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how to keep your golf swing on plane

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How to Keep Your Swing Plane Every TimePlanes of Glass As with many aspects of a golf swing,some golfers will succeed with unusual swing planes. …Begin at the Beginning Palacios-Jansen says it’s much easier to produce a consistent swing if you focus on staying on plane at the start of your backswing. …Test Your Arm Slots …Hands Lead the Way …

How to get the perfect golf swing plane?

Medium width stance with a slightly more upright spine angleTwo plane swingers are going to have a lot more hip rotation and movement than that of a one plane swingerHands end up very high at the top of the golf swingArms will have a more active role in the swing than they do for the one place swingerMore items…

How to perform the perfect golf swing?

Phase one: Move the hands straight back while keeping them close to your back leg. …Phase two: Continue a slight wrist break as you move your arm parallel to the ground. …Phase three: Rotate your torso back even further so that the clubhead travels slightly behind your hands at the top of the backswing. …

How to learn a proper golf swing?

Set both feet with your weight distributed evenly on the middle part of your feet.Set your hips back,and then angle your upper body and spine forward,facing the ball.Then bend your knees a bit to get some added stability.

How to properly pivot in the golf swing?

A simple way to improve your core flexibility is to clasp your hands together and extend your pointer fingers.Then,hold your arms straight out in front of you. Keep your feet stuck to the ground and slowly turn as far as you can to both sides.Make a note of how far you were able to turn by looking at the thing your fingers point towards.

Drills to Get Your Golf Swing on Plane

Swing plane is the angle or line at which your club swings up and down on around your body and it’s determined by your spine angle and physical ability… In this video and article, we’ll offer some drills and ideas to improve yours and help you hit straighter, better golf shots.

Shallow And Upright Swing Planes

You’ll notice that if you stand up straight and replicate your golf swing, that your arms swing flatter around the body. Conversely if you tip your spine so it is parallel to the ground (so horizontal), you’ll swing your arms up and down more, this is an upright plane.

Setting The Correct Swing Plane

Here are some pointers that will get you on the right plane… Check that first part of the swing as this dictates where the rest of your swing is likely to travel. In the takeaway, keep the club head slightly in front of your hands (the video with this article shows you exactly how to do it).

What is the swing plane?

The swing plane is the path traveled by the club shaft throughout the golf swing. Viewed from the opposite side of the ball, the shaft’s path will describe an arc. Ideally, if the shaft created a dotted line in the air during the backswing, you’d see it reverse course and follow the same path — or very close to it — during the downswing.

How to keep your club head on plane?

She advises golfers to take a short iron and choke up on the grip so the butt end is close to your navel. Address the ball, then take the club head back until it’s just past your back foot, making sure to keep the end of the grip pointing at your belly button. This keeps the club head on plane. Complete your backswing, then begin …

What are the key benchmarks to note with respect to the swing plane?

Golf writer Steve Newell says the key benchmarks to note with respect to the swing plane include the player’s hands.

Where should your lead forearm be on a golf club?

Your lead forearm should pass just above the shaft of the club balanced on your shoulder. To make sure your downswing travels along the same plane, check your follow through position by moving the club onto your other shoulder. Have your right arm move through a downswing. As you follow through, your right forearm should travel just above …

What Does Swing On Plane Mean in Golf?

Imagine you have just stepped up on the tee box, adjusted yourself, placed the golf ball, and take the position behind the ball with your clubhead.

What does it mean when your divot is not straight?

Now, examine the divot. If the mark is not straight or curves left or right, you have a poor swing plane. Divot not aligned in line with your designed target is also a sign of a poor swing plane. Mark on the heel side indicates a too flat swing plane or a too upright club’s lie angle.

What is lie board drill?

The final drill is the lie board drill. It’s a piece of fine plastic that golf club fitters use to get confirmation about golfer’s lie angles. You’re going to use it to know about the impact you made with the golf club to get a correct swing plane.

What does it mean when you hit a ball without hitting the alignment sticks?

If you hit the ball without hitting the alignment sticks, it means you’re close to your ideal swing plane. You can challenge yourself by bringing alignment sticks closer together. The closer together the alignment sticks, the better your swing plane will be.

How to make a golf ball divot?

How to do it: First, place the golf ball on the lie board. Make sure to have contact with the board during impact while taking a regular swing. You’ll see a small mark following the path of your clubhead after the impact. Now, examine the divot.

What happens when you change planes?

When you start with your backswing on plane, a small change during the downswing leads the clubhead off plane. Chunking, moonshots, topping, and slicing are all possible.

