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how to join golf club

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How to join a private golf club?

How to Join a Private Golf Club: A Quick Guide. 1 Do Your Homework. There are probably several private membership clubs in your area from which to choose. Each has its own list of amenities and caters … 2 Connect with a Member. 3 Visit the Club. 4 Learn About Fees. 5 Submit an Application. More items

How do you become a member of a Country Club?

Fill out the application. In most cases, applications can be obtained by contacting the Membership Director of whichever country club you’re looking to join. This application will ask for basic contact information, a photo ID, and the names of your sponsors. The application will also ask about your family and hobbies.

Is joining a golf club a good way to progress?

Joining a golf club is a great way to progress in the game and it needn’t break the bank. Here we look at 7 cheap ways to become a golf club member. Becoming a golf club member is a great way for those starting out in the sport to progress in the game, to meet fellow golfers, to obtain a handicap and to start playing competitively.

What do you need to know before you join a club?

Some clubs expect you to spend a minimum amount of money on food and amenities each month. Others may also require or request additional money for various improvements to the club. It’s also be a good idea to ask a current member of a club how much the cost of membership has risen over the past 5 years.

How much does it cost to join a golf club?

Initiation fee: This one-time cost for joining can range from a few thousand dollars to $1,000,000 or more . Some clubs distinguish between equity and non-equity memberships, and those with equity in the club pay a higher initiation fee.

What is assessment fee?

Assessment: These are special fees over and above the normal dues. Assessments help fund large expenses or projects.

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Is there a private golf club?

There are probably several private membership clubs in your area from which to choose. Each has its own list of amenities and caters to a different sort of clientele. You’ll probably feel more at home at some of them than at others. Learning what you can about each golf club option will help you decide where to pursue membership.

Do golf clubs require background checks?

Finally, background checks are a common requirement of golf clubs. If that’s the case with of the club you hope to join, the membership staff probably has a specific protocol that they use for obtaining this information.

Do clubs have different levels of membership?

Many clubs have different levels of membership. Different fees may grant you different levels of access to the facilities.

Can you ask a golf club to sponsor you?

You can inquire with the golf club. The club’s leadership may be willing to put you in touch with a current member who might serve as your sponsor after getting to know you. Understand that this approach probably won’t be successful among the most exclusive clubs.

What is social membership?

This type of membership does not allow for any golfing rights, but it will give you the use of the clubhouse and the chance to participate in social functions.

Can you pay a green fee to play golf?

If you do want to play some golf occasionally, you can pay a green fee, which would be at a cheaper member’s guest rate at some clubs. Again, this type of membership is a good stepping stone towards full membership.

Can you play counting rounds in the World Handicap System?

With the new World Handicap System, you’ll be able to play counting rounds wherever you play so retaining your handicap will not be a problem.

Do you need credits to play Saturday Medal?

A game at off-peak times may cost relatively few credits, while a start in the Saturday Medal would require more credits. A flexible membership suits those who wish to become a golf club member but are unable to commit to playing on a regular basis.

What does it mean when a golf club says "golf club"?

Often there’s little difference, but if a member tells you his club is a "golf club," he probably means the club focuses on golf above all else. If a place calls itself a country club, it probably indicates a more rounded environment, where your spouse and children can enjoy swimming pools, tennis courts and much more than golf. Some clubs cater to families, but others view spouses or significant others, and sometimes even kids, as guests. The best type of club for you — pure golf club or country club — depends on how you expect to use it.

What is equity golf?

An equity club is how most golfers envision a private club: Each member holds a fractional share and a vote in its governance. Those ownership rights might be sold or cashed in upon resignation, often at a higher value. Members of non-equity clubs, like apartment renters, hold no ownership but can belong to the club.

How much do you have to spend on food and drink at a club?

Most clubs require members to spend a minimum on food and beverage each month ($50-$100 at some, more at others). Even if you never have a soda or a sandwich, you’ll be required to pay that monthly minimum. Each club has rules on what counts toward your minimum. At some, favorite spots such as the halfway house, pool snack bar or grillroom aren’t included. At some clubs, beverages might be excluded from minimums.

What skills do you need to join a private golf club?

Joining a private golf club can require an amalgam of skills: the observational talents of a detective, tact of a diplomat, patience of a saint and insight of a forensic accountant. Few of us possess that combination, but fear not: This guide will help you understand what it takes to join a club, answer your most pressing questions …

How many holes can you play after work?

Maybe you want to hit balls and play five or six holes after work. Mini-rounds can make the cost of a private-club membership worthwhile for golfers who love the game but can spare only an hour or two early or late in the day. Ask about the club’s policy.

What to do if you don’t know a member of a club?

If you can’t find a member, don’t be afraid to call the club and ask to speak with the general manager or head professional. You might be surprised by their excitement at hearing from a prospective member.

Can you walk away from a club?

A clear understanding of this process protects your interests. You might be able to walk away whenever you want, but in some cases clubs might require members to pay dues until a new member joins.

What to do if you see someone playing on your own?

If you’re playing on your own and there’s a group following you, ask them if you can join them. Similarly, if you see someone about to tee off on their own, ask them if they want to join you.

How many cards do you need to get your handicap?

Play a few rounds with a friend or any members you meet and get them to sign your scorecards for submission to the handicap secretary. Once you have three cards signed you can get your official handicap and that lets you enter club competitions…

What to do when you knock at a club?

