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how to make glow in the dark golf balls

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Let us learn how to make glow in the dark golf balls here:First,take a container you can work out of.Then,place 1/2 tablespoon of borax in the container and mix it with 1/2 cups of warm water.Stir the mix well with a stick as long as the powder has dissolved well.In another container,take one tablespoon of glue,one tablespoon of cornstarch,and one tablespoon of fluorescent color.More items

Do you need glow in the dark golf balls?

Well if the answer is yes to either of those questions then you will need some good glow in the dark golf balls. Now there are several types of glow in the dark golf ball with some using LED lights, UV light, or they may be fitted with batteries or glow sticks on the inside.

How do you find golf balls in the dark?

It’s surprisingly very easy to find balls in the dark when you have good glow in the dark balls. It’s even easier than when looking for balls in the day time. For faster “charging” of the golf balls, you might want to purchase a higher power LED UV torch. These will light the balls up quickly and easily.

What are glow-in-the-dark golf balls?

Considering the customers’ demand, many manufacturers have provided glow-in-the-dark golf balls for night practice. Some of the most popular types are UV-powered, LED, and glow-stick golf balls. These golf balls are designed to glow, so they are probably much brighter than DIY glowing balls.

How to use glowing powder to paint a golf ball?

You can use acrylic gel or other paint. However, make sure that the medium works with the selected glowing powder. Mix the powder with the medium paint. The recommended mixing ratio is 1:5, which means the volume of powder to paint medium is 20%. You can add more paint so it would appear thinner when putting on the golf ball.

How to Make Glow in the Dark Golf Balls

Instead of buying the company-made glow balls, you can create your glow-in-the-dark golf balls. It will help you save money while still owning a unique glowing golf ball as you want.

Types of Glowing Golf Balls

Considering the customers’ demand, many manufacturers have provided glow-in-the-dark golf balls for night practice. Some of the most popular types are UV-powered, LED, and glow-stick golf balls.


Although the above content is quite detailed, I still try to fully answer some related questions to provide you with useful information.


If you are a busy bee all day long and can only spare some time to play golf in the evening, a glow golf ball will be useful for you. Hope that you will have in mind an idea of how to make glow in the dark golf balls after reading this article.

How do Glow in the Dark Golf Balls Work?

UV balls are the most commonly used glow in the dark golf balls. You can shine the included UV light on the ball to make it active. Once they are active they will emit a pleasant bright light. It will ensure the ball is bright in the air and easier to find once it hits the ground. It is very easy to find a golf ball in the dark when it is glowing.

How to Make Glow in the Dark Golf Balls?

There are some fun nifty tricks that you can follow to make a glow in the dark ball. And most of them are homemade so you can easily follow along with regular household items. Let us learn how to make glow in the dark golf balls here:

How much cornstarch do you need to make glow in the dark balls?

To make a glow-in-the-dark ball without borax, you need two tablespoons of cornstarch.

How long does a sandbox last in water?

Answer: They can last up to 12 hours in water. If left for a longer period of time then the water can penetrate the outer layer and damage the ball.

How to make a round shape with food color?

Put a drop of your favorite food color mix it well and give it a round shape .

Is it fun to play golf in the dark?

No matter how much time you play golf, playing it is always enjoyable. And playing in the dark with a glow-in-the-dark ball is even more enjoyable. People who are more passionate about playing golf can get some extra practice during the night. It can add some more flayer into your golf playing experience and not to mention it is very fun.

Do smart phones have smart sensors?

They have a smart sensor for saving battery life.

What is a Glow in the Dark Golf Ball?

Glow in the dark golf balls are essentially ones that light up when the surroundings get dark. Whether you’re playing on a golf course or your backyard, it can work for any situation. Once these UV balls are lit, they typically light up for about 15 minutes. Then you’ll need to utilize a UV tool to light them up again.

How to replace glow sticks?

If you want to replace the glow stick with a new one, you can simply use a pencil or golf tee to press the glow stick out.

How long does it take for a glow stick to light up?

Crack the glow-stick and shake it to ensure it’s fully illuminated. It may take several minutes to ensure the light is fully illuminated.

Why do people play golf at night?

Have you ever heard of night golfing? Many golfers enjoy night golf because it allows them to play while the sun is down and the temperatures are much cooler. Not to mention, the entire course is lit up.

Where do you put glow sticks in golf?

Glow-sticks used for fairways, flagsticks, and greens: if you’re on the golf course, you’ll want glow-sticks that are placed around the greens and where the fairways and roughs meet.

What is the best way to tell the distance between you and the hole?

A GPS watch that lights up and tells you the distance between you and the hole or to the green can be quite helpful.

Can you charge up the second ball?

As you’re playing, you can charge up the second ball once you’ve already hit your first ball. This ensures your ball will be at its brightest when hit.

What is Glow Ball Golf?

A glow golf ball is simply a ball that glows in the dark. The light bulbs remain illuminated after charging for about 15 minutes, and then you will need to light them again with a UV flashlight tool.

How to Power Up UV Powered Golf Balls?

You can put UV-enabled golf balls in the sun to charge in advance if you are ready for the game. Then turn on the UV energy lamp to expose these balls for up to three minutes before starting your ground.

What tool is used to light golf balls?

