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how to keep your arm straight in golf swing

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Consider these tips:1. Quiet hands in the Takeaway Using the hands too actively in the takeaway phase of the swing is a common error among average golfers. …2. Make a Strong Shoulder Turn The biggest reason for golfers to lose their straight lead arm during the backswing is a poor shoulder turn. …3. Lower Body Drives the Downswing

How to rotate your left arm in the golf swing?

Checkpoints for PracticeMany golfers take the club back by pushing the left arm across the chestPushing with the left provides little rotation or shoulder turn,so the big muscles are left out of the golf swingWhen you push from the left,the right arm folds and the club goes deepThe right arm should dominate the backswingMore items…

How to stop getting stuck in the golf swing?

The Arm DrillSet up for your shot as you would normally do.Let the club go or don’t pick it up in the first place.Have your keens bend,your hips pushed back. Just like you would do in a normal stance.Now,just let your arms hang. You don’t need to do anything else.The next time you’re at the course,remember this sensation. …

What does the left arm do in the golf downswing?

Golf Tips: Left Arm. For right-handed golfers, the left arm is one of the most important aspects of the golf swing. The left arm determines the swing arc for a shot and helps release and rotate the wrists and club on the downswing. Understanding the purpose of the left arm in the golf swing and how to properly utilize it are critical factors in shooting low scores.

How to steepen your golf swing?

? Hinge the wrists abruptly on the backswing, again to create a steeper downswing. For relatively long golf shots, or those where you can run the ball onto the green, try a hybrid or fairway wood instead of an iron. These clubs slide more easily through the grass and are less likely to snag.

How do I keep my left arm straight during the golf swing?

The best swing thought to have when trying to keep your left arm straight during your swing is to have soft arms, but a secure grip. The club should be able to move freely during the swing using centrifugal force, as opposed to you forcing it into certain positions. As the saying goes, tension is the biggest killer of every golf swing.

How many degrees should a golfer’s left arm be?

Golfers should try and keep their left arm as straight as possible without it being rigid, or locked, but some bend is fine. Most professional players start with a straight left arm at address, which bends to around five degrees at top of their backswing. Their left arm continues to flex slightly in the downswing and will have around eight degrees …

Why do golfers lose their arm width?

As a result, they lose the width in their swing – resulting in a loss of speed and consistency – and will also tend to ‘cast’ the club out behind them, leading to slices or pulls.

Why is it important to keep your left arm straight in golf?

How important is keeping a straight left arm in golf? The reason players are encouraged to keep their left arm as straight as possible through their golf swing is to create as much width as possible during the takeaway and backswing.

What causes a player to turn their body and shoulders too far inside the swing plane?

Complete locking of the left arm causes many players to turn their whole body and shoulders too far inside the swing plane. The only way they can then get any height in their arms at the top of the backswing is to lift them up, which in turn can create some poor movements – such as an over-the-top slice – during the downswing.

Why do you have a straight left arm in golf?

Keeping a straight left arm during your golf swing is critical for creating width, speed and consistency, but it should be done so without tension.

How to guard against bending your arm?

The main thing that we want to guard against if we’re bending our arm a little bit in the backswing, is we want to make sure we’re rotating our chest. Some players are going to bend their arm a little bit at the top of the swing, but they’re still going to make that good chest and shoulder rotation, and that’s completely fine. We just need to guard against picking (the club) up with the arms, and not rotating the chest. The main goal is getting that big turn with your core, and that’s going to allow you to get that great swing speed whether the arm is a little bit bent or not.

Why do you start with your lead arm straight?

Starting with your lead arm straight is going to make it dramatically easier to keep it straight once the swing gets going.

How to improve your swing with a bent lead arm?

By straightening it out , you should add width to your swing, which is great for both power and ball striking consistency.

What happens if you use your hands too much in the takeaway phase of the swing?

