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how to make a golf game in scratch

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How do you become a scratch golfer?

You need to be playing and practicing quite a bit. At this level, you really need to be doing something golf related almost every day. Scratch golf does not happen by accident!

What is a golf game in scratch?

In this tutorial, we’re going to learn how to make a golf game in Scratch! There are two basic types of golf games you can make. The first type simulates normal golf, like on a golf course, where you’re trying to hit a ball across a long distance over different types of terrain.

How do I download scratch on my computer?

This wikiHow teaches you the basics of how to make a game Navigate to the Scratch Download page in a web browser. This is the web page where you can download the desktop version of Scratch. Click Direct Download. It’s below the option to download Scratch from your system’s digital store.

How does Scratch Golf measure my course?

Scratch Golf can measure and map your course with extreme precision, using our drone fleet. *Only available at offical Scratch Golf Partners, general clubs use ?satellite imagery. See our Venues section to find out how to become a partner.

Learn how to make a golf game in Scratch

In order to build our game, we’ll be using X and Y locations to set up each level, talk about how to use a ‘velocity’ variable, and examine how to get sprites to bounce in Scratch. Here’s a link to the Finished Project.

Make mini golf in Scratch

We built a fun game together in this tutorial, but we think you can make it even cooler! Here are some ideas on how you can expand on the game you built today.

Now you know how to make a golf game in Scratch

In this tutorial, we learned how to build a mini golf game in Scratch. We used a Velocity variable to keep track of how fast our golf ball was moving, and examined some ways that we can get sprites to bounce in Scratch. Most importantly, we built a game that will be perfect for remixing and expanding. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

How to upload sprites to a scene?

To do so, hover the mouse cursor over the icon that resembles a cat and click the icon that resembles a trey with an arrow pointing up to upload your own sprite. Click the icon that resembles a paintbrush to paint your own sprites.

How to add a sprite to a game?

They can be the player character, enemies or obstacles, non-player characters, power-ups and consumables, or animated background objects. To add a sprite, click the icon that resembles a cat in the lower-right corner. Then click a sprite you want to add to your scene.

How to upload a background on a photo?

To upload your own background, hover the mouse cursor over the icon that resembles a photograph and click the icon that resembles a trey with an arrow pointing up. Click an image you want to use as a background and click Open.

How to add a background in scratch?

To add a background in Scratch, click the icon that resembles a photograph in the lower-right corner. Then select an image to use as a background. You can use the tabs at the top to browse backgrounds by category or use the search bar in the upper-left corner to search for background by name.

How to install scratch on Windows?

Double click the install file. The Scratch install file is "Scratch Desktop Setup 3.9.0.exe" for Windows, and "Scratch 3.6.0.dmg" for Mac. Once the install file is finished downloading, double-click the install file to begin the install process. You can find downloaded files in your Downloads folder or in your web browser.

What is scratch programming?

Scratch is a popular visual programming language developed by MIT Media Lab as a children’s educational tool. It is available online, with desktop versions available for Mac OS, Windows, Chrome OS, and Android. This wikiHow teaches you the basics of how to make a game. Steps.

What version of scratch do you need to make multiplayer games?

If you want to make an online multiplayer game, you need to create cloud variables on Scratch version 2.

What Does a Scratch Golfer Look Like?

I can tell you without a doubt that there is a huge misconception in regards to what scratch golf looks like. First off, they are not birdie machines. Scratch golfers are not firing at pins left and right, and draining putts from 20 feet all of the time.

What does it take to be a scratch golfer?

What Does it Take to Become a Scratch Golfer? Being a scratch golfer is defined as “a player who can play to a Course Handicap of zero on any and all rated golf courses.”. Most of us would associate it with having a handicap of zero. In plain words, scratch golf means that on a neutral golf course a player has the ability to shoot par on any given …

What is the difference between scratch golfers and the rest of the pack?

The difference between a scratch golfer and the rest of the pack is that they know they can recover from these mistakes. It is incredibly rare to see a golfer at this level make two disastrous mistakes in a row. That takes a combination of mental fortitude, course management skills, and of course physical talent.

How many people have a zero handicap?

Most will not reach scratch golf. According to the USGA, less than 2 percent of golfers have a handicap of zero or lower. That is because it is incredibly difficult, and it takes a great deal of time to accomplish this goal. For most people this is a very lofty goal, and that is OK; you can make an argument that many higher-handicap players enjoy the game more.

Why is expectation management important?

This goal might be unreasonable for you simply because you don’t have the time or experience to achieve it. You could put yourself through a lot of heartache simply because it is an unreasonable expectation.

How to be a good golfer?

You have to practice effectively, play a lot, fail, learn from your mistakes, adjust, and stay positive. It is a long, winding journey that is easier for some golfers, and much more difficult for others.

Is scratch golf a steady ship?

Tempers and negativity should have no part of your game. Remaining positive, and keeping your emotions at bay is critical. Scratch golf is a steady ship.

2020 Handicap History

The graph below shows how my handicap dropped over the season. It started at 3.3 and rose slightly to 3.8 from my 10 rounds in May and June. Then it dropped 4 strokes from my remaining 22.5 rounds in July through October.

Which Areas of My Game Improved the Most?

I started making plans to play scratch golf by analyzing statistics from my 2019 season. I only kept track of greens in regulation, fairways in regulation, and putts, so the amount of analysis I could do was pretty limited.


I had a total of 86 practice sessions from October 2019 through October 2020. The average length of each session was about 45 minutes, and the graph below shows the breakdown of how many times I practiced each area of my game.

Value of Money and Practice Time Spent

Since I have detailed information about which areas of my game improved and how much time and money I spent on everything, it might be interesting to estimate a cost per stroke of improvement. Some assumptions: