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how to hit the golf ball further off the tee

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How can I hit the ball farther in golf?

The elements of the swing that add distance are often elusive, and not what we think. The real secret to hitting the ball farther is first worrying about your ball striking, and swing tempo. If you can focus on hitting the ball closer to the sweet spot, and do it with a controlled swing, this will lead to more distance.

Does it pay to hit the ball farther off the tee?

Golfers are always looking for a way to gain more distance off the tee. Recent studies have shown that a 90-shooter who increases his drive by 20 yards will effectively lower their score by 1.6 shots per round. So it does pay to hit the ball farther.

How do you get more distance in golf?

To get more distance, try hitting the ball straighter instead of harder. Concentrate on hitting the ball in the sweet spot of the clubface. If you have ever hit the sweet spot, you know that these shots fly farther than the shots you hit off-center in the heel or the toe.

Why do golfers hit the ball up on the ball?

All great drivers of the golf ball increase the amount of spine tilt away from the target as they move into the strike. One of the true deterrents to hitting up on the ball is the idea of weight shift.

Why do golfers use their arms more than their body?

They will use their arms more than their body, and it just leads to inconsistent ball striking without much distance.

Why do tour players hit the ball so far?

The reason all of the tour players can hit the ball so far isn’t just about their swing speeds, and all of the technology they have working in their favor. It’s because they can hit the ball on the sweet spot of the club with amazing regularity.

How to hit your driver farther?

There are a million tips out there that tell you how to hit your driver farther. Widen your stance, strengthen your grip, create lag in your swing, make a full shoulder turn, widen your swing arc. Blah blah blah blah.

What is the main point I want to try and make?

The main point I want to try and make is that in order to hit the ball farther, your first order of action is not to try and hit the ball farther.

Can you swing faster if you have control?

You can’t have swing speed until you have control, and good ball striking. Those are the two most important factors to work on before you think about swinging faster in order to hit the ball farther. I might not have the exact answer on how to hit the golf ball farther, but at least I told you what not to do.

What to do if you feel like you are struggling with golf?

If you feel like you are struggling with that, then perhaps it is time to take a lesson or two, and have a qualified professional look at your overall swing. Please tell them you want small changes only!

Do two golfers hit the same ball closer to the sweet spot?

If you take two golfers who have similar swing speeds, and one is hitting the ball more solidly at impact than the other, in almost all cases the player hitting the ball closer to the sweet spot will hit it farther on average .

How to set up a golf driver?

When setting up, ensure the ball is just inside the heel of your leading foot. Your head should always be behind the ball at the address, and your lead shoulder should be higher than your back shoulder is. This means that the right-handed player’s left shoulder is angled more towards the sky, and the right shoulder sits lower and vice-versa. These fundamentals will ensure you are swinging the driver with a positive attack angle.

What happens when you swing down at the ball?

Swinging down at the ball with your driver will result in you hitting high, spinning drives that lack distance. The center of gravity in most drivers is positioned in a way that benefits a positive attack angle, meaning hitting the ball on the upswing is essential. All that means is you should play the fall forward in your stance so as you strike it as your ball begins to travel ‘up.’ If the ball isn’t positioned quite far enough forward, you will naturally hit down onto it, which leads to a whole load of problems.

What is the smash factor?

You might ask yourself precisely what smash factor is? It is more than just a popular buzzword when it comes to discussing club fitting. The ball speed of the shot is divided by the players’ swing speed, and you want to be as close to 1.50 as possible, the optimum figure for efficiently reaching the most potential from a player’s speed.

Why is a long swing important?

A solid, wider stance gives you better balance and a good strong base to back a smooth turn—golfers who stand narrow more often than not tend to swing slower and smaller. A long swing combined with speed and balance is crucial for consistently long drives.

Where is the tee ball?

Tee the Ball Halfway Above the Crown of Your Driver

Is distance off the tee good?

Distance off the tee is undoubtedly one of golf’s great equalisers, especially now as modern golf courses are long and the classic courses are steadily becoming longer. Here are several simple tips that you can start to incorporate into your game to enhance the length of your drives and maximise your speed without making any significant changes to either your swing or your body.

When is the rule to limit driver length implemented?

Rule to Limit Driver Length Can be Implemented from January

What is a launch monitor?

A launch monitor, like the recenlty launched Foresight Sports GCQuad, will quantify your launch characteristics – so things like attack angle, ball speed, launch angle etc will be given a numerical value and your pro can tell you if they’re good or bad and suggest technical or equipment-related tweaks to improve them.

How fast can a golf shoe go?

Via it’s Performance Fitting System, FootJoy has proven that the correct style of shoe – be it structured or mobile, can achieve 3-4 mph more clubhead speed on average, equating to about 10 yards. In fact, 98 per cent of tour players achieved more distance with the shoe the system recommended for them.

What if we told you that you can swing the club with the same speed and hit the ball 20 yards further?

What if we told you that you can swing the club with the same speed and hit the ball 20 yards further? All you need to do is change the way you deliver said club. By altering your delivery from steep and out-to-in (fade) to shallow and in-to-out (draw), you have the potential to add some serious distance to your game with the same amount of effort.