Using the hands too actively in the takeaway phase of the swing is a common error among average golfers. This mistake can lead to several problems, including the eventual breakdown of the lead arm.

What does tension mean in golf?

Tension means bad things in golf. Whether it is during a full swing or while making a putting stroke, tension will only get in your way and wreak havoc. This is why so many players do something like take a deep breath or shake out their hands before hitting a shot – they are trying to get rid of tension.

How does a golf club keep moving?

Often, the way the club keeps moving is by breaking down the lead arm, so it bends at the elbow. This gives the club the ability to get to the top, or near the top, but it comes at a significant cost.

What does it mean to downswing?

For the downswing, that means letting your lower body lead the way as you turn toward the target.

Is it good to keep your lead arm straight?

For the vast majority of golfers, keeping the lead arm straight is going to mean good things. With that said, it’s important to understand that “straight” doesn’t mean “locked,” and you should pay attention to how your arm feels at address and during the swing.

Why Keep Your Left Arm Straight?

It largely determines the spacing and arc of your golf swing, it helps control the clubface and ensures power through impact. Too much bend in your left arm can throw off the timing of the rest of your body, costing you power and making it more difficult to square the club at impact and start the ball on-line.

How to keep your left arm straight during a golf takeaway?

A good thought is to push your left arm away from the ball by rotating your shoulders and trunk with your left shoulder working down and under your chin. If you are using a Swing Align device the front of the rod will move down first (not out and around). This will help you keep your left arm straight and close to your body which starts your takeaway on the proper swing plane.

How does swing alignment work?

Remember that body rotation is critical to maintaining a straight left arm and Swing Align helps you see how much you turn. Visit Swing Align’s full collection of products to drop strokes off your game and achieve proper positioning throughout your golf swing!

How to use swing alignment?

Start by taking some small swings, rotating back only so that your left arm is parallel to the ground. Keep your left arm close to your body and rotate the alignment rod back and through using your body.

What is the role of the left arm in golf?

Every part of the body has to be insync for a golf swing to work, but the role of the left arm in golf swing is one of the most crucial and easy to check components. This article will discuss proper positioning for your left arm in a golf swing, when to think about it, and how it should move throughout your swing. An important note, this page will discuss the importance of the left arm in the golf swing as most golfers are right-handed, but what we really mean is the lead arm in the golf swing. So if you’re a left-handed player, this article will be about your right arm.

What arm does the follow through do?

It also teaches you to make a full swing instead of decelerating at impact. During the follow through your left arm will remain straight after hitting the ball, but will bend as you rotate through to face your target and your arms come up to your finishing position.

How to swing backswing golf?

First, as you start your backswing, keep your left arm straight and close to your body until it approaches parallel to the ground and your wrists start to hinge. You’ll want to make sure that your arms and body are “connected” and your body is driving your turn away from the ball, not your arms. Remember that golf is a rotational game …

How to keep your arm straight during a golf swing?

During the swing, you should let your arm rotate at the shoulder socket. If you don’t, your arm will feel tight, and you will feel the overwhelming need to bend. Allowing the arm to rotate will relax it and eliminate the need to bend. You will find that this keeps your arm straight throughout the swing.

How to do a backswing drill?

Turn your shoulders in a full backswing position. Keep your left arm straight and parallel to the ground as you turn your arms with your torso. Your spine should be slightly tilted, and your arms should be slightly lifted so that you have the best takeaway position. Practice the drill a few times, and you will see how easy it becomes.

Why is my left arm bent in golf?

The reason why the left arm is bent is that you keep wrapping your hands on the torso during the backswing, even after the shoulder rotation has stopped. This will increase your arc by moving the club as far away from you as possible, which will give you the highest chance of hitting the target. If you swing the club faster, the speed will transfer to the ball when you hit it.

How to keep your arm straight in golf?

You will find that this keeps your arm straight throughout the swing. Hold your arm in front of your body, move the arm across the body, and give it the room to rotate in front of your shoulder. Your right arm should be right alongside it supporting it. When you are at the top of the backswing, you will notice that your arm remains straight, …

How to swing a golf club back?

Hold the golf club with the fingers of your left hand. If you are left-handed, hold it in your right hand. At this point, you will be able to see some of the knuckles of your left hand as you grip. Use your shoulders to swing the club back. Your left arm should be extended when you turn your shoulders.

How to do a backswing on a golf club?

Use a Mirror. Try standing in front of a full-length mirror while performing the backswing. Stand in front of the mirror and extend your arms to the front, the shaft of your club should be pointing up. Your face and eyes should be pointed towards the mirror. Turn your shoulders in a full backswing position.

What is the magic triangle in golf?

The Magic Triangle. This is what takes place during the perfect golf swing. There is an imaginary line that is formed between your left shoulder and the center of the club face. This line is an essential part of the magic triangle. The other parts are your left arm and the golf club.

When to ignore?

Golfers of a certain age whose flexibility is no longer what it used to be often resort to bending the left elbow a little bit. This helps them coil further in order to compensate for what would otherwise be a too narrow swing and it helps them gain yardages. In such instances, allowing the elbow to ‘give’ a little is fine.

What does "don’t bend the left elbow" mean?

Also Known As: “Don’t bend the left elbow”. This swing thought reminds you to keep your left arm stiff during your swing, including at the top of the backswing. This is in contrast to letting your left elbow bend, which some golfers tend to do as they proceed to the later stages of the backswing.

Why do you keep your left arm straight?

Keeping the left arm straight promotes a full swing amplitude. Indeed, by pushing the hands furthest away from the body, you are forcing your hands to travel the most distance during your swing. Furthermore, not allowing your left arm to bend also promotes shot consistency and reliability.

How to keep your swing compact?

Telling your mind to stop the rotation of your hips and shoulders when the left arm is fully coiled is a great way to keep your swing relatively compact and reliable.

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How many degrees should your arm be bent when you wrestle?

As we always say…. You don’t arm wrestle with a straight right arm and at impact your right arm should feel exactly the same way, bent at almost 45 degrees.

What does Ben Hogan mean by "If the average golfer went out and did the opposite of everything they thought to?

As Ben Hogan said, “If the average golfer went out and did the opposite of everything they thought to be true they would hit it much better.”. It’s a counterintuitive and contradictory game.

Do straight arms exist in sports?

Straight arms are almost never seen in any other sport.

Is it dangerous to have straight arms?

One of the most common concepts I hear and see is “make sure you keep your arms straight!”. But this can actually be quite a dangerous concept: Straight arms can often lead to loss of power, over-active wrists and an over-active body. Straight arms are almost never seen in any other sport.

Is teaching golf an art?

Teaching golf is an interesting art. For a relationship between coach and student to become a successful one many things have to go right. It’s a lot more complex than most could ever imagine. One of the most important aspects of fixing a student’s golf swing is understanding their concepts.

Why do you need to keep your lead arm straight?

One of the first fundamentals of golf is that you must keep your lead arm straight for better distance and accuracy. Have you already hit hundreds, or even thousands of balls without improving your distance and accuracy? Maybe you are missing this fundamental. When you practice with the Straight Arm, you will feel the proper fundamental so you can …

What is a straight arm?

The Straight Arm comes in two sizes. They are adjustable to fit all golfers and can be used by right and left handed players. Designed to reinforce the lead arm fundamental and help golfers to learn a powerful and repeatable golf swing.

How does distance work?

Distance is created by a straight lead arm which creates a wider arc. Accuracy is created when your lead arm starts straight and returns to impact straight, to produce a square club face. This is why the Straight Arm works!

Why is the straight arm so effective?

The Straight Arm is a very effective training aid because of how simple it is to use. Being someone who suffers from a bent arm (chicken wing) at the impact area, its nice to be able to have an aid that eliminates the possibility of bending my left arm.

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