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how to play kinloch golf club

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What are the coordinates of Kinloch Golf Club?

Geographically, the course’s coordinates are 37.633917 latitude and -77.6792494 longitude. The Kinloch Golf Club is a comfy and relaxed private retreat near Virginias state capital (Manakin Sabot to be more precise) and it makes for one of the best golf courses built in the past 2 decades, according to a number of prestigious golf magazines.

Does Kinloch Golf Club need a caddie?

Kinloch Golf Club is situated twelve miles north west of Richmond, Virginia and it’s a beautiful parkland course set in 274 acres with a 70-acre lake as its centerpiece. Opened in 2001, Lester George and Vinny Giles designed the course and it’s mandatory to use a caddie when playing Kinloch.

What’s it like to play Kinloch?

Had the pleasure to play Kinloch yesterday. It is a fabulous course. Conditioning is excellent in all areas. They have a great facility with practice areas for all parts and state of the art covered hitting bays with numerous ball tracking digital devices. The green complexes are sneaky.

Why is Kinloch Golf Club so underrated?

Located in Virginia northwest of Richmond, Kinloch has likely stayed under the radar due to not having a big name architect associated with it and because it is a relatively new golf course. The club enjoys a remote setting which seems to remove every care except for enjoying a round of golf.

How does the golf hole play?

The hole plays uphill with a fairway bunker to either side. You have to cross a stream that splits the fairway where this stream is more of a straight diagonal line going right to left. There are two bunkers on the right after the stream placed short of the green. There is a large bunker on the left. I like this hole.

What is the hardest hole in golf?

12. par 4 – 455/432/415. Arguably the hardest hole on the golf course, this hole plays uphill and almost 1 ½ clubs longer. There are two bunkers right and one on the left of the fairway. The fairway thins out as you approach the bunkerless green. There is good contouring of the land fronting the green.

What is the par 4 on the golf course?

1. par 4 – 447/420/383. A wide fairway where the left side gets a favorable bounce and you can’t see where the ball runs out. It then plays slightly steeper downhill. There are two bunkers right and one farther down on the left. At the green there is a bunker front left. The green is sloped back to front with a lot of room near the green for recovery. It is a pleasant starting hole.

How many yards is the 19th hole at Kinloch?

One unique feature at Kinloch is the 19th hole and no, it’s not the clubhouse. It’s a 188-yard par three, better known as the “settle-the-bet” one-shotter which is played over the lake to decide any ties after 18 holes.

When will Kinloch Golf Club reopen?

The renovation includes bunker modifications and turf repair and the layout is scheduled to reopen in 2020.

Is Kinloch a good golf course?

Kinloch is a very good golf course and certainly deser ving of being considered the best in the state of Virginia and among the top 100 modern courses in the USA . While I do not hold it in as quite a high regard as others, it is a very well-maintained course with a decent routing that incorporates a fair amount of land movement. For me, it is the second best course in Virginia (I have not played two of the other leading contenders), but I can see the merits of those who consider it the number one course.

Is the bunker on the right sloped?

The bunker on the right is sloped towards the green leading to a difficult sand shot. The green is fairly long and there is higher ground to its right and a steep fall-off to the left. It is one of the better greens with several ripples in it. This hole requires thought and execution for players of all abilities.