off every time.

Bunker Shot Tips

Most of the time, golfers overthink bunker shots. One of the best things to do when overthinking your golf swing is to come up with a simple tip, swing thought, or trick to help you get out of the sand trap. Here are a few of our favorite sand shot tips.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you are eager to head out to the practice bunker to work on your game, here are a few last things to consider and think about. Take our word for it; getting good out of a bunker is something that takes a bit of practice initially, but it will be a worthwhile skill long term.

Final Thoughts

We hope that our comprehensive guide on how to hit a bunker shot has helped you feel a bit more confident in your abilities. Bunkers look much scarier than they are. When you get these basic tips down, you can make great strides towards becoming a better player.

What is the goal of a bunker shot?

The setup in every golf shot is important, but it becomes especially important when hitting a bunker shot. Except for a bunker shot, the goal in hitting a golf ball is to contact the ball before touching the ground. Therefore, the bunker shot is an exception to most golf shots. Ball position and setup become paramount …

What is the importance of matching equipment to each individual swing technique?

Matching equipment to each individual swing technique is an important aspect of selecting the right sand wedge for you. The home course bunker conditions, along with your swing technique, are the two most important factors in getting the best equipment in your hands.

How to improve bunker shot?

Opening up too much is a very common error in the poor bunker shot technique. Next is to increase your distance away from the ball and increase your knee flex. This adjustment, combined with a wider stance , will allow for a shallower vertical swing plane angle. This will help you with hitting softer and more controlled bunker shots.

How much bounce does a sand wedge have?

Most sand wedges will have between 10 to 14 degrees of bounce, so I am an advocate of 14 versus 10 degrees. The last important piece is to position the ball forward of the sternum. The club must enter the sand between 3” – 5” behind the golf ball. To accommodate for this, play the ball 3”-5” forward of your normal ball position for a pitch shot.

What does lowering the shaft plane angle do?

By lowering the shaft plane angle, the face plane will orient more to the left for a right-handed golfer. By opening the face and lowering the handle, the face plane will align more toward the target. This adjustment will allow for a more simplified in-swing bunker technique.

Is greenside bunker easy?

The greenside bunker shot is often considered to be one of the more difficult golf shots, yet the tour professionals make it look so easy! What are the tour professionals doing that most amateur golfers don’t do on these greenside bunker shots?

What happens when you decelerate your swing?

Deceleration in your swing can result in the ball getting stuck in the bunker and your having to hit the shot all over again. This can be very demoralizing. Note that sand will provide noticeable resistance as the clubhead enters it and you will want to pop the ball up and out of the bunker, both of which take good swing speed and acceleration.

How much loft does a wedge have?

This type of wedge usually has around 56 degrees of loft and most importantly features bounce on the trailing edge of the golf club. Both of those features will help the clubhead bounce off the sand (instead of digging into the sand) and propel the ball into a nice trajectory onto the green.

How to get your clubface to point right?

Open your Stance. Open your stance so your feet are pointing left of the target. Doing so will bring your clubface direction more in line with the flag, effectively putting you in a situation where the clubface is pointed just slightly right of the target.

Why do you swing closer to the ball?

This will add stability to your swing, and bring you closer to the ball. Being closer means that you will have an easier time hitting the sand underneath the ball rather than hitting the ball directly.

What is bunker shot?

A bunker shot is essentially a fat shot where the club penetrates the sand some 2” behind the ball. Follow the step-by-step instructions below to learn how to get how of bunkers every time.

How to open up the clubface?

This is in contrast to gripping the club normally and opening up the clubface through a rotation of your wrists. The problem with opening the clubface this way is that your mind and body will reposition your wrists – and club – to a square position instinctively on the downswing and into impact with the ball, canceling your setup efforts.

How far does a golf club head have to travel in the sand?

The idea here is for the clubhead to penetrate the sand approximately 2” behind the ball, to see it travel underneath the ball without touching it directly and to exit the sand some 4” in front of the original position of the ball.

Why is Padraig Harrington on Twitter?

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, three-time major champion Padraig Harrington has taken to Twitter to keep golf fans entertained – and to help them improve their games.

How to hit out of hard sand?

The key to hitting out of hard sand, the easier of the two options, is to lean left and make sure you don’t open the clubface. Opening the clubface in this scenario would increase bounce and cause you to top or knife your shot over the green, so you have to keep it square.

Do pros like bunkers?

For many amateurs, sand traps and bunkers are intimidating and present a true challenge. Pros, on the other hand, have mastered shots from the sand, and often prefer landing in bunkers than rough around the green. And there’s no better choice among pros than Harrington to pass the secrets to their success on to the masses.

Which point does Harrington suggest you always make contact with?

Interestingly, whether you’re playing out of fluffy or firm sand, Harrington suggests always making contact at the same point behind the ball, instead of moving the contact point forward or backward.

Can you navigate bunkers with too much sand?

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a way to successfully navigate bunkers with too much sand. As Harrington demonstrates in the video, the secret to making short work of fluffy lies is to open the clubface and expose the bounce as much as you like, then swing hard to help it get up in the air.

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