Why do golfers wear out their grips?

Worn out grips cause a golfer to hold the club tighter, which restricts the length of your swing and reduces speed and control. A Golf Pride study found that swing speeds improved by more than two miles an hour when a player replaced an old grip with a new version of the same grip. So come on people, get a grip! Or 14 of them to be precise…

Why do you need a quick tip?

And you need them fast, because the season is upon you and you’re fed up being out-driven off every tee.

Is backspin a distance killer?

Backspin is forever referred to as the distance killer and while we all need some of it in our lives, a little less is likely to add a few extra yards off the tee. The higher your swing speed, the less backspin you need with your driver (providing the launch angle is high enough) and you’re likely to experience the biggest drop by switching to a low spin driver.

Who is pushing his tee peg deep into the ground?

You won’t catch World Long Drive Champion Joe Miller pushing his tee peg deep into the ground any time soon as he relies on a high tee height to encourage a more upward hit on the ball.

What happens when you swing harder than normal?

So, when you swing harder than normal, essentially what you’re doing is sacrificing centeredness of contact to gain swing speed. Instead, try swinging a little bit slower, about 85-90% intensity, to ensure that you hit the center of the clubface.

What does a strong grip mean?

A strong grip is one that rotates slightly back, or clockwise, on the club’s grip itself. A stronger grip is going to force you to rotate the club through impact quicker and more effectively. It may also lead to a ball flight that draws, which also travels farther.

How to catch the ball more on the upswing?

This spine tilt will allow you to catch the ball more on the upswing. Photo courtesy of GolfDigest.com.

How to get the ball up high?

Basically, if struck solidly, the longer a ball is in the air, the farther it can travel. So, give yourself the best chance to get the ball up high by teeing it high and addressing the ball with a little spine tilt.

Why do you stop backswinging?

One of the reasons for this is because it’s the moment that gives the player the most club head speed without sacrificing balance. With a wider stance, your balance increases, so you can afford to swing a little past parallel to gain even more club head speed.

Why does it hurt to hit hard on a golf shot?

This hurts overall distance instead of helps it because it limits our range of motion.

Which muscles follow grip pressure?

All the other muscles in your body will tend to follow your grip pressure.

How many yards does hitting up on the ball increase carry distance?

Each speed window shows a substantial increase in carry distance and total distance when hitting up on the ball 5 degrees as opposed to hitting down on the ball 5 degrees. The improvement is approximately a 25 yard gain in distance without adding speed to your swing. Think about that for a second: golfers do not need to swing harder to hit the ball further but simply swing more efficiently. So how do you ensure that you hit up on the ball to gain 25 yards?

What is the deterrent to hitting up on the golf ball?

One of the true deterrents to hitting up on the ball is the idea of weight shift. Momentum is going forward but that does not mean your torso/head should as well.

How to get a good shot in golf?

Avoid letting the hips shuttle or move back with the tilt. Keep the hips centered over the feet. The goal is to create a upward angle with your shoulders, a ramp to help create the upward attack angle. Avoid trying to keep your shoulders level at address. Step 3: Stay back as you swing into the ball.

Does hitting up on the ball increase driving distance?

In summary launch monitors have proven that hitting up on the ball will increase your driving distance. By following these 3 simple steps and learning to hit up on the ball you can increase your driving distance and lower your scores.

How to get a longer tee shot?

One key to longer tee shots is more clubhead speed. Soft, Louder, LOUDEST is a perfect drill. Use an alignment rod or driver held on the club shaft under the head. Full swing it Softly then Louder and finally Loudest. That sound is speed… Get Loudest!

How to improve driving distance?

Many of my students looking to improve driving distance struggle to utilize their lower body effectively as well as properly release the clubhead through impact. By shifting your weight properly and releasing the clubhead you will utilize more of your body’s power and increase your overall distance.

How to swing a golf club at 1:00?

With relaxed grip pressure, take the club face back quite straight for the first foot or two towards 6:00. Turn your back and load the majority of weight onto the resisting rear knee and inside of foot. Then swing out to 1:00, (right field) for an inside attack.

How to hit longer drives?

To hit longer drives, try to launch the ball higher with less spin. The best way to do that is to swing through impact with your shoulders angled upward, your front shoulder higher. This helps you strike the ball on a slightly upward motion maximizing carry and reducing spin.

How to get more distance in golf?

To get more distance, try hitting the ball straighter instead of harder. Concentrate on hitting the ball in the sweet spot of the clubface. If you have ever hit the sweet spot, you know that these shots fly farther than the shots you hit off-center in the heel or the toe.

What are the 3 most important figures to consider when choosing a driver?

The 3 most important figures you will pay attention to are launch angle, spin and swing speed. Your local fitter will find the best combination of driver head and shaft that fits YOUR swing.

Where is Kathy Hart Wood?

Kathy Hart Wood is a Top 50 LPGA Teacher and Furman University graduate. Kathy currently teaches at Fiddler’s Elbow Country Club in Bedminster, NJ. and can be followed online at KathyHartWood.com , Facebook, and Instagram.