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how to make hillbilly golf set

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How do you make a golf ball game for beginners?

Step 1: Assemble the bases. You will need two of these to play the game. Step 2: To make the bolas, spray paint the golf balls. Once the paint dries, place each ball in a vice and drill holes through center of each golf ball. I used a 5/16″ drill bit for this to accommodate the size of the clothesline.

Can you make hillbilly golf for under 30 dollars?

This is how to make Hillbilly golf for under 30 dollars. It is a fun Summertime activity and great for parties. It is relativley easy, and cheap. The total price came up to 26.68, and I saw you could buy it for 67.00. Also this is my first Instructable, but I have been around it for I think 6 months.

How do I choose the hillbilly style?

Cut-off shorts may look somewhat trashy, and therefore be associated with the hillbilly lifestyle. If you really want to commit to the hillbilly style, you can try making your own cut-off jean shorts by trimming off the legs of an old pair of jeans. Choose a hillbilly shirt. Take some time to choose a shirt that gives off a hillbilly style.

How long should a golfer’s Ball Bolas be?

Now that your golf balls are ready, you can take out the rope. As we have mentioned, the official ladder golf game rules call for the bolas to be 13 inches long. However, our favorite store-bought set has 16-inch bolas. And while you definitely shouldn’t go too short, ultimately, the length of the bolas is up to you.

Step 1: Parts and Supply List

You will need:
6 3/4 PVC T’s
6 3/4 PVC Elbows
About two 10 foot 3/4 PVC pipe
Nylon rope
6 golf balls
(You need to double everything besides the tools)

Step 2: How to Build the "ladder" (upper Part)

Ok now we are going to start building.

Step 3: The Base

4 elbows
5 2ft pipes
2 T’s
Get one 2ft pipe and atatch it to two of the elbows
Then atatch two more 2ft pipe to the elbows
Repeat this
Atatch the two T’s to the pipes

Step 4: How to Make the Throwing Balls

Nylon rope
Tape measure
Ok now cut the nylon rope to about 20in
Now drill the hole in the golf balls
Burn the ends so they dont frey
Then just stick em’ through and knot them
Make 6 of them

Step 5: Rules and Overview

Ok first I only told you how to make one of the ladders. You must make another unless you are the only one that wants to play. Just repeat this Instructable and make another one. If you want to you can glue it, but I want to be able to travel with it.
Rules are pretty simple:
You and your opponent try to score.

To Make Bolas

12′ of Twine (1/8″-3/16″ in diameter)
6 white golf balls
6 colored golf balls
Drill (and drill bit slightly larger than your twine)


Using a chop, table or hand saw, cut the PVC into (18) 2′ pieces and (12) 1′ pieces. Use the elbow joints for all the corners and the T-shaped joints for both the rungs and where the base attaches to the top.

The base

Every section of the base uses 2′ pipes. You’ll only use the 1′ pipes vertically. From the base to the bottom rung, from the bottom rung and the second rung and the second rung and the top rung. All other parts use 2′ pipes. (see photo below)

Where was Ladder Golf Invented?

To start with the most pressing question, let’s try to get to the bottom of the origin of ladder toss.

What is the objective of bola toss?

The objective is to toss the bola onto one of the three ladder steps. However, while in a game of horseshoes players attempt to hit a vertical stake, in ladder toss, they’re trying to hit the horizontal step of the ladder.

How far apart should the ladders be on a baseball field?

From this position, the toss line for each ladder is right behind the ladder on the opposite side of the field. The three ladder rungs should all be about 13 inches apart from each other.

How many bolas do you need to play the first round of the game?

Both sides should start the first round with 3 bolas each. Depending on the space available, the game will either start with two ladders that are either facing each other or side by side. If there’s no space for two ladders, you can get by with only one ladder and a couple of adjustments to the game rules.

What is ladder golf?

Ladder golf actually goes by many names, as it’s only recently been patented and standardized. It’s also known as ladder toss, ball rope, or hillbilly/redneck golf. However, despite the potentially unflattering names, it’s a great game that doesn’t demand a lot of equipment or space to play.

What is the last term everyone should know?

In addition, each of the rungs or steps carries different points. Finally, the last term everyone should know is the toss line. The toss line is a couple of paces away from the ladder, and it’s where the players stand to toss the bolas onto the ladder.

How tall should a ladder be?

Therefore, the total height of the ladder should be about 3.25 feet or a bit taller. And, if you’re playing with even less space, you could keep your game to a single ladder as well. The ladders are also about 2 feet wide. Usually, store-bought ladder toss sets require some assembly.

How to make a hillbilly look dirty?

Apply makeup to make your face look dirty. A hillbilly costume may benefit from dirty makeup. You can purchase makeup kits at costume shops designed to make your face look dirty. You can also use brown and black eyeshadow to create a dirty look.

How to get a hillbilly vibe?

Do a sloppy ponytail. A sloppy side ponytail, for women, can give off a hillbilly vibe. If you’re a man with longer hair, you can pull your hair back in a sloppy ponytail. Make sure to gather the hair in a messy fashion, leaving some hairs falling down.

What to wear with a hillbilly?

Tank-tops and plain white t-shirts, especially when paired with overalls , may work for the hillbilly style.

What to wear to a scuba diver?

Wear a straw hat, buttoned up flannel shirt, and overalls or baggy jeans tucked into brown laced up boots.

What to carry in a knapsack?

Try carrying something like toilet paper in your knapsack. You can pull it out and carry this at parties or for pictures. Toilet paper may indicate you have to use the bathroom in the woods, giving you the rustic hillbilly feel.

How to make your hair look disheveled?

Go for messy and disheveled hair. If you’re a guy, you may not want to do a ponytail or pigtails. You can try simply messing up your hair so it looks disheveled. You can also tuck your hair under a hat, giving the impression your hair is greasy or dirty.

How to give off a rustic vibe?

Carry a beer can. Beer can help you give off a rustic, working class vibe. Consider carrying a beer can around, or something like a forty ounce of beer.