All procedures will be done properly with a flashlight tool; the glow of each golf ball often triggers an active UV lamp.

What is glow in the dark golf ball?

A glow-in-the-dark golf ball is typically the same size and weight as a PGA-approved ball. However, the material may feel different depending on the style.

Why do golfers see the ball at night?

because of how much easier it is for players to see the ball while they are out there hitting around on a course at night time.

What clock tells you the distance between you and the hole?

GPS LED clock: when it’s dark, it’s hard to see how far your ball is from the hole. A bright GPS clock and tell you the distance between you and the hole or green can be very helpful.

How long does UV light last?

All of this will light up for about 8 to 15 minutes. The type of UV will continue to have bright effects after a little light, which lasts for several hours.

What is a glow golf ball?

A glow golf ball is simply a glowing ball in the dark. If you have a pleasant glow in the dark balls, it will be much easier to see exactly where your ball lands on the ground at night.

How long does it take for a golf ball to glow?

It would be best if you put the golf ball under a flashlight for a short time. After about one minute , it will come out glowing bright.

How to change glow stick on golf ball?

If you want to change the stick, let’s push out the old one by using a golf tee or a pencil. You need to press the glow-stick from the smaller end of the hole , that has a word “S,” to the opposite. Now you can reuse this glowing golf ball.

What tool do you use to light a golf ball?

All the processes will be done correctly with a flashlight tool; each glow golf ball set often includes a handy UV light.

How long do golf balls stay bright?

All the glowing golf balls today often stay bright for about eight to fifteen minutes. However, each type will have a different effect after it stops glowing. For example, the UV-powered type will change to a dimmed lighting, called an after-glowing effect, which is less bright than usual.

How does an LED golf ball work?

A LED golf ball works with an internal lithium battery to power the LED light. This golf ball type brings a different feel compared to other kinds of golf balls. The original version of this LED ball is turned on by hitting, striking, or knocking. After lighting up for about eight minutes, you need to hit it to make it active.

Where is the S in a golf ball?

You will see a small character “S,” indicating the tunnel’s short term at one end of the golf ball near the hole. Put the previously activated stick into the opposite side of that golf ball.

How many greens should I put on a fairway?

Just be aware that they can definitely get expensive if you buy enough of them. And you will need plenty. I would suggest 10 along each fairway (5 on each side) and 10 bordering each green. Then take a few extra and find a way to connect them to the flag or flagstick (clear tape should do the trick).

How long do golf balls stay bright after charging?

I would recommend keeping the UV light handy. It is very small, so you can just keep it in your pocket. The golf balls stay bright for around 15 minutes after a charging, before you will need to brighten them up again with the UV flashlight tool.

Where to put glow sticks in golf?

The best places are alongside the edge of the fairway, where the fairway and the rough meet. You might also put some around the greens. Putting a few in the hole or on the flag/flagstick is also a great idea.

How long do headlamps last?

That can be very inconvenient. These headlamps last for many hours, and the batteries (AAA) can simply be replaced when needed.

How do headlamps help you see?

Headlamps also allow you to see your immediate surroundings, so that you can see if you are about to step in water or a bunker. You can tell if you are on a slight angle or if an animal might be near you. More visibility is always better, so definitely spend a few dollars and pick one up.

How many UV lights are in a 12 pack of golf balls?

Each 12 pack includes one UV light. So if you want each golfer to have their own, you might need to buy some more separately.

Why do you need a headlamp for night golf?

Headlamps will be very beneficial to use when playing Night Golf. Even though the ball is already lit when you are about to hit it, you need a light to examine your surroundings. Plus, it will make it easier for other players (if there are some) to see you. When playing with multiple groups, this will ensure that they won’t hit into you and possibly badly hurt you. Better safe than sorry.

VinBee Luminous Night Golf Balls

Instead of having an LED light, these golf balls are luminous and glow in the dark without the need for batteries. That means they are much more like real golf balls than balls with LED lights because there are simply real golf balls with a luminous glow.

Sundown Golf Glow in The Dark Golf Balls

When you can’t get to the course during the day, glowing golf balls are the answer for dusk, twilight, and night-time games. They play like standard soft-feel full compression golf balls while the phosphorescent coating is durable, so exposure to sand or water will not affect the performance.

R L Glow Golf Balls

If you are looking to use a glow in the dark ball for a serious game of golf, then these are easily the best to go for. With no LED inside, these feel and perform like a real golf ball while still being plenty bright enough to see through the night sky.

Thiodoon Glow In The Dark Golf Balls

This pack of six glow in the dark golf balls is a super-bright, super-durable set. The brightness of these golf balls makes it nearly impossible to lose when you are using them and they also create a colorful arc in the sky too which is very cool.

Champkey Premium Glow Golf Balls

Our final pick is from a brand we have tested before, Champkey. We have reviewed training aids from the brand and they usually perform well so we gave these glow in the dark golf balls a go as well.

What to consider when buying glow in the dark golf balls

When it comes to glow in the dark golf balls there are several factors to consider. Let’s take a look at those now.

Are glow in the dark golf balls any good?

Yes glow in the dark golf balls can be good but there is a caveat here. They can be good when used for their primary purpose, fun games and night golf. They should not be used as proper golf balls during competitions, at your local club and so on.