How to swing a golf ball?

How to do it: Take position in line with your designated target and place the ball on the ground. Lay an alignment stick horizontally about 5-6 inches on every side of the ball in line with your designated target. Adjust yourself and take full swing.

What is the Correct Swing Plane in Golf?

Golf swing plane has been a hot topic in golf since that iconic image of Ben Hogan with a glass plane resting on his shoulders emerged in the 1950s. Hogan introduced the concept in his book Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf.

How to find the right angle for a golf club?

Both of these will help you find the right club path angle as well. To check the swing plane of your hips, hold the club across your hips with the shaft parallel to the ground. Rotate your hips back and through as you would during your regular golf swing. Watch how the club head moves with your hip rotation.

What does it mean to keep your club shaft on plane?

If you keep your club shaft on plane, you’re working on one plane all the way up to the top of your backswing and all the way down through impact. Once again, this definition also applies to shoulder and hip rotation.

How does a golf swing plane work?

If you have a steep golf swing plane, your shaft travels at a more vertical angle. You draw it up high on the backswing and bring it down on a sharp descending motion as you swing through.

What determines your golf swing plane?

Now, it’s important to keep in mind that your plane angle isn’t only defined by the rotation of your golf club. Your body also determines your overall golf swing plane.

What is a single plane golf swing?

When you stay on plane, your shoulders and club shaft are always in line with the imaginary glass. This is also called a “single plane” golf swing. The name is pretty self-explanatory. You remain on the same plane for the entire swing motion.

What is an off plane swing?

As you may have already guessed, an “off plane” swing describes a motion in which you veer away from an established plane. The plane angle of your backswing looks very different from the angle of your downswing. We also call this a “two plane” swing.

Why Does Being on Plane It Matter?

Swing plane matters for two reasons, distance, and direction. If you want to hit the ball both long and straight, you will need to get your golf swing on plane.

What are some common mistakes in swing planes?

For some golfers this means that you are going to be upright or over the plane line or shallow and under the plane line. These two mistakes are going to lead to much different results.

What are the different types of swing planes?

Types Of Golf Swing Plane. There are two basic types of golf swing plane. They are the one plane swing and the two plane swing. Most golfers will fall into one of these two categories without fully understanding what this even means. Both swing methods are effective.

What is swing plane?

Golf swing plane is a term that many golfers throw around. These golfers will call themselves one or two plane swingers without truly understanding what this means. There are lots of theories about swing plane out there. With more than twenty-five years of experience and having taught hundreds of students, I can honestly say there is no one way …

Why do golf clubs go up and down?

The golf club is intended to swing up on the plane and back down on the plane for maximum results. Sometimes golfers will swing a club upright, and this will cause them to be above the plane line. Other golfers will swing the club too shallow and end up under the plane line. Swing plane in golf is critical.

Why is swing plane important in golf?

Swing plane in golf is critical. In order for players to learn to perfect the golf game, they must learn how to get the club on the right path.

What are the characteristics of a two plane swinger?

Some characteristics will remain true of all two plane golf swingers. Here are a few of them. Medium width stance with a slightly more upright spine angle. Two plane swingers are going to have a lot more hip rotation and movement than that of a one plane swinger. Hands end up very high at the top of the golf swing.

What drill do you need for a Morris?

What you need for this drill is an alignment stick and either a noodle (which Morris uses here) or a headcover.

How to swing a noodle?

Put the alignment stick in the ground so it’s at a 45-degree angle and then put your noodle or headcover over it. Set up so that the end of the noodle is touching the top of your wrist, like where you’d wear a watch, and then take a step directly towards the target. Now, take a swing.

How does Morris say downswing?

Morris says there are two ways your downswing can go from here, and neither of them are good. In one scenario, the hands will try to get back to the ball in the quickest way possible, which is straight down. This creates an over-the-top downswing, which will send the ball left. In the other scenario, the first move of your downswing is you …

What does a noodle do in golf?

The noodle will train you to swing back and through on the same plane, and will make your swing more efficient.

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Why do golfers have problems with their irons?

Kyle Morris, one of our Golf Digest Best Young Teachers, says that a lot of the reason why golfers have problems with their irons is because their swing plane is wrong. Commonly, Morris says the hands go back too steep in the takeaway.

What is the first move of a downswing?

In the other scenario, the first move of your downswing is you rerouting your hands at the top to get them into a better, more flat position. Adding that little loop to get into the right position will throw off your timing and hurt your distance.