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how to play wgt golf on iphone

how to play wgt golf on iphone插图

To playa single player ranked round: Tap the GAME MODES button on the main menu Choose SINGLE PLAYER STROKE PLAY Choose a course you would like to playand then select Front 9, Back 9, or Full 18

How to play WGT on iPhone/iPad?

Many WGT players have asked to play WGT on their mobile phones. However, because WGT is a Flash app, it can’t run on the Apple iPhone/iPad operation system. However, a company called iSwifter has released a platform that lets Flash apps run on Apple iPhone/iPad. 1.

Where can I find free golf games on Mac?

Open the Mac App Store to buy and download apps. The #1 free golf game by Topgolf Media, as seen on NBC Sports, Golf Channel, DIRECTV and FOX Sports. Featuring full stroke play on Pebble Beach, Bandon Dunes (Golf Digest #1 rated resort), Chambers Bay and St Andrews from the PGA Tour.

Can I download golf games on my iPad or iPhone?

Your favorite online golf game is now available to download and play free on your iPad , iPhone , Android? or Amazon Fire device. iPad, iPhone, and App Store are trademarks of Apple Inc. Android, Google Play, and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google LLC.

What devices are compatible with WGT Golf?

WGT Golf on iOS requires iOS 10 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. WGT Golf on Android requires Android 5.0 or later. WGT Golf on Amazon devices requires Fire OS 4.5 or later.

What is a free scratcher?

Free Daily Scratcher – (Mobile only) Scratchers, like the free daily spin, give players an opportunity to earn extra WGT Coins. Scratchers can be purchased or won through the daily spin. With a Plus Membership you earn a free Scratcher each day alongside your free daily spin.

What is the minimum RAM required for WGT golf?

WGT Golf on macOS requires macOS 10.14 or higher, Intel Core 2 Duo processor or equivalent, 4GB RAM, at least 256MB of available space, and works with most integrated graphics cards. WGT Golf on iOS requires iOS 8 or higher and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. WGT Golf on Android requires Android 4.4 or higher.

What brands are available in WGT?

WGT offers a wide range of popular equipment from the most famous brands including Callaway, TaylorMade and Titleist. Equipment can be purchased using in-game credits.

How to create a tournament on a country club?

Select Country Clubs at the bottom of the main menu. Select Club Tournaments at the top of the screen. Select Create a New Country Club Tournament. If you do not have this option available it’s because you lack the proper permissions to create a tournament for your club.

What is tier advancement?

Tier advancement is a combination of a player’s scoring average and the number of ranked rounds played in their current tier.

How many clubs can you join at a time?

You can only belong to one club at a time.

How to get XP in a club?

To earn XP for your club you must use a Country Club Pass when you play.