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how to play golf card game youtube

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How do you play the game of golf?

This is the most commonly played form of Golf. The game uses a standard 52 card deck for 2-8 players, if there are more than 8 players who wish to play, two decks may be combined. Both the deal and the play moves clockwise. The dealer will hand each player 4 cards, one card at a time.

How to play four-card golf?

Four-card golf, also known as Turtle, can be played between three to seven players. Four card game is sometimes played using power cards to enable players to peek at a card or swap a card with another player, etc. As the name suggests, each player receives four cards, face-down, in a set of 2 cards each.

How do you play 3-card golf?

Three cards are turned face-up to begin play. The same rules as 6-card Golf apply, except pairs do not score zero points, three matching cards in a column score zero points. In the event you have two intersecting rows of equal cards, players must before the game consider how to score this. Many players will remove the block or line of equal cards.

How do you play 9 card golf?

9-card Golf. 1 Each player turns up 3 cards instead of 2 at the start of the game. 2 A player can only cancel cards by getting 3 of a kind in the same row or column. … 3 This will make the game quite a bit longer and may require an additional deck of cards shuffled with the other (s).

What is the Golf Card Game?

Golf the card game is explained as players compete to score as little as possible, just like in the real-life version of the ball game. Each player has cards laid out in front of them in a square or rectangle. They then take turns to drawn new cards and replace unwanted cards, which are discarded.

How does the card game play?

The play starts with the player left of the dealer and continues clockwise. Players draw and then discard cards and are allowed to replace a card in their layout if they choose. Once a card has been replaced, it must be turned. The round ends when one player’s cards are all face up.

How many cards are in a golf card deck?

Golf isn’t just a game to be enjoyed out on the fairways and greens of your local course. If you have a standard deck of 52 cards, you can play golf with your family and friends wherever you are in the world.

What direction do you move in the card game?

Moving clockwise, players take turns to draw cards from the pile, which can then be used to replace one of the cards in their layout.

How are all variations of the game won?

Ultimately, all game variations are won by the same formula, as players compete to make a layout of cards in front of them while scoring the lowest possible score.

What is the point value of pairs?

Pairs = zero points (in the six-card version).

Where are the undealt cards placed?

All remaining undealt cards are placed face-down in the center of the table, and the top card is turned face up and placed next to the stock, so all players can see what it is.

What to do if you don’t like the card you just drew?

If you don’t like the card you just drew, you can discard it face up in the discard pile instead of replacing a card in your grid. You cannot do this if the card you drew just came from the discard pile. Try to make pairs of the same card.

How many decks of cards can you shuffle together?

If there are four or more players, shuffle two decks together. If there are eight or more players, shuffle three decks together. If you want to use a variant rule, make sure everyone agrees before the game begins. Once the cards have been dealt, the rules cannot be changed.

What to do when you don’t look at the cards you’ve been dealt?

Don’t look at the cards you’ve been dealt! If anyone does, shuffle the cards again and re-deal.

How to draw a card in a deck?

At the start of your turn, draw a card. You can take the top card of the discard pile if you think it will be useful. Otherwise, draw a card from the top of the draw pile (the rest of the deck).

How many cards do you need to shuffle a deck?

Shuffle the deck and deal out four cards. This variation can be played with 2 or more players but works best with 3 to 5. If you have 8 or more players, shuffle two decks together.

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Where to put cancelled columns in a table?

If you like, you can take columns that have canceled out and place them on the bottom of the discard pile (NOT the top). This makes the table less cluttered.

How to play card game with two cards?

Playing. Players begin their turn by turning two cards in one column face-up. Players then may draw cards from the draw or discard pile, giving them three options: Use drawn card to replace a face-up card. Discard the face-up card, face-up, in the discard pile. Use drawn card to replace a face-down card.

How many cards are in a golf card game?

This is the most commonly played form of Golf. The game uses a standard 52 card deck for 2-8 players, if there are more than 8 players who wish to play, two decks may be combined.

What is the card game called in card books?

AUDIENCE: Adult. Golf is a widespread game but seldom documented in card playing books. This is a consequence of the many names the game bears, it is also known as Polish Polka or Polish Poker, and the 4-card version is sometimes referred to as Turtle.The 6-card variation of Golf is also known as Hara Kiri and the 9-card game is often called Crazy …

How to replace a face down card?

Use drawn card to replace a face-down card. The card you wish to replace cannot be looked at before hand. After it is replaced, discard it face-up in the discard pile. If the drawn card was from the face-down draw pile, discard face-up on top of the discard pile.

How many points are in a 6 card golf game?

In 6-card Golf pairs in a column score 0 points. The objective then in 6-card Golf is to make as many pairs as possible while keeping the unpaired cards a low denomination.

How many times can you look at a card in a game of cards?

Before the play begins, players can look, only once, at the two cards nearest to them in their square layout. These cards must be kept secret from other players. Players may not look at the cards in their layout again unless they are discarding them during play or scoring them at the end of the game.

How many cards can you play face up in a game?

After ever player has their first turn, each player can turn 2 or 3 cards face-up. Play continues on in the same direction.

How many players are in a golf card game?

The concept of the Golf Card Game is simple and easy to learn. Three or four players take turns, aiming for a score close to zero. You can do this by swapping your high cards for low cards. You are dealt either four or six face down cards, depending on the game mode, and a round lasts until all players have turned over their cards.

Is Golf Card Game compatible with iOS 15?

The Golf Card Game is now fully compatible with iOS 15 and has had the usual bug fixes and maintenance. We hope you continue to enjoy our game!

Is the computer too easy to beat?

However, the “computer” is too easy to beat. I mean, I like winning but I like winning when it’s fair. For example, the last card drawn for the other players is never taken even if it is a better card. Glitch! And they make dumb moves all around by going out too early or selecting a card when it’s obvious they should have flipped one over. Oh well! Another thing I’d change is the pop of which round your own or last turn. They are a tad annoying but the “last round” is helpful but could be quicker or could be shown without a pop up thing. The round number pop up at the beginning is totally unnecessary. Just some feedback from an avid player!!! 🙂