When you are at the club having a knock, don’t just pack up and head home afterwards. Take time out to have a walk around the club introducing yourself to some members. Ask a few questions and try and start up some conversations.

How much is the initiation fee for a country club?

Initiation fees are a one-time payment that could range anywhere from $1,000 to $100,000 depending on which club you’re trying to join. If your application is rejected, you will need to start the process over with a different country club.

How long do you have to wait to get a response from a job interview?

Once the interview process is done, you’ll have to wait about 30 days for a response.

What happens after a membership committee interview?

Once they’ve completed the interview, the membership committee members will speak with the Board of Directors and could potentially recommend you for admittance. This is why it’s incredibly important to give a good impression to the interviewers.

How to get a better idea of voting at a club?

Tour the grounds with the membership committee members. During or after your interview, you might be invited to tour the grounds and test the facilities. Touring the grounds will give you an opportunity to meet the members. Both you and the voting members will get a better idea of whether you’ll fit in with the others at the club.

What is a pricier club?

A pricier club will have more amenities, such as a spa or an Olympic-sized pool. These clubs also offer more in terms of dining options.

How to find a club for kids?

Make sure that the activities, amenities, and social opportunities you seek will be available to you at each club you check out. If you have young children, see if you can find a club with a playground or one that offers tennis and swimming lessons for your kids.

What are some activities that kids can do?

Other activities for kids include arts and crafts or cooking classes. Many clubs have enough to accommodate people of all ages.

What is the holy grail of golf?

For avid golfers, exclusive golf courses are the "holy grail" when it comes to unforgettable experiences. Here’s how to put five big notches on your belt.

When does bidding end for Shinnecock Hills?

You’d better act quickly, though; bidding ends at midnight on May 1. Shinnecock Hills Golf Club – Southampton, N.Y. (#4, GOLF Magazine "Top 100 Courses in the U.S.") Anyone can get "on" Shinnecock Hills in The Hamptons of New York; just buy a ticket for the next U.S. Open it hosts, in 2018. Playing Shinnecock Hills is another story.

Where is Big Easy Ranch?

Inside the new 18-hole championship course at Big Easy Ranch in Texas

Where is Omni Bedford Springs?

We recently spent a couple days at the historic Omni Bedford Springs in central Pennsylvania. Here’s what we thought of this grande-dame resort.

Where is Jerry Rich’s golf course?

This course west of Chicago is the playground of area businessman Jerry Rich and about 50 of his friends. You may know it as the host of the 2009 Solheim Cup. The club has also hosted some big amateur events such as the Western Junior and two NCAA Regionals. It will host the NCAA Division I National Championship for both men and women in 2017 as well. The general public have little to no hope of accessing the course except as spectators.

Where is Rich Harvest Farms?

Rich Harvest Farms – Sugar Grove, Ill. (#81, Golf Digest "100 Greatest Courses in America") This course west of Chicago is the playground of area businessman Jerry Rich and about 50 of his friends. You may know it as the host of the 2009 Solheim Cup.

Is a four peat golf championship cool?

This championship four-peat is a Cool Golf Thing

What is the target off the tee?

The target off the tee is a flagpole at the adjacent National Golf Links of America, opened in 1911. The symbolism is not coincidental. Sebonack and other new enclaves on eastern Long Island, like Friar’s Head and The Bridge, are taking dead aim at establishments like National, Shinnecock Hills and Maidstone. …

When did Atlantic Golf Club start?

Until recently, that meant few places to play in the Hamptons, New York’s most desirable summer address. That started to change in 1990, when Lowell Schulman founded Atlantic Golf Club, with memberships for the then-astronomical price of $100,000.

Who founded the bridge?

Soon, others joined in. In 2003, Robert Rubin founded The Bridge, which costs $550,000 to join. “We’re not trying to imitate our elders,” says Rubin. “We’re trying to do something contemporary, as exemplified by our modern clubhouse. The atmosphere is relaxed. We want everybody to have fun.”

1. What is the structure of the club?

There are several factors to consider here. Each has pros and cons you should weigh. As mentioned above, “bundled vs. non-bundled” is probably the most important structure to consider.

2. What has the club done in the last few years and what is it considering doing in terms of renovations and enhancements?

You want to know you are investing in a club that is willing to reinvest. The club landscape is constantly evolving. You will want to make sure you are joining a club committed to keeping up with the club trends and desires of both existing as well as new members to ensure it remains competitive and sustainable long into the future.

3. How will I get involved and meet people?

Once you have ironed out the more quantitative details, it is as important, if not more so, to be sure you’ve found a club that is a good fit for you personally. In my experience, every club has a unique personality and culture.

4. What is my exit strategy?

You might not be inclined to think about this when you’re excited about joining a club and starting a new adventure, but the reality is you may find that you are not able to play golf anymore, or maybe you want to move to another part of the state, or back up north. It’s crucial to know what your obligations are before you are in that situation.

5. Why should I choose this club over another club?

Central Oregon is full of clubs to choose from, including Pronghorn, home to 36 holes. Brandon Tucker/Golf Advisor

A final word from Golf Life Navigators

When the search involves a club membership and a home, there can be a bit of anxiety of whom to trust. After all, it is one of the biggest financial decisions you will ever make. Be sure to interview the club and real estate agent thoroughly before getting serious about